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Ancient20 hours ago

Gunung Padang – who built the oldest structure on Earth

The West Java region of Indonesia is home to the impressive Gunung Padang megalithic site and is arguably the oldest...

Planet Earth2 days ago

North America may split in half: giant cracks formed in the ground

On September 15, the inhabitants of Mexico, who live on the outskirts of the Chihuahua Desert, posted on the Web...

Underworld3 days ago

Will the bosses be able to track our thoughts at work?

Emotiv sensors, similar to headphones, can distinguish between brain waves that indicate a person’s stress or inattention. New technology is seen...

Bizzare & Odd3 days ago

10 shocking superpowers in humans

We do not know how to become invisible or fly without aids ,but still people are not so simple ,as it seems. Some...

Mysteries4 days ago

Discovered mysterious giant objects on the Giza plateau, near the famous Egyptian pyramids

It would seem that near the famous pyramids in Egypt, everything has long been known. But, thanks to new technologies...

Bizzare & Odd4 days ago

Londoners ordered to pack their emergency backpacks

The Wandsworth Council of South London tweeted an emergency warning urging people to plan for an emergency and pack useful...

Ancient5 days ago

5 historical figures who laid the foundation of our civilization

We will never know the names of the real builders of civilization, since writing appeared much later than many of...

Conspiracy Theories6 days ago

Meteorite as a false flag? Shadow government prepares kinetic orbital strike

According to watchers, citing top NASA officials, on September 24, 2020 at 11:18 UTC, an asteroid designated as 2020 SW...

Underworld6 days ago

Transhumanism: An implantable biochip for detecting COVID-19 could hit the markets by 2021

Like gravity, which was unknown before Newton, although it was in plain sight, there has been a scientific discovery for...

Space7 days ago

Four of the most promising alien worlds in the solar system

The Earth’s biosphere contains all the known ingredients necessary for life as we know it. In a broad sense, these are:...

Planet Earth7 days ago

Climate change kicked off a new Great Migration

If you think that the effects of climate change will not come soon, you will be disappointed. Numerous scientific studies show...

Planet Earth1 week ago

In the Netherlands, people began to be buried in mushroom coffins

This accelerates the decomposition of the body several times. In the Netherlands, you can continue to help the ecosystem after...

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