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Only Five Senses Are Famous, But Did You Know You Have 12 More Incredible Senses?

Only Five Senses Are Famous, But Did You Know You Have 12 More Incredible Senses? 1

You use more than five senses in a day. If you are sharp at things, then you are able to use up to 12 senses. Human senses are more than just hear, sight, touch, smell and taste. Nobody has taught you that at school; let me teach you now.

1. Ovulation Sense


Man knows when a woman is ovulating and he just senses that and becomes more attracted towards her.

2. Thermoception


We can tell if something is hot or cold without touching it.

3. Lying Perception


We can tell when a smile is real or fake, and we can also sometimes tell when someone is lying.

4. Blindsight


Blind people adapt to their blindness and able to know their surroundings. This is known as blindsight.

5. Sense of Danger in Ovulation


Women can sense the danger more when they are ovulating. It is a very powerful period.

6. Tetrachromats


Only few people have this sense and they have very good sense of sight. Humans, in majority, have three cones in eyes while tetrachromats have four. Cones help the person to see and differentiate color shades. Tetrachromats can see the color that normal people can’t.

7. Equilibrioception


This is the sense of balance and we can maintain our position easily anytime and anywhere.

8. Sense of Fats


By using a sense of smell we can detect which food can make us fat and which cannot.

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9. Nociception


This is the painful sense as it makes us sense pain in organs and bones along with the skin.

10. Proprioception


This sense makes us feel our body part even without looking at them. We can tell where our feet are!

11. Magnetoception


Same as birds, we can also detect direction but with less intensity. We can sense magnetic field.

12. Sense of Time


We can tell how much a time a thing can consume and we can also speed up our brain speed in panic condition and it feels everything is moving in slow motion.

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