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Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

There are few mysteriously formed stone balls known from around the globe. Where in the world did these spheres come from? Or did they even come from this world?

Ancient civilizations have endowed stone spheres with god-like characteristics. Many of the them have been elevated on plinths and worshipped as messengers from heaven. There have been several suggestions to attempt to explain the origin of the stone balls including ‘fell from heaven’ or formed in mysterious and possibly catastrophic natural events. If these object are manmade than why people were driven to produce stone balls on such a large scale ranging from symbols of wealth or status to geometric aids or because of their serene, harmonic beauty?

Here are few mysterious spheres from different parts of the world which became great archaeological enigma.

Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

Picture ©Russian Arctic (Image Source)

Giant natural stone balls in Russia

Giant natural balls in the Franz Josef archipelago that leave scientists flummoxed. The huge stone balls up to two metres in height are found on appropriately-named Champ island above the polar circle. Perfectly spherical they are scattered all over this northern uninhabited outpost.

From the time they were first seen, visitors to this cosmic landscape named the round rocks ‘footballs of the Gods’, and at first it is hard to believe that they are natural and not made by man, or possibly giants. Yet the barren 374 km2 (144 sq miles) island was never inhabited and scientists are sure they are not artificial, even if they cannot agree how they were formed. Similar but smaller stone balls were found last year on Heiss island in the same archipelago.

Stone spheres in Costa Rica

Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

Stone balls in the Terraba Plain. The Boruca region, Costa Rica. (Courtesy Doris Stone)

One of the strangest mysteries in archaeology was discovered in the Diquis Delta of Costa Rica. Since the 1930s, hundreds of stone balls have been documented, ranging in size from a few centimetres to over two meters in diameter. Some weigh 16 tons. Almost all of them are made of granodiorite, a hard, igneous stone. The stone balls of Costa Rica have been the object of numerous speculations regarding their origin, however scientist say these objects are monolithic sculptures made by human hands.

Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

A Stone Sphere in Costa Rica © J. Stephen Conn

Stone balls are known from archaeological sites and buried strata hat have only pottery characteristic of the Aguas Buenas culture, whose dates range from ca. 200 BC to AD 800. Stone balls have reportedly been found in burials with gold ornaments whose style dates from after about AD 1000. The spheres number over 300. The large ones weigh many tons. Today, they decorate official buildings such as the Asamblea Legislativa, hospitals and schools. You can find them in museums. You can also find them as ubiquitous status symbols adorning the homes and gardens of the rich and powerful.

Carved stone balls from Scotland

Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

Three Scottish examples, in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow (Image Source)

Carved stone balls from Scotland are an enigmatic class of objects and they have been the subject of much speculation by scientists over the years.

Mysterious artefacts seem to date mainly to the Late Neolithic period (c. 3000 – 2500 BC), and are made of various stones ranging from sandstone to granite. They are all of a relative similar size and are decorated with carved evenly-spaced patterns of circular bosses or knobs around the surface of the sphere. The designs vary with the majority being based around a series of six bosses, but the number of bosses varies from 3-160. Some carved balls are more skilfully manufactured than others, and a rare few have additional decoration. All show an appreciation for symmetry in the design. Over 400 of these unique objects have been found, nearly all of them in the Scotland, with the majority found in Aberdeenshire, however, some samples were also discovered in Britain and Ireland.

Stone balls in Sierra de Ameca Jalisco, Mexico

Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

Piedra Bola atop an earth pillar (Image Source)

In the middle of the forest surrounding the Piedra Bola mine a hundred strange stone balls can be found. They are almost perfectly spherical and range in diameter from about sixty cm to more than ten meters. These symmetrical boulders are unusually large. Some are buried, others partly or fully exposed. In some places, erosion of the surrounding rocks has left a sphere perched precariously atop narrow columns of softer rock, seemingly ready to topple in the next strong wind. These “hoodoos” or earth pillars have been formed as a result of water erosion and they may survive for centuries until the processes of sub-aerial weathering and erosion finally cause them to fall. The origin and purpose of the stone spheres is still unknown.

