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On The Side Of Angels: The Life Story of Gordon Higginson

The life of medium Gordon Higginson (1918-1993) is described in the 1993 biography On The Side Of Angels compiled by Jean Bassett.  Gordon served as president of the Spiritualists’ National Union for more than 20 years.  He joined the SNU after World War II and once gave a sitting to Arthur Findlay, who bequeathed his Essex mansion Stansted Hall to the union.  The estate is administered by the union as a College for the advancement of psychic science. Gordon’s mother Fanny had also been a medium.  She had been trained by trance medium Annie Brittain.  Gordon began participating in his mother’s ‘development circle’ when he was five or six years old.  He recalled having once glimpsed “a clear vision” of his Black guide ‘Cuckoo’: “That was not her name: it was the way I called to her, then she would call back.  Because of this she chose to be called Cuckoo . . . Cuckoo had always talked to me and often used to come with me to school.”

I became a boy medium when I was 12 years old and travelled with my mother and a speaker.  I had been trained as a demonstrator so needed a speaker to go with me.  My mother worked to develop my mediumship to the calibre she felt was necessary. I became known before the war for giving full names and addresses.  This was considered quite remarkable and widely reported in the papers in the towns where I worked as well as the Spiritualist publications.

Gordon was 18 when he realized he was a trance medium.  He remembered shutting his eyes when he felt drowsy at a Sunday Spiritualist Church service.

The next thing I knew was that the chairlady stood by my side offering me a glass of water.  I thought I had fainted, apologised and said to her, “Am I to give the demonstration now?”  “Yes, after we have sung the hymn,” came the reply.  I asked if the address had gone all right.  “But you gave the address!” said Mrs. Northall. Of course, I told her that I couldn’t have done as I didn’t do the speaking.  She explained I had given an excellent trance address, and moved down the steps from the pulpit among the people.  The spirit control had then given those present a message to be given to me, the medium, when I came out of trance.

The message was for my mother.  It stated she was to find an envelope in which would be found the name of the spirit control, Light, and that this was also my spirit name. Upon telling his mother about the incident, she went to her room and brought back the sealed envelope enclosing a paper with his ‘spirit name’ written on it by Annie Brittain at the time of his naming (the Spiritualist alternative to Christening) — “Of course, the name on that paper was Light!” World War II resulted with Gordon turning 21 while serving in the army.  He commented, “As a gifted medium, I was able to help so many young men who were troubled.”

I made many friends whom I knew were going to survive the war because a medium is conscious not only of the past and present, but also the future as well.  When mediums are working, they are not conscious of time, but are sharing a consciousness of no time.  We are conscious of an existence that goes beyond the present.

During the post war years, his first appearance in London resulted with a couple who had received messages, Mr. and Mrs. Hiscock, confirming the accuracy of the messages in a letter to Psychic News.  In the 1950s, Gordon consistently sat in a circle to develop his physical mediumship at the suggestion of his guides.

I have experienced burns and injury when my seances had unexpected interruption so you see how important it is to know what you are doing before you embark on this type of development. It was some seven years before we were getting good trumpet and apport phenomena; we nearly always had one sometimes two trumpets moving.  We had spirit lights and the movement of objects quite early on . . .

It was around 1964 when the circle started to observe materializations.

We started our seance with an invocation and then had one short hymn.  I would take that opportunity to go into trance.  Once I was entranced, the proceedings were then handled by the spirit guides. Of course, two of my guides have become so well-known to people through my physical mediumship; they are Cuckoo and Paddy.  Cuckoo, as already explained, has been with me ever since I can remember, a great friend to me over the years.  Paddy usually takes charge during physical seances and is very good.  I have another guide called Choo Chow of whom I was aware, but who did not come forward until the beginning of my trance mediumship and seemed to take charge.  It was through him that I became a trance speaker. I have another guide who only comes to me once a year.  He takes over during my regular Christmas Day trance address, speaking about the world and the current and future situations. This guide is Light.  I am named after him in the spirit world.

