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Over 400 Companies that Aren’t Using GMOs in their Products

Over 400 Companies that Aren’t Using GMOs in their Products 86

Christina Sarich

If you want to keep eating poison food, you can join the ‘scientists’ who keep spewing Monsanto-funded lies. They are telling us that genetically altered crops are good for us and the environment – that they are, in fact, a necessity to feed the world population. They say all of this, even though we seemed to feed the masses just fine without chemical quackery until about 60 years ago, all while dumping millions of tons of unaltered food right into the trash bin. If however, you believe GMOs are toxic, cancer-causing substances, you have another option.

Over 400 Companies that Aren’t Using GMOs in their Products

We will always need to fight for what we believe in and ignite change through thing like the March Against Monsanto and the upcoming Monsanto Video Revolt (which you should absolutely get involved in, as it’s super easy), but it’s also important to use your dollar not only to vote, but also to keep yourself healthy.

Courtesy of the Non-GMO Project, here is a list of companies who make many or even the majority of all their products without GMOs:


479 Degrees

A. Vogel

Adams Vegetable Oils


Agricor Inc.



Alter Ego

Alverado Street Bakery



Among Friend’s

Amy’s Kitchen

Andalou Naturals

Angie’s Artisan Treats


Ariven Planet

Arrowhead Mills

Artisan Bistro

Artisan Bistro Home Direct

Atlantic Organic

Atlantic Rose

Attune Foods

Autumn Sky wild

Back to Nature

Bainter Extra Virgin Sunfllower Oil

Bakery On Main


Barlean’s Organic Oils


Barney Butter

Basic Food Flavors, Inc.

Beach Bum Foods




Berlin Natural Bakery

Better Bean


Bhakti Chai

Biad Chili Products

Bites of Bliss

Blue Diamond

Blue Print

Bold Organics

Bora Bora

Boulder Canyon Natural Foods

Brad’s Leafy Kale

Brad’s Raw for Paws

Brad’s Raw Chips

Brad’s Raw Crackers

Brad’s Raw Onion Rings

Braga Organic Farms


Brand Aromatics

Bridgewell Resources


Blue Natural

Cabo Chips


Cal-Organic Farms

Cafia Farms

California Olive Ranch

Canfo Natural Products

Canyon Bakehouse

Cape Cod Select


Cave Chick


Central Market Organics

Chappaqua Crunch Granola

Cheweco Organics

Chez Marie, Inc.

ChiaRezza! OMG Foods Inc

Choice Organic Teas

Chosen Foods

CHS Oilseed Processing

Chunks O’ Fruti

Ciao Bella Gelato



Coconut Secret


Cool Cups

Coral LLC

Country Choice Organic

Crispy Cat


cruncha ma•me

Crunch Master

Curtie’s Juice

Dave’s Gourmet

David’s Unforgettables



Desert Essence

Doctor in the Kitchen

Doctor Kracker

Dr. Arenander’s BrainGain & Oral Care

Dr. Bronner’s Magic


Drew’s LLC


Earth Balance

Earth’s Best






Edward & Sons

Eighth Wonder

Emerald Cove

Emile Noel

Emmy’s Organics

Emperor’s Kitchen

Endangered Species Chocolate

Ener-G Foods

Engine 2

Enjoy Life Foods




Essential Living Foods, Inc

Everyday Superfoods

Fairfield Specialty Eggs



Fantastic World Foods

Farm to Table Foods

Farmer’s Market

Farmhouse Culture

Field Day

Field Roast Grain Meat Company

Fillmore Farms


Flamous Organics

Flax USA


Follow Your Heart

Freekeh Foods


Freeline Organic Foods

Fresh & Easy




Fruit Bliss

Fruit Chia

Fry Group Foods

Fungi Perfecti, LLC

Funky Monkey Snacks

Garden Bar

Garden of Eatin’

Garden of Life


Gin Gins

Gingras XO

Giving Nature

GL Soybeans

Global River


Gluten Free Pantry by Glutino


Gnu Foods

Go Raw


GoMacro, Inc

Good Health Natural Foods

Good Karma




Grain Place Foods

Grains of Wellness

Green Gem

Green Island Rice

Green Mountain Gringo

Green Mustache

Grimmway Farms

Growing Naturals


Guiltless Gourmet

Haig’s Delicacies


Hail Merry

Hapi Foods Group Inc.

