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Apocalypse & Armageddon

One religion to rule them all: Temple of a new global religion set to open in 2022

One religion to rule them all: Temple of a new global religion set to open in 2022 1

One World Religion Headquarters is due to open in 2022. The headquarters will be called The Abrahamic Family House and is being built on an island in the Middle Eastern city of Abu Dhabi, as reported by

The headquarters is being done in collaboration with Pope Francis and Sunni Muslim leader, Sheikh Ahmen al-Tayeb, after they both signed a global peace covenant called the Document of Human Fraternity for World Peace.

The headquarters of the one world religion will consist of three buildings, one building each, each representing a mosque, church and synagogue. However, churches are not allowed to have a cross on a building as a method of identifying it as it is illegal in the UAE to place a Christian cross on a building.

An interfaith council will be connected to this construction project to oversee projects aimed at promoting tolerance, but perhaps tolerance will only be one focus.

Most Christians understand the term “One world religion” to refer to the merging of all religions, including Christianity, into a single global religion. Many Christians believe that a “One world religion” is directly linked to the last days when the Antichrist will establish a one world religion which will be associated with a one world government and lead to the mark of the beast.

It seems that Hindus and Buddhists are not included in the new ‘project’, and they both account in under two billion people. There are also the Chinese, who are also under two billion, and among whom there are few Christians and Muslims. 

Most importantly, in Christianity, there are quite a few branches and trends, 99% of which have never delegated their representation to the seniors from the Vatican.

It is also not very clear how the Shiites and Sunnis will peacefully pray nearby, how will the Shiites react to the fact that there will be a synagogue nearby? How will people in the synagogue feel during prayers if a crowd of Armenians and Shiites are around the building?

There are no answers to these questions, but at the moment this is not the main issue. 

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As the German press reported at various times, a similar building, only smaller, is being built now in Berlin:

The project has been in concept phase since 2014, they began to build in 2019, but now, as reported, everything has accelerated and it will finish in the same year 2022. 

This allows us to think that 2022 is a key year for globalists and its at least symbolic, – maybe the year of the beginning of the official New World Order. 


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