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On the verge of a big revolution: Will the world be flooded with free energy drawn from a black hole?

On the verge of a big revolution: Will the world be flooded with free energy drawn from a black hole? 1

The global leaders have some kind of ace up their sleeve. This is either some kind of discovery that has been kept in a safe since the time of the Third Reich or even earlier, or a gift from aliens in exchange for hordes of slaves sent into deep space to build pyramids. 

Beijing BetaVolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. announced the development of a miniature nuclear battery using Nickel 63 fission technology and a diamond semiconductor to enable miniaturization, modularity and low cost.

Thanks to this innovation, the company opened up the possibility of civilian use of nuclear batteries. The Beta Volt battery, designed for 50 years of battery life, has already entered the pilot production stage and will soon be put into mass production.

The BB100 case dimensions are 15x15x5 millimeters. This is much less than modern lithium-ion batteries. If they do come to market, smartphone makers will be able to make them even thinner, or fill the available space with more technology and features.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the battery can produce 100 microwatts of power and a voltage of 3 volts.

On the verge of a big revolution: Will the world be flooded with free energy drawn from a black hole? 2
BB100 /Betavolt Nuclear Battery

It can be used in various fields such as aerospace, artificial intelligence, medical devices and drones. Beta Volt nuclear energy batteries have high energy density, stability and safety, do not require recharging, are not subject to self-discharge and do not pose a threat to the environment. The company plans to release more powerful batteries in the future and continue research into using other isotopes to develop longer-lasting batteries.

The news about the eternal battery will undoubtedly create a real sensation in the world of popular science publications, however, this is not what conspiracy theorists are interested in at all. 

It is worth noting that in recent years we have seen a lot of winning inventions. However, they all mysteriously disappeared from view after the announcement of the discovery, although they promised a revolution in energy and power to our devices. Instead, we still have to make do with lithium-ion batteries that run out in a few hours.

There is nothing super revolutionary in this technology; the battery could have been made in 1950. People weren’t stupid back then; after all, they came up with nuclear bombs and computers. But for some reason they waited for so many decades, despite the fact that all sorts of clever devices were still produced for big money – for satellites and for the military, which is basically the same thing. And now it has come to the transfer of secret technology even to the Chinese. One can only guess what else Area 51 has up its sleeve that it will never hand over to the Chinese. 

The second important point is the industrial and social revolution, which we are gradually approaching. When a certain medieval person installed the first pedal loom in his manufactory, no one attached much importance to it either. And no one paid attention to the first steam-powered boat either. But when such devices accumulated, an industrial revolution occurred, which gradually developed into a social one. And along the way, entire classes, such as peasants and samurai, either died out or were slaughtered.  

Something similar is coming now, “what was nothing will become everything” has gone in another circle. 

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One day, when a new world order is announced to people, they will also be introduced to a new source of energy that will be flooded with. What kind of energy this will be, conspiracy theorists have been wondering for several years now, and now the options at the very forefront are neutrino power stations. They work as follows.

A certain amount of neutrinos strike the Earth every second, about 60 billion particles per square centimeter. Passing through media and materials, this radiation mainly stimulates Brownian motion, but there is one amazing material where everything is arranged differently. Neutrinos create wave vibrations there, similar to waves on the sea:

On the verge of a big revolution: Will the world be flooded with free energy drawn from a black hole? 3

This material is graphene. Since it conducts electrons somewhere between a million and a billion times better than copper, the current from these waves is significant. If you turn such a layer of graphene into a thin-film diode, then electricity can be removed.

If there are several dozen layers and such a battery is packed in a suitcase, then you will get an ever lasting free current source with a power of 5-10 kilowatts, which for one socialist cell of society will be above the roof. 

This incredible device is not an investment scam, It has been in operation since 2013, and in 2019 it was ready for mass production. But international companies are still postponing implementation for some unknown reason. 

Thus, an energy revolution is coming to the world, which is literally about to happen; nuclear power plants and Greta Tumberg with fans will be completely unnecessary. However, there is a caveat. 

Psychics believe that in 2025 some new source of energy is being prepared to be introduced to the masses and will be based on nanotechnology. It will be wireless. It will be in every apartment and will be somehow related to graphene in medicines. 

There is also belief that this device will not work as they say, but will draw energy from somewhere in CERN, from a black hole or something similar. And those who behave badly will be disconnected from the wonderous device.

Fallout is no longer fantasy. There, too, they followed the path of creating nuclear batteries and artificial intelligence, until Saturday, October 23, 2077 came.

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