Happy Baby Pouches


Harvest Bay

Haute Cuisine

Health is Wealth

Health Warrior

Heavenly Organics

Herbal Zap

High Country Kombucha

Hiland Naturals

Hilary’s Eat Well




Hodgson Mill


Home Appetit


House Foods

Houweling’s Tomatoes



Immaculate Baking

Immortality Alchemy

Imperial Gourmet



It Tastes Raaw

Jaali Bean

JaynRoss Creations LLC

Jeff’s Naturals

Jessica’s Natural Foods

Jolly Llama



Keller Crafted Meats

Kettle Foods



KIND Healthy Snacks




Kur Organic Superfoods

La Reina

La Spagnola

La Tolteca

La Tourangelle

Lafiya Foods


Laughing Giraffe Organics

Laurel Hill



Let’s Do

Licious Organics

Lillabee Allergy Friendly Baking

Little Duck Organics

livingNOW gluten-free


Louts Foods


Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss

Lundberg Family Farms


Made in Nature


Mamma Chia

Manitoba Harvest

Marconi Naturals

Maria & Ricardo

Marinelli’s True Italian Pasta Sauce

Mariner Biscuit Company

Martha’s All Natural


Marukome USA

Mary’s Chicken

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary’s Little Garden

Mary’s Organic Chicken

Mary’s Organic Turkey

Mary’s Pasture Raised Chicken

Maui Maid

Mediterranean Organic

Mediterranean Snacks


Melt Organic

Metabolic Response Modifiers (MRM)

Mighty Mustard

Mighty Rice

Mighty-O Donuts

Mindful Meats



Miracle Noodle

Miso Master

Modesto WholeSoy Co.


Montana Specialty Mills, LLC


Mt Vikos

Muesli Munch

Multiple Organics


My Chi Delights

Naked Coconuts

Naosap Harvest

Napa Valley Naturals



Native Forest Distributed by Edward & Sons

Natural Directions

Natural Habitats

Natural Nectar

Natural Sea

Natural Tides

Natural Vitality

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd

Nature Built

Nature Fed

Nature Way

Nature’s Express

Nature’s Path

Navitas Naturals


Nest Fresh

New Chapter

New England Naturals

New Organics

New York Superfoods

Nexcel Natural Ingredients

Nexcel Soy

Niagara Natural


Nordic Naturals

North Coast

NOW Foods

NOW Healthy Foods

NOW Real Food

NOW Real Tea

Nu Life Market

Numi Organic Tea

Nummy Tum Tum




Nuts About Granola

Oh Baby Foods

Old Wessex


Once Again

One Degree Organic Foods

One World

Organic Baby

Organic Planet

Organic Valley


Oriya Organics

Ozery Bakery

Pacific Natural Foods

Pacific Northwest Farmers

Paisley Tea Co

Palo Root Tea

Pampas Rice / Organic Latin

Pan De Oro


Pastorelli Food Products Inc

Peace Cereal


Peanut Butter & Co.

Peeled Snacks

Peggy’s Premium

PJ’s Organics

Planet Rice

Plum Organics

Popcorn, Indiana



President’s Choice




Pure Country Pork

Pure Eire

Purely Decadent

Purely Elizabeth

Pyure Brands


Qrunch Foods

Quinn Popcorn

R.W. Knudsen

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems



Red Hat Co-operative Ltd




Righteously Raw

Rigoni di Asiago Honey

Rishi Tea

Rising Moon Organics



ROBE and Riverina Natural Oils LLC

Roots Route 11

Royal Hawaiian Orchards

Rumiano Family Cheese


Ruth’s Foods

RW Garcia


Saffron Road

Sage V Foods

Sainthood Herbs

Salba Smart

Sally’s Smart Foods

Salute Santé!



Santa Cruz Organic

Scratch and Peck


Secret Squirrel

Seven Stars Farm




Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery

Simple Origins

Simply Soy Yogurt

Simply Suzanne

Sir Kensington’s

SK Food


Snyder’s of Hanover

So Delicious Dairy Free

Sol Cuisine

Somersault Snack Co.