Gordon began giving public demonstrations with his circle around 1970 with Paddy usually being Gordon’s chief communicator.  Gordon mentioned that not all of the seances were successful.

Early in 1970 my good friend and colleague, Frank Tams, built a cabinet for me to use in the library at Stansted Hall.  The cabinet is not to conceal anything that is happening, but used to focus the energy around the medium for Spirit to utilize in their work.  Although there are curtains, these are usually drawn back so people can clearly see what is happening.

Photo from “Ectoplasm flowing from the mouth.”

Gordon shared his perspective of Direct Voice mediumship:

There are mediums that have provided the direct voice and can be in the normal state of consciousness while working.  But if you follow them, as I have done, you find that in the early stages of development they were a deep trance medium.

Gordon commented that Direct Voice mediums “have to be developed by the link from the Spirit.  They really do the work.  We really do very little; we provide the conditions.  It is work that is direct from the spirit world.” On The Side Of Angels includes Gordon’s reminiscences of observing other mediums’ seances and there are anecdotes of occasions when he worked in association with ‘psychic artist’ Coral Polge.

Of course, there has always been a Spiritualism because Spiritualism is all about facts.  It is about your being here, coming to the earth, living here, having a soul and about a God, which is not a man, but rather a power, a universal mind. I believe that Spiritualism is the oldest known movement in the world.  There has always been a Spiritualism, not as we understand it today, but never the less contact with the higher forces of the spirit world, going as far back as Abraham. Bernard Shaw was another remarkable man.  He wrote: “I am a medium.  When I take my pen or sit down to my typewriter, I am as much a medium as Daniel Dunglas Home or as Joan of Arc.” Many of the so-called spirit writings produced in the name of Spiritualism have within them as many faults and mis-statements as those of old which are venerated because of their stated source rather than their rational content. We cannot, should not, reduce everything to the rational, but we must apply a certain logic when assessing the work of any medium, be they from ancient times or from this era.

Higginson observed that although he was not widely known as a healing  medium, he had considerable success in that field.  The following  excerpt is from Chapter 26 “Ministry of Healing.”

I was always eager to have Stansted Hall used more as a centre for healing, but it never seemed to take off in that way.  I seldom did any healing at Stansted, but concentrated more on my work in my own church.  Most of my healing took place there in the 1950s.  After that I couldn’t be there as often. Healing is part of any church work, but we were trying in all ways to improve everything that Longton church offered.  I started a group to be run under my leadership.  I had a very good spirit helper called Dr. John, who specialised in healing and was a first class diagnostician.  Frank Tams, a very dedicated medium and an excellent healing channel, was to work closely with me in this project. I arranged that Kath Jebb would be in charge of the organisation.  She was a tower of strength in our church.  It is through her that I am able to recall just a few of the many hundreds of people who were helped through my healing ministry.  Kath also kept all the records of the physical circle which met for year in Longton church.  That was a monumental task in itself. It was decided that Dr. John would see the most serious cases.  In the beginning he also gave me healing, but as time went on he started to run the healing more like a clinic and only came in on special cases. Dr. John would receive patients, diagnose what was wrong and very often tell them just how they had got into that condition.  He prescribed what type of healing was needed, which healer was suitable to give a particular patient healing and where the hands should be placed. Kath recorded these instructions and would arrange it all.  If Dr. John wanted to see any person again, she would make an appointment.  It all depended on how serious their condition was.  We were always very busy, especially after people knew that the healing was being run in this way by Spirit. In 1952 I remember a plea for help from a village about 12 miles from our church.  It was from the mother of a young lady called Jean.  She was unable to walk, was crippled with arthritis and also had TB.  Jean was a lovely person.  She had a great sense of humour, but was so frail it was pitiful to see her. She was so young, so pretty and yet lived her life confined to a hospital type bed where there were facilities to lift her without causing her even more pain.  Her mother had heard of some of the things we were doing.  We were her last hope.  They were a lovely family, so close and so courageous.

A photo from the book: Jean.

