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In the thick of the woods: Black Forest poltergeist incident turned dreams into nightmare 5


For four years, the Lee family rented a home in densely populated woods northeast of Colorado Springs before finding a spacious two-story log home...

"You are dead and we are alive." Scientist Konstantin Raudive and his research on the phenomenon of voices coming from another world 6


“Voices from Space” is the title of a book by Swedish documentary filmmaker Friedrich Jürgenson, which was published in 1964. This book was a shock...

Top Japanese urban legends 40 Top Japanese urban legends 41


Japan is a distant and mysterious island. Before becoming a country full of buildings and businessmen, it was the land of samurai, martial arts...

Paranormal Doll Letta 46 Paranormal Doll Letta 47


This story began in 1970 in Australia in the small town of Wagga-Wagga. A man named Carrie Walton arrived there for the funeral of his...