Sophie’s Kitchen




Spectrum Ingredients



Stahlbush Island Farms

Stahlbush Island Farms Ingredients

Stark Sisters Granola

Stash Teas

Stiebrs Farms Go-Organic Eggs

Stone Buhr Flour Company

Straus Family Creamery

Stretch Island Fruit Co

Suja Juice

Sun Cups


Sunfood Superfoods

SunRidge Farms


Sunset Kidz

Sunshine Burger


Surf Sweets

Sushi Sonic

Sweet Sass Foods

Sweet Tree

Sweet Leaf


Taste of Nature

Tasty Brand


That’s It.

The Better Chip

The Chia Co

The Fresh Market

The Ginger People

The Pure Wraps

The Republic of Tea

The Scoular Company

The Simply Bar

The Solio Family

Theo Chocolate

Third Street, Inc.

Three Farmers

Tiny But Might



Trace Minerals Research

Traditional Medicinals

Tree of Life

Tropical Traditions

Tru Joy Sweets



Turtle Island Foods

Two Leaves Tea Company

Two Moms in the Raw



Union Market

Upfront Foods

Van’s Natural Foods





Veronica Foods



Vigilant Eats



Watts Brothers

Way Better Snacks



Western Foods


Whole Alternatives

Whole Earth

Whole Harvest

Whole Pantry

Wholesome Chow

Wholesome Sweeteners

WholeSoy & Co.

Wild Veggie



Willamette Valley


Wisdom of the Ancients


XO Baking Co.




Zema’s Madhouse Foods

Ziggy Marley Coco’Mon

Ziggy Marley Hemp Rules

Zing Bars





Raised by Wolves: Microsoft has been tasked with developing a global digital passport

Raised by Wolves: Microsoft has been tasked with developing a global digital passport 99
Photo: Raised by Wolves, directed by Ridley Scott and Aaron Guzikowski

According to the Hill, a coalition of medical and technology organizations is working to develop a digital COVID-19 vaccination passport that will allow businesses, airlines and countries to check whether people have received the vaccine. 

The vaccination initiative, announced Thursday, is developing technology to confirm vaccinations, with the likelihood that some governments will require people to provide proof of their vaccinations to enter the country.

The organization hopes the technology will enable people to “demonstrate their health to safely return to travel, work, school and life, while protecting the privacy of their data.”

The initiative, which includes members such as Microsoft, Oracle and the American non-profit Mayo Clinic, is using the results of the Commons Project’s international digital document confirming a negative COVID-19 test, according to the Financial Times.

The Commons Project technology, created in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation , is already being used by three major airline alliances.

The coalition is reportedly in talks with several governments to create a program requiring either negative tests or proof of vaccination, Paul Meyer, executive director of The Commons Project, told the Times.

“The goal of the Vaccine Initiative is to give people digital access to their vaccination records so they can use tools like CommonPass to safely return to travel, work, school and life while protecting the privacy of their data ,” Meier said in a statement. …

People who have been vaccinated are currently receiving a sheet of paper confirming their vaccination, he said, but the coalition could develop a digital certificate using electronic health records.

The technology should allow patients to keep their data safe by being available in a digital wallet or physical QR code so that they can regulate who sees the information.

The Vaccine Initiative assumes that certain businesses, such as event organizers and universities, will require their consumers, students and employees to provide proof of vaccination , the Times reported.

Mike Sicily, executive vice president of Oracle Global Business Units, says in a statement that a passport “should be as simple as online banking.”

“We are committed to working together with the technology and medical communities, as well as with global governments, to ensure that people have safe access to this information, no matter where and when they may need it,” he added.

The project is also evolving as new strains of COVID-19 emerge around the world, including the spread of a more contagious variant that has been found in the United Kingdom.

It should be understood that only those travelers who received the RIGHT vaccine will receive permission to fly and cross borders.

Are people really vaccinated? Are we being raised by wolves?

The material is taken from the public website of this biotech giant, founded in 2010 to develop drugs and vaccines based on messenger RNA (mRNA) technologies. The company became known to our readers due to the launch of the eponymous vaccine against the Covid-19 virus on the market.


“Recognizing the wide potential of mRNA science, we decided to create a technological platform for mRNA that is very similar to the operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can be connected and interchangeable with various programs. In our case, the “program” or “application” is our mRNA preparation – a unique mRNA sequence that encodes a protein.