Stone sphere in Easter Island 

Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

Ahu Te Pito Kura, the world’s navel, a perfectly round stone considered the world’s navel by the Rapa Nuians. Photo © Bjarte Sorensen (Image Source)

There is a carved stone sphere on Easter Isle at the northern coastal area of the island, just north of the statue quarry at the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku. The site, “Te pito kura” was most likely a ritual centre for the earliest islanders to pray and divine.

The islanders have a legend that the statues were moved by the use of mana, or mind power, and according to one legend, use was made of a finely crafted stone sphere, 75 cm (2.5 ft) in diameter, called te pito kura (‘the golden navel’ or ‘the navel of light’), to focus the mana.

Petrospheres from Bosnia

Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

Stone balls in Teočak (Image Source)

There have been several reporting’s of Petrospheres from Bosnia, a country which has been in the limelight following claims of the discovery an ancient pyramid complex near Visoko in Bosnia Hertzogovnia. Although this has fuelled the idea that the Bosnian petrospheres are carved, all such claims have been refuted by geologists.

The largest site in Bosnia known for stone balls is the County Zavidovici, approx. 100 km north of Sarajevo. It is the first place in Europe which has established an “Archaeological Park of Stone Balls”. This site contains approx. 40 stone balls of enormous size, all of which are recognised as natural ‘concretions’.

Located near the town of Zavidovici , the giant sphere — the largest of a group of such objects — is partially sticking out from the ground, and according to archaeologist Sam Semir Osmanagich, who discovered the stone, it may have a very high iron content and weigh over 30 tons.

Chinese stone spheres Out Of This World? Mystery Of Prehistoric Stone Balls

Geological tests done on the region showed that it formed during the Cambrian period – about 500 million years ago. (Picture: AsiaWire) (Image Source)

A crew of road-builders unearthed the Chinese stone spheres, located in the Hunan Province, while digging the foundations for a new highway. The stones are of various sizes and are so numerous that the hill in which they were discovered was called a ‘stone egg mountain.’

The unusual mountain is located in the Gulu Zhai village, where the minority Shui People have lived for about 1,000 years. The ‘egg-laying cliff’, or ‘chan dan ya’ in Chinese, is an area measuring 20 metres long (66 feet) and six metres wide (20 feet) on an unnamed mountain in the village. ‘Stone eggs’ would reportedly grow from the cliff face and eventually drop to the ground.

Where did the Chinese ‘stone eggs’ come from? And why are they spherical? The difference in time it takes for each type of rock to erode has therefore been attributed to the appearance of the eggs, which comprise heavy sediment deposits, experts say. However, that still does not explain how the rocks appear in smooth round shapes, or how a half-a-billion-year-old geological region managed to contain a calcareous rock formation. Over the years, geologists in China have provided some possible explanations to the cause of the phenomenon. However, none official ones have been announced.

featured image ©Russian Arctic via Siberian Times 

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The Mysterious Lost Underground City of Death Valley

by Brent Swancer

Sprawled out across a portion of the northern Mojave Desert of California, in the United States, is the magnificent yet forbidding moonscape that is Death Valley.

This is one of the hottest, most inhospitable places on the planet, boasting the highest ground temperature ever recorded on earth at 201 °F (93.9 °C), and in general a sun-scorched wasteland, devoid of water and pounded by relentless sun and heat. It is so inhospitable that it might as well be the surface of some remote, lifeless planet, and it is not called Death Valley for nothing. Yet, for how totally uninhabitable it may seem there have long been Native tribes living in this extreme land for thousands of years, and it some reports are to be believed there is even a mysterious lost civilization that lived under it all.The tribe most associated with the Death Valley region is the Paiute, who like many other tribes throughout the world have their particular legends and myths about the land they inhabit. For the Paiute one of the most intriguing is that of a great underground city they call Shin-au-av, meaning “God’s Land” or “Ghost Land.” According to the lore, there was once a great chief who lost his wife to the clutches of death. Unable to cope without her, this chief took a journey to the land of spirits, during which he found himself in a vast subterranean world. In this land he was attacked by horrific monsters, which he barely managed to fend off as he retreated, finally crossing a rock bridge and coming to a peaceful land ruled by a chief called Shin-au-av.