Frank and Kath went to visit Jean at first.  For weeks, Frank gave her healing.  In the end, he asked if I would go as he felt Dr. John’s expertise was needed.  I agreed and went not once or twice, but many times in the following months. The guides used to talk to Jean.  So did Frank, Kath and I.  We spoke about Spiritualism, about life and death, about the many things which are important to the spirit self.  Jean seemed to have a tremendous insight and gradually gained hope of a different horizon.  I never promised her she would walk again.  I couldn’t because I knew the eventual outcome. I did promise that one day she would join in with a Spiritualist service.  Then the time came when I realised she had not much time to go.  There was part of me that was sad.  Jean was so young, but had suffered so much.  Even with spirit help, we couldn’t change her destiny. I decided that she would see a service, even though I had to make special arrangements for it to be in her own home.  I spoke to our church members.  Bill Harratt arranged some hymns whilst Frank came along and did a reading.  Kath gave a short address and I a demonstration. It was a proper service, even though there were only a few there.  Some of our church people joined us along with members of Jean’s family.  Two weeks later, her time here on earth ended and she passed into her new home.  We had become very fond of this child yet could not grieve. There was a rather marvellous sequel to this which happened only a few weeks later.  In the physical circle I held regularly in our church at that time the voice of Cuckoo was heard, saying, “I have a surprise for you.” The ectoplasm built up, and a form moved to the outside of the cabinet.  A young person with a swirling gown moved gracefully and confidently out towards Kath.  It was Jean! “Look Kath,” she said.  “I can walk!  Look at my hands!”  She held out her hands.  And the fingers were straight and true; those poor fingers so deformed in this life were straight and supple.  Tears of joy ran down Kath’s face.  Other members of our circle who had not known Jean felt the emotion and responded in turn. Jean thanked Bill Harratt for the hymns played at her own special service.  She moved across the room to Sally Morgan, a member of our church who attended the service at Jean’s home, thanking her for the flowers which she gave to brighten her room.  Lastly she spoke to Frank.  “I enjoyed your reading,” she said.  “Please thank Gordon.  He gave me so much happiness.”  “May God bless him” were her last words as she returned to the cabinet.


Metaphysics & Psychology

In England, children are allowed to take hormones to change their sex

12-year-old Ashley Lamin was born a boy and by the age of 8, her name was Ashton. Ashley lives in Kent, England.

Recently, with the full approval of the doctors, the child begins to take hormonal pills – blockers of puberty.

These pills will not allow Ashley to become a man because she consciously considers herself a girl. He wants to “lie under the surgeon’s knife” at the age of 18 so that he can transform his boy’s body into a girl’s body.

Ashley Lamin is one of the youngest UK teenagers to receive hormone medication. This immediately caused much controversy in the community.

Critics are sure that children of this age cannot even understand what they want, and that Ashton’s desire to become a girl is simply a fad.

In justification, Ashley’s mother, 43-year-old Terry Lamin, assures critics and reporters that her son was considered a girl from a young age. She also says that if the child is mistaken, then Ashley has up to 18 years to refuse surgery and medication.

Critics respond that the body will already be seriously damaged by hormonal drugs, whose effects on these young organisms have not yet been fully studied.

At the age of 5, Ashton doesn’t like his genitals and he urges his mother to remove them. When he was told that this was not right, he asked why he needed them after all.

Ashton did not like to wear pants and other clothes for boys. He liked to dress in pink dresses and was “in love” with the princess dress he wore on his birthday.

By the age of 8, this discrepancy led to Ashton begging everyone to call him Ashley and assuring them he was born in the “wrong” body.

When doctors allowed Ashley to take blockers, it was her first major victory on her way to the “right” body.

Ashley considers herself a girl and wants to undergo a transplant surgery after a gender change surgery so she can become pregnant and have a baby later.

Such statements drive the critics crazy. They see only one child who is brainwashed with words such as “tolerance”, etc., and who exhibits ridiculous “whims”. According to them, the child should visit a psychologist instead of being allowed to prepare for a dangerous operation.

Ashley’s mother says:

“At three, Ashley told me it was my fault she was a boy. I