“May 1, 2020 Moderna, Inc. and Lonza Ltd. today announced a 10-year strategic collaboration agreement to enable large-scale production of Moderna mRNA vaccine (mRNA-1273) against the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) .

The primary conclusion is that the so-called Moderna vaccine is not at all like traditional vaccines, which use live or dead, natural or engineered parts of the RNA of the virus, designed to induce an immune response and form antibodies in the body.

The drug “mRNA-1273” is not a vaccine against a virus, but, in fact, is an artificial bioprogrammed virus.

Based on the author’s definition of the mRNA platform as an analogue of a computer operating system, if you adhere to the declared letter, it should be recognized: the drug is intended for (re) programming the human body by (re) coding its protein. In other words, the masks are off, the mRNA platform is the place where Big Pharma teams up with Big Tech, justifying the darkest predictions yesterday by science fiction writers, and today by realists.

If you take a good walk around the Moderna website, you will find very interesting things.

For example, the company clearly recognizes that a healthy immune system poses a threat to mRNA, since an intense immune response can destroy the platform before it even starts to act and which can lead to negative results, which can include molecular deficiency and hormonal defects, and cause seizures, allergic reactions, infertility and other side effects, but at the same time it does not form a targeted immune response to coronavirus proteins at all. 

In addition, the self (re) programming of cells is necessary in order for them to be open for the reception and delivery of various drugs, the effectiveness of which is often significantly reduced due to rejection by the body.

What this means: a healthy immune system after the introduction of the drug “mRNA-1273” is (re) programmed either unpredictably or predictably, but for the further purposes of the Moderna company, which is vitally interested in the fact that the human body is further open for access to pharmaceutical companies … The immune system actually breaks open, opening the door for any biotechnological experiments on the human body.

Due to the fact that such biotechnologies are at the beginning of the path, which is always associated with a great risk to life, the Moderna company at the legislative level is exempted by the US Congress from liability for the consequences of the use of its drugs. Also, by the way, like the Pfizer company.

Is this an explanation of the reason for the planned mass vaccination of all people in 2021, as well as the “sharp aggravation of the pandemic” in the world media?

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Freemasonry calendar for 2021 and the next 25 years: Earthlink & BrainTrust

Freemasonry calendar for 2021 and the next 25 years: Earthlink & BrainTrust 100

With the onset of the covid pandemic, vaccinations, immunization passports and other such miracles, conspiracy theorists were surprised to find that all this was written in plain text on the Internet many years ago. The people who determine the strategic course of the world have communicated their plans quite openly. Until a certain moment, no one paid attention to these plans.

However, now that everything that is happening has become more or less clear, many enthusiasts began to re-read the texts with great interest and revise the videos of 2010 and earlier years, trying to find in them both indications of the events taking place around the current events and the events that will follow. The next discovery of this kind was a video from 2008 from Casaleggio Associati – a small Masonic organization somehow connected with Gianroberto Casaleggio.

From the first visit, the conspiracy theorists did not manage to dig very deeply, but, according to the first impression, we are talking about regional masonry of a not very high level of management, so there is clearly not all the information there, especially information for showing the general public.

Nevertheless, some crumbs of knowledge are still better than its complete absence, so we will retell the video in general terms. The first five minutes there is an introductory one, which tells about the great thinkers of the Renaissance who opposed Genghis Khan and wanted to arrange the world correctly and justly. This desire lasted for centuries, until the baton passed to the US Democratic Party and the Bilderberg Club. Then, from the middle of the fifth minute of the video, the most interesting part begins.

In 2018, according to the forecast from 2008, the world will be divided into two blocks – the block of good guys who live in Europe, and the block of bad guys who live in China and its satellites: The war between the blocks begins in 2020 with the use of bacteriological weapons. The war will last 20 years. During the war, such cultural monuments as Reims Cathedral, St. Peter’s Square and the Sagrada Familia will be destroyed, which suggests that there will be no stone unturned from Italy, France and Spain.

Also, in addition to biological weapons, at the first stage of the war, climate weapons will be used, which will cause a rise in ocean level by 12 meters with all the ensuing consequences. There will also be a world famine and a rejection of fossil fuels – tanks by the end of the war will be some kind of electric. As a result of this, the West will win by 2040, but there will be no more than a billion people on the planet who will be offered a single electric passport and a networked democracy, which will be controlled by the World Government and Earthlink Artificial Intelligence.