Death Valley

This was apparently a land of lush green meadows, sweeping valleys, and dancing, happy people, and the chief who had stumbled across this magical place realized that is was a land of spirits, possibly even harboring his dead wife. He even asked if his wife was there, and one of his guides said that she indeed was, and that she would be presented to him with the caveat that he whisk her away as soon as possible without looking back. The chief was elated, but after waiting several days she did not materialize. He was about to give up but then she appeared and he did as promised, taking her by the hand and leading her across that stone bridge back to the land of the living, but he broke his pact by looking once more onto that sumptuous realm of green and his wife subsequently faded away once again. The heartbroken chief made his way back to his village, but he was never the same again, and his tale of that amazing underground domain became the stuff of legends.

Whether this fantastic fable is based in any way in reality or not, there have actually been explorers and adventurers who seem to have stumbled across this seemingly mythical place buried under the harsh hellscape of the Death Valley above, and whether connected to this legend or not there have been many who have claimed to have found something quite odd there under the parched earth. One of the earliest such accounts comes from the early 1900s, when two men named White and Thomason were said to have been hiking through Death Valley and one of them allegedly fell through the ground into an old mine shaft at a place called Wingate Pass.

It turned out that there underground was a gigantic cavern that they claim to have followed for 20 miles beneath the earth, where it penetrated out under the Panamint Mountains. According to them, this meandering, expansive cavern emptied out into a vast and ancient subterranean city, which had long since been abandoned but which still held much evidence of its past residents. White and Thomason said that they found perfectly preserved mummies wearing leather clothing and gold jewelry down there in the dank depths, as well as gold spears, a polished stone round table of some sort, golden statues, and just generally gold lying all over the place, as well as countless gemstones. Throughout all of it was an intricate lighting system that they speculated harnessed natural gases, and immense stone doors that seemed to have once been operated with elaborate mechanical systems.

The men claimed to have taken some of the treasure and relics out of there so that they could be studied, but that they had been subsequently stolen by an associate. They captured the attention of the Smithsonian Institute, and promised that they could show them where the entrance to this bizarre underground world was, but the men were unable to locate it again. Considering there is absolutely no evidence of these men’s claims, we are left to merely speculate as to how much truth any of it has.

In the 1920s there was another interesting account when a Native Guide named Tom Wilson came forward to claim that his prospector grandfather had also found some sort of underground city under Death Valley. Wilson said that his grandfather had followed a cave down into the earth, where he had come across a city of fair-skinned people living there underground, who spoke a language he could not understand and were decked out in leather clothing of some sort. This strange race had horses down there, and the whole city was lit up by some sort of lighting system he could not comprehend. Interestingly, Wilson would hear the earlier account of the explorer White and would go on to spend the rest of his life obsessively looking for the lost city without success until he passed away in 1968.

In 1947 the mysterious lost city of Death Valley captured the public imagination when a man named Howard E. Hill came forward with a rather bizarre tale of his own, which was circulated in the newspaper The San Diego Union. Hill told of a man named Dr. F. Bruce Russell and his colleague, an archeologist named Dr. Daniel S. Bovee. In 1931, Russell was claimed to have discovered a complex network of subterranean caves, which were stumbled across completely by accident while sinking for a mine shaft to make a claim on. The two men went on to explore these uncharted tunnels and found a series of spectacular caverns and catacombs down there in the gloom, which revealed some rather startling discoveries indeed.

