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Operation Jade Helm: 18 Videos Of Massive Military Movements In The US

Operation Jade Helm: 18 Videos Of Massive Military Movements In The US 1

The build up for Jade Helm is massive to say the least. Reports are coming in from all over the US of a tremendous amount of military activity and build up of equipment and vehicles that definitely goes well beyond what the stated number of military personnel would need for this drill.

Train Headed East out of Oroville, California – Equipment ‘As Far As Eye Can See’:

MRAPs on California Highways, Turkish pilots at Wal-Mart:

Hundreds Of Military Vehicles In Southern California:

Military Equipment Behind Wal-Mart Building in Texas:

Thousands Of MRAPs and APCs Along I-15 In California:

Massive Movement From Canada Headed To California:

Heavy Concentration Military Equipment Pennsylvania:

Choppers and Military Vehicles in Texas:

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Largest Bilateral Training Event in 20 Years:

UN Medical Vehicles Headed To Texas From Mississippi:

More UN Vehicles:

Hundreds Of Military Vehicles on a Train 30mi west of San Antonio:

Blacked out FEMA buildings in Kentucky, exercises and military across several states:

Marines prep for riot control in Virginia:

Military Training for roundup of citizens in Ft. Lauderdale:

National Guard Patroling Streets in Ontario, California:

Increased Chopper and Jet Activity Coast to Coast:

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Military Buildup Largest Ever Seen:



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