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Ghosts & the Paranormal – First off, you are probably asking yourself, where in the heck is Cherokee, California? It’s now consumed by Oroville, but at one time it was a thriving town, because of the gold mines and diamond mines. You can get a better insight about Cherokee, by stopping by these two links:,_California

There were many mining accidents, one of the major mining accidents occurred on November 1859. What I love about this place are the reports of ghosts at the cemetery. There are reports of UFO activity. UFOs are attracted to gold mines, quartz mines and diamond mines. There are reports of two Bigfoot sightings. It is known that Bigfoot is associated with UFO sightings.

When arriving to Cherokee, I discover that these young Cherokee Argonauts were lead from their Indian territory by their New England school master to this area, where they discovered gold in 1850. The town of Cherokee came into existence in 1853. The Welsh miners came and the work began! Cherokee became prosperous and before you knew it, they had a race track, brewery, 17 saloons, 2 churches, 3 lodges, 8 hotels and the population topped out at 1000. Charles Bolton aka Black Bart the Gentleman Bandit frequented some of the saloons at Cherokee. The son of Joaquin Murrieta Carrillo (the inspiration for Zorro) was known to frequent one of the saloons of Cherokee. The very first diamond in California was discovered in Cherokee. This diamond was discovered in 1853. With all of the gold mining, the town gained 15 million dollars in revenue. Not too shabby.

bigfoot california

Cherokee gained attention by notables such as President Rutherford B. Hayes and General W.T. Sherman. Both notables came to Cherokee and toured the mines in 1880. W.H. Vanderbilt, Thomas Edison held interests inCherokee. In the area of Cherokee, Brent George captures a female breath type of EVP. There were no females around Brent, when he captured this EVP, he was all by himself in the woods. While in Cherokee, we surveyed the woods for Bigfoot activity and found nothing. Note: I observed the woods and skies with my binoculars. We observed the skies over Cherokee for UFO activity and saw no anomalies in the skies. Wendy and I did observe while on our road trip to Cherokee that Table Mountain has a flat top surface. We also discovered three hills that have a pyramid shape. Why would that be significant? Pyramid structures from our ancient past are located throughout the world. These structures are credited to the sky gods (ancient aliens). Flat top mountains like the one found in Nasca, may have been used as a landing spot for ancient aliens. According to the Sumerian Clay tablets, the Annunaki were mining gold to balance out their ozone layer on their planet Niburu. Scientists confirm that gold dust can correct the ozone layer. Bigfoot that have been sighted are at times sighted at UFO hotspots. Cherokee has all of the ingredients. 1. Gold Mines. 2. Table Top Mountain. 3. Bigfoot activity. 4. Possible pyramid structures near Cherokee.

I just discovered this tidbit, and am loving Cherokee CA more and more…The Big Hairy Man Of Cherokee Road On the afternoon of July 12, 1969, Charles Jackson and his son Kevin of Oroville got the shock of their lives here. They were burning rabbit entrails in their backyard, when a huge, apelike creature loped out of the woods and stopped to stare at them. The beast was seven to eight feet tall, had large breasts, and was covered with three-inch-long grey hair except on its hands and face. The Jacksons, only fifteen feet away at the time, said that after it spotted them, it walked up to the outhouse, looked around, and suddenly ran back into the woods. Another Cherokee Road resident had a run-in with the “apeman” around the same time as the Jackson incident. For weeks, Homer Stickley’s farm had been haunted by something that screamed in the woods at night and stole apples from his trees. Then, one moonlit night, Stickley saw the culprit: a tall, hirsute, two-legged creature who walked through a nearby meadow, pausing to stand by a stump. By September, at least a dozen people had reported giant ape-things running around Oroville, but the Cherokee Road sightings remained the most documented and credible of the lot. Six years later, people were still seeing the beasts and finding their huge footprints in the area, but the creatures remained at large. By then, Oroville had established itself as another home of North America’s most famous land monster, Bigfoot.