According to the report, Russell and Bovee came across the mummified remains of three actual giants in the darkness, each measuring a purported 9 feet tall and wearing clothing that appeared to be jackets and knee length trousers made of some sort of unknown animal skin. The chamber that the giants were found in was allegedly full of relics that seemed to be some sort of mix of Egyptian and Native American design, and there were apparently hieroglyphics etched into the walls and ceiling. The men also found some sort of hall that they believed had been used for mysterious rituals, and within this hall were the remains of numerous animals presumably used for sacrifices, including both known and unknown animals, as well as the bones of extinct animals such as mammoths and even actual dinosaurs, as weird as that may seem.

Russell supposedly claimed that the remains were dated to be at least 80,000 years old, and that the whole complex meandered out into the unexplored dark for miles, with no telling what else lie within the unexplored murk. Although the two tried to get interest from the scientific community they were perhaps not surprisingly looked at with quite a bit of skepticism, with all of this talk of giant bones and dinosaur skeletons in an underground city. Yet they were apparently adamant that it was all real and that it was the discovery of the century. The two were finally able to draw some interest, but when they tried to find the entrance again they of course could not. Rather bizarrely, not long after this Dr. Russell and Bovee just suddenly vanished, and Russell’s car would supposedly be found abandoned in the desert of Death Valley several months later with no sign of its occupant.

There have been sporadic reports since of finding anomalous caverns and ruins down there in the earth below Death Valley, and we are left to wonder what it all means. Was there ever an ancient underground city here or is this all just myths and folklore? What of the findings of these explorers who have claimed to have been there? What is the significance of the mummies or the bones? It is a hard case to really get a bead on, and for now we are left to merely wonder if down in the depths below the unforgiving remote desert of Death Valley there is some ancient mysterious city lost to time.

About The Author

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He’s written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.




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Cavern Systems in Antarctica Are Hiding A HUGE Secret (Video)

As a result of a secret agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and a German breakaway group in Antarctica, a transnational corporate space program began to emerge. The secret infusion of personnel and resources from US contractors into Antarctica allowed this transnational corporate program to steadily grow into a major space power, eventually eclipsing the other secret space programs and the classified space programs of other nations. Dr. Michael Salla will discuss evidence of large research and development facilities built in huge natural cavern systems under the Antarctic ice sheets.

He will examine claims that many of the classified programs conducted there in contravention of the 1961 Antarctic Treaty. Dr. Salla will expose the corporations involved in these programs, and how the truth is hidden from company shareholders. Finally, he will discuss how Antarctica’s secrets are slowly being revealed by increased volcanic activity that is melting the massive ice shelves exposing ancient artifacts and crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.


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NASA scientists BAFFLED by perfectly rectangular MILE-WIDE iceberg

NASA has made a remarkable discovery of a mile-wide rectangular iceberg with perfect right-angled corners in Antarctica. The stunning iceberg was spotted floating in the Weddell Sea last week by scientists on a NASA research plane.

The mile-wide rectangular iceberg (Image: NASA)

The US space agency said the object’s sharp angles and flat surface suggested it had recently broken away from the Larsen C ice shelf.

It is estimated to be around 1 mile (1.6km) wide.

However its true size may never be known with only 10 percent of its total mass showing above the water.

The iceberg found is known as a ”tabular iceberg” instantly recognisable by its smooth clean-cut edges as if carved with a knife.

It’s perfect edges are formed by breaking off ice shelfs with clear precision but are rarely kept in that state for very long.

In an interview to Live Science Kelly Brunt, a glaciologist at the University of Maryland and NASA was left stunned by the “unusual” discovery.

She said: “We get two types of icebergs. We get the type that everyone can envision in their head that sank the Titanic, and they look like prisms or triangles at the surface and you know they have a crazy subsurface.“And then you have what are called ‘tabular icebergs.

“What makes this one a bit unusual is that it looks almost like a square.”

This is not the first time the Larsen C ice shelf has shed a large iceberg.

Last summer an iceberg known as A-68 detached itself and had a surface area of over 2,000 miles.

The discovery was made as part of Operation IceBridge, the largest ever aerial survey of the planet’s ice around Greenland and in Antartica.

The survey is building a three-dimensional map of the ice at both poles.


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