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Space9 hours ago

The Most Dangerous Magnet In The Universe: 20 Km Diameter

The most powerful magnet in the universe, with a truly colossal level of radiation, Magnetar! Perhaps you think the universe...

Planet Earth17 hours ago

How much snow has melted due to record high temperatures in Antarctica?

Antarctica has long been considered the coldest place on our planet, but now it cannot be called that. It is...

Apocalypse & Armageddon18 hours ago

Buddhist monk predicted plague, locust and flood 100 years ago

With the beginning of certain not very good events, huge masses of people begin to fall into mysticism, turning to...

Science & Technology2 days ago

Smartphones have two more years left to live: what will happen after?

Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm brand leader, predicted the imminent demise of smartphones. According to him, after 2 years they will slowly leave...

Bizzare & Odd2 days ago

Coronavirus was mentioned in a popular 2017 comic

The character in the popular comic was named after the coronavirus three years before the deadly outbreak in Wuhan. In...

Planet Earth2 days ago

An engineer who believed in the theory of a flat earth died when his rocket was launched

Mike Hughes, nicknamed Mad Mike, a well-known amateur engineer flying on makeshift rockets, died during one of his experiments on...

Planet Earth3 days ago

How our planet appeared: an unexpected scenario of the origin of earth

Our planet could appear in a completely different scenario, which differs from previously proposed versions. In the early stages of...

Space3 days ago

A colossal flash has occurred on a tiny star

A celestial body, which barely has enough mass to be called a star, suddenly erupted in a flash of incredible...

Apocalypse & Armageddon4 days ago

Clouds of locusts covered the Sun over the Middle East

In December 2019, the first alarming messages about the appearance of large quantities of locusts began to come from the...

Messiah and the Gog and Magog Orchestra - Messiah and the Gog and Magog Orchestra -
Apocalypse & Armageddon4 days ago

Messiah is here for the Gog and Magog orchestra finale

The world has come to a time when the prophecies of Christians, Muslims and Jews, which in many respects they...

Planet Earth5 days ago

Space sailing ship sent amazing pictures of the Earth

The space ship LightSail 2, launched in June last year, received amazing photos of our planet. LightSail 2 is a...

Signs that nature has rewarded you with clairvoyance Signs that nature has rewarded you with clairvoyance
Metaphysics & Psychology5 days ago

Signs that nature has rewarded you with clairvoyance

Many of us think that clairvoyants are some special people whom nature has endowed with supernatural powers. In fact, clairvoyance or...

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