While exploring Cherokee Cemetery, I discovered the following tombstones. A) Joao Oliveira Died 1907 Native Portugal. B) Masonic tombstones. C) World War II tombstones. D) Jenkin Morgan Died 1900 Native of Wales. E) Recent graves that date to 2012. F) Andrew C. Bligh Died 1879 Native of Ireland. G) C. Metcalf US Soldier Mexican War – Note: While Wendy is near this tombstone, her camera is OFF, but is still recording. During this time, Brent captures a ‘possible’ no EVP and a ‘possible’ yes EVP. Inconclusive EVPs. Where Amy is sitting we capture a DEFINITE ‘no’ EVP when we ask the entity to reveal himself or if he wants to talk. The NO was said by a male entity. Amy captures a sarcastic ‘burp’ sound EVP that is quite loud. No noise was being made when the burp sound EVP was captured.

oregon city covered bridge

Jim Guyton – Caretaker of the Oregon City School House gave us a nice tour, showing us where the Maidu Indians would grind their acorns into rock stone. Holes can be seen in these large rocks. We learn that John Nishbet opened up the Buffalo Lodge on the opposite side of the school. There is a legend of two Fire-in-the-Hole Ladies of Oregon City that set fire to the local Cat-House, burning it down to the ground, which caused a major fire in Oregon City. These two ladies with their 2 husbands disappeared from Oregon City, never to be seen again. Perhaps they caught their husbands in the Cat-House? The mystery will linger on forever. Wendy Maxam confirms that there were two publicized sightings of Bigfoot in the Cherokee and Oregon City areas, one in the late 1990s and one in 2004. Jim Guyton explains that Ishi the Last Yahi was discovered in this territory. There is so much history and Jim tells us that Franklin Hall was the meeting spot for Oregon City citizens. Oregon Gulch Mining Company dominated this city. In the school house, we capture an EVP of a child crying. Class A EVP and I believe the child crying can be residual energy inside this school house.

Oregon City was settled by a party of Oregonians who came to this location by entering California via the Applegate and Lassen trails. This party was lead by Peter H. Burnett and they arrived at this location in the Autumn of 1848. When they got settled in, they started the town of Oregon City that thrived on gold mining and became the supply center. When the gold dissipated, then the town folded. Legend has it that in the Oregon City Gulch Cemetery, people have made claim of hearing people talking. In the nearby hills, people have heard Maidu Indians chanting and dancing. In the school, kids were known to find their own switch if they were bad and they received a good ‘switching’, perhaps that is why we captured a child crying inside the school house. We were shown the outhouses. The outhouses reminded me of the outhouses in Seoul, Korea, except these outhouses did not smell of Kimchi. When I had to use a outhouse in Korea, they all smelled like Kimchi and I swear I would see snake like creatures swimming in the brown goo.

John Laurel on my Facebook says the following: “Paul, I am from Oroville and I wish I could go on this scouting mission with you and your team. In the woods near Cherokee, we saw the damnest thing. We call this ghost the ‘Tree Walker’. My buddy Brian tagged this ghost with this name, because we went out to the same woods three more times to see if we could find the Tree Walker, we only saw him once. The Tree Walker was translucent, you could see right through him. He wore a trench coat and a black derby styled hat. While we watched him, he walked right through a tree and vanished before our eyes. We were scared as all —— and ran like the dickens. After our fear was gone, we went back to the same area with more friends to see if we could find the Tree Walker again. What do you think? MY ANSWER: It makes sense, if Tree Walker is from the 1800s, there was no big tree there, the tree most likely would have been a seedling and he would be able to walk that path, you probably saw residual energy of a man that was walking a trail where that tree has now fully grown. CASE EXAMPLE: Entity is walking 6 inches above the floor level. It is later discovered that the floor at one time was 6 inches above what the floor level is now. Type: Residual.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
aka The Demon Warrior
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Enfield poltergeist: one of the most famous and mysterious paranormal phenomena, is still considered a mystery

The Enfield Poltergeist is still considered a mystery, but experts on the unknown do not get tired of trying to solve it.

Fans of horror probably watched the movie “The Conjuring 2”, as well as the series “The Enfield Haunting,” but they hardly know that these on-screen horrors are based on an absolutely real story. A series of paranormal events took place in the city of Anfield in 1977. The poltergeist, who terrorized a single mother and her children, was shot on photo and video equipment, but this did not help to get closer to his solution.

It all started when the children of Peggy Hodgson – 13-year-old Margaret, 11-year-old Janet, 10-year-old Johnny and 7-year-old Billy – began to complain to their mother that the furniture in their rooms moves at night. At first, the mother considered this a childhood fantasy, but when she saw how the heavy chest of drawers moved away from the wall by itself, and then fell into place, she had to believe in the incredible. Neighbors came to them – the first witnesses of inexplicable phenomena.

