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Otherworldly scenes: a wave of mysterious phenomena occurring since the beginning of May around the world

Otherworldly scenes: a wave of mysterious phenomena occurring since the beginning of May around the world 1
Photo: YouTube

Faced with an unprecedented spectacle, residents of Zhou Shan, a port city in eastern China, were struck by the fact that when they looked at the sky, they found that it had been covered with an unusually red colour.

The eerie spectacle caught the attention of everyone in the area on Saturday night.

The sky suddenly turned red while the color slowly receded until it disappeared. Many social media users took videos and photos.

Surprised residents were trying to find out the causes of the phenomenon. Some talked about the effects of air pollution, while others about scenes from the revelation. Authorities, however, confirmed that there was no fire.

Otherworldly scenes: a wave of mysterious phenomena occurring since the beginning of May around the world 2

A day before, on May 6, 2022, residents of South Carolina faced another strange phenomenon:

The photo and video of the object was taken by different people, from different distances and from different angles of view, so we dismiss the manufactured fake possibility. 

The second thing you can think about is a craft launched from Cape Canaveral. However, nothing like this has been seen in Florida. In addition, if we are talking about the contrail of a rocket, then it should appear and grow gradually, dissipating just as gradually. But here everything somehow flashed sharply and immediately went out. 

And this was seen in Texas, the same days:

A few days earlier, something similar appeared in the Alps:

Black smoke and glowing rings are phenomena with which we already quite familiar, and although rare, they still occur, prompting people to talk about magnetic portals. It is possible that there was just something similar over South Carolina, but with a brighter light source that covered the inner contour of the light ring. 

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And although what is happening in China and North America is very incomprehensible and extremely mysterious, there was an even more amazing picture in the Amsterdam sky these days:

We cannot say that all these atmospheric sensations are somehow connected with the approach of Nibiru or aliens but nevertheless, such an increase in all sorts of incomprehensible atmospheric phenomena suggests that very soon we may witness something else. 


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