Earthlink will start operating in 2043, a single passport will be issued in 2047, and in 2050 there will be the so-called BrainTrust – collective social intelligence: When BrainTrust starts working, people will connect their brains into a network and collectively choose the World Government, which will lead them, proclaiming the coming of the Era of the New World Order. It will appear in 2054. Here is such an interesting Masonic tale of the 2008 model. Oddly enough, but so far the chronology is being observed and the prophecy is coming true.

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Covid-19: The Great Reset -Pandemic targets declared

Covid-19: The Great Reset -Pandemic targets declared 101

The working class of the United States is in despair. This was stated by Senator Bernie Sanders on his Twitter page. He also wrote that the US Congress should listen to the people and provide a one-time payment of $ 1,200 to each member of the working class.

“Maybe – just maybe – it’s time for Congress to listen to the American people and send out survival checks for $ 1,200 to working-class Americans who are now in such despair,” Sanders said.

On March 25, the U.S. Congress approved a one-time payment of $ 1,200 to every adult U.S. citizen. The purpose of the payment was to mitigate the social impact of quarantine measures and the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanders is in favor of re-payment, as the crisis caused by the quarantine and pandemics is not only not overcome, but is developing.

However, it is quite possible that not only American workers will receive benefits soon. 

The FGC website spoke about the book “Covid-19: The Great Reset”, published in the summer of 2020 in Europe. The authors of the book are Klaus Schwab, founder and permanent leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Thierry Mallre, who is presented as a futurist.

By the end of 2020, the book should be published in German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

The main ideas of the book about “great reset” are already diverging.

First , the COVID-19 pandemic is a “unique window of opportunity.” It is through this window that humanity must be introduced into the future. No return to the past! “Many people ask: when will we return to normal life? The short answer is never. Our story will be divided into two parts: before the coronavirus and after. “

Secondly , the “bright future” is a world where the distinctions between rich and poor countries will be erased, and over time state borders will be destroyed. A single planetary state with a single government will emerge: “The question of the World Government is at the center of all issues.” Further, Schwab writes: “With the introduction of lockdown, our attachment to loved ones increases, we value more those whom we love – family members and friends. But the downside here is that it causes a rise in patriotic and national feelings, along with dark religious beliefs and ethnic preferences. And this toxic mixture brings out the worst in us … “Schwab makes it clear that” dark religious beliefs and ethnic preferences “will be declared war.

Third , the economy of the Brave New World must be centrally run by giant monopolies. Private property will wither away, its place will be taken by the “economy of use”, “the economy of participation”. There will be no cash, digital currencies will be introduced everywhere.

Fourthly , there will be a transition to “green” energy, it will replace hydrocarbon energy. Limits will be imposed on the consumption of water, electricity, some “environmentally hazardous” types of products (eg meat) or industrial products (eg cars). And the most radical means of reducing the burden on the natural environment will be to reduce demographic growth or even to reduce the population: “The greater the demographic growth … the higher the risk of new pandemics.”

Fifth , robotization will be completed in all spheres of the economy and public life. The book “The Great Reset” says many times about the sharp job cuts: “Until 2035, up to 86% of jobs in restaurants, 75% of jobs in trade and 59% in the entertainment industries can be automated.” “Up to 75% of restaurants can go broke due to lockdowns and subsequent social distancing measures.” “Not a single industry, not a single enterprise will remain unaffected.” It is proposed to introduce an unconditional basic income (UBI) for people who will be replaced by robots, but only if the person confirms that he is vaccinated.

Sixth , digitalization of all spheres of the economy and society will continue. An effective system will be created to monitor the behavior and movement of people, including using face recognition technologies. Quote: “To end the pandemic, a worldwide digital surveillance network must be created.”

Seventh , the new health care model will provide for regular testing, compulsory vaccination, issuance of a sanitary passport, and the establishment of restrictions and punishments for persons who evade the rules of medical discipline.

Eighth , in the spirit of transhumanism, a person will be “improved”.

The goals of the “pandemic” have been declared. With the support that the “great reset” receives from the camp of globalism, there is no doubt that the notorious “pandemic” is the beginning of the operation of the transition to the “brave new world.” Will there be forces capable of resisting the reset-globalists? .. This is an open question.

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