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Our world is a matrix and UFOs are the anti-virus system of the Universe: what are we in reality?

Our world is a matrix and UFOs are the anti-virus system of the Universe: what are we in reality? 1

There is an opinion that everything around us is a fictional world and we live in the matrix. There is some kind of supercomputer that creates our “reality” – a single device responsible for everything, all space objects, every atom, every drop and grain of sand on any cosmic body.

According to this complex theory, we are holograms, just very advanced. The technologies in question are the programs of the universe. Not so many years have passed since the advent of the world’s first computer, but look how its functionality has expanded, what capabilities modern devices have!

Here are some properties of this World Model.

  • Our world is an artificial object created by forces superior to us.
  • We participate in this game as entities.
  • The real reality is outside of this world, but it can also turn out to be a simulation within a simulation.

The real world has been created on a super-powerful computer. Of course, it is limited so far to only a hundred people, but everything, down to the smallest detail, is generated thanks to a powerful processor. 

Perhaps ours was created in the same way by a creator-administrator instead of God and our planet or the Milky Way is a separate server.

In favor of this model, we can say that it adequately explains many artifacts such as the Deja vu and the Mandela effect, constant matches, the chance of which is mathematically very small. An attentive viewer may notice periodic updates to the world. It looks like changes in the surrounding reality (either the colors become more saturated, or they add reflections).

There are a lot of photos where you get the feeling that the world around us is made up of pixels. Even among theoretical physicists there is such a saying: “The matrix is ​​broken.” In this regard, Scott Waring, one well-known ufologist, spoke out. He believes that if the supercomputer theory is correct, then the UFOs arriving are a manifestation of the antivirus or the creators. They clean up unnecessary files, remove system viruses, and so on.

A lot of evidence from UFO eyewitnesses lies in one important detail – these objects appear from nowhere and fly away to nowhere. Some researchers believe that it is appropriate to talk about parallel worlds and so on but given that everything around is a matrix, then the appearance of system maintenance can be instantaneous at the right place and time.

Glitch in the Matrix? 
Glitch in the Matrix? 

Real Players in the simulation

There is also a theory that those who have realized themselves and their place in the system, are the conscious players. We consider this a fundamental mistake!

The real players are those who create banks, start wars, take over companies, manage presidents, cross borders without visas and passports.

We are not sure if real players can be called humans because they are not. They are aliens and just play on our server – when necessary, moving technology forward.

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It’s a very violent game, and what causes horror to us, causes fun to them. We are only scenery in their game – our business is to go to work, and be biomass, the background. We are only the textures of this world. Players initially know who they are and who we are. We are only decorations for them, which they will not hesitate to waste.

The further you stay away from the Players, the more chance you have to live a long and maybe even a happy life. Those considering themselves players, they indulge their vanity, unless they affect this world even by a fraction of a percentage. 

Our awareness does nothing. Our brain is artificial intelligence, added 2 + 2 and realized that it was in the game. But this is not enough. Compared to real Players, we are somewhere like a robot vacuum cleaner in terms of intelligence. We know where to charge and what to remove, and even if we realized that we are a robot, we will still not retreat from the program.

Perhaps you have noticed that your own brain is watching you? This is our strictest supervisor.

There are people who live apart and do not let strangers into their clan. Their fate will always be amazing and varied, full of adventures, although sometimes tragic, it will always be full of ups and downs. Their professions are always creative. They are not the same players, but they are clearly a level higher than us, they are no longer decorations, but NPCs – characters with which players interact.

So if we see people who say they have realized themselves, that the world is a simulation, and we are players in it – run away from them. At best, this is just stupidity and pride, and at worst, they simply bring trouble on themselves. If you have realized yourself – that’s excellent, do not shout about it, sit quietly and look around, pretending that nothing has changed.

Of course, this theory, most likely, is on a par with the hypothesis of a flat Earth or Bubloid Earth. However, we can’t be 100% sure of anything. As one of hundreds of versions about the origin of our world, there is no way to prove or disprove it.

This knowledge is much more difficult to perceive and the vast majority of the population is simply not ready for this and will immediately reject ridicule.


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