Experts came to understand the strange events and captured the frightening tricks of the poltergeist.

The mysterious something that lived in the house was rampant more and more – things flew around the rooms, dishes hit the walls, little Janet was thrown into the air.

The cries of children and the fright of those present seemed to amuse the invisible joker. And his tricks became more and more meaner and meaner.

Janet was especially hit. She now and then fell into a trance and spoke in other people’s voices. All this was recorded in the most conscientious manner in the photo and video.

Researchers who first encountered such a clear and aggressive spirit did not know how to help the Hodgson family.

After a year and a half, the poltergeist calmed down, and since then has reminded only in the nightmares of the younger members of the family. But things no longer flew, and the furniture did not move. 

The “favorite” of Poltergeist Janet, even having matured, recalled with trembling that period of her life.

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Vatican chief exorcist describes signs of devil obsession

Image: © Hernán Piñera

The main Catholic exorcist, father Gabriel Amort, who died in 2016, said that he had met the devil 60 thousand times in 30 years. The book of his colleague Marcello Stantsione, “The Devil is Afraid of Me,” describes priestly exorcism sessions and signs of obsession, reports the Daily Mail.

The exorcist claimed that he once encountered Satan in the morning of 1997 – then a young Italian was brought to his office in Rome. Amort noted that the possessed knew only his native language, but the spirit inside him spoke excellent English. The priest began a session of exile and demanded that the devil give his name. “He was shocked when he was told that the spirit is Lucifer himself,” the newspaper writes. When the exorcist ordered Lucifer to leave the Italian, the body of the young man tensed, ascended over the floor for several minutes, and then collapsed into a chair. After this, Satan admitted defeat and named the exact day and time when he left, Amorth said.

Father Amort became a student of the exorcist in 1986, and already in 1990 founded the International Association of Exorcists. First, he conducted sessions in the temple of the Holy Stairs, then moved to the headquarters of his order. According to Stationion, Amorth was famous for his sense of humor. “Amorth’s favorite joke was this:

“ Do you know why the devil runs away when he sees me? Because I’m uglier than him, ”” the memoir says.

The exorcist admitted that many of the people who came to him for sessions had mental problems that the psychologist best coped with. At the same time, he called several “symptoms” of obsession – headaches, stomach cramps, which can easily be confused with a common disease. The priest said that the devil hates Latin and prefers to speak English, even if the obsessed person does not know the language.

According to Amorth, 90 percent of the obsessed are Satanists, or people addicted to witchcraft sessions. In addition, he noted that the devil is often infused in middle-aged women who have a weakness for fortune telling.

Sessions of the expulsion of the devil are in great demand in the Vatican. In February 2018, it was reported that because of this, a special course in exorcism was taught at the Pontifical University of Regina Apostolorum in Rome.

The Vatican approved exorcism in 2014. Then the Catholic Church officially recognized the existence of the International Association of Exorcists. The organization, led by Amort, who died in 2016, now has about 400 members, 240 of them from Italy.

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The “cursed” doll was found abandoned in Mexican river after being burned by frightened neighbors 

This sinister human-sized ventriloquist doll was mistaken for a dead body when it was pulled out of a river by villagers in Mexico. They were so scared that they decided to burn her. Unfortunately, the doll, found wrapped in a blanket in the small town of San Antonio La Esperanza, did not burn, and therefore the community decided that it was “cursed”.

In the photo of the doll, one eye is blackened and burned, and the other is bright blue and covered.

It’s reclining jaw gives the doll an eerie look. The human mannequin was initially mistaken for a dead body, but, fortunately, it soon became clear that it was not real when it was deployed from a shawl.

However, it remains a mystery who was the previous owner of the creepy mannequin and why this man tried so hard to get rid of it in such a strange way. According to local media reports, after several attempts, the villagers finally managed to burn it.

Since then, the story has reached the filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro , known for filming such dark science fiction films as “The Shape of Water” and “Pan’s Labyrinth,” which tweeted some photos of this scary doll.
Local journalist Cesar Buenrostro challenged the idea of ​​a supernatural presence and stated that the locals could not burn the doll on the first try, because it was crude. Once the doll was dry, it became easier for them to set fire to it, he said.

Buenrostro and a YouTube journalist known as the “Oxlack Investigador” visited Julio, the man who made the doll. He said that he sold it many years ago, but could not remember who bought it.

According to Julio, the doll was made of epoxy, which is difficult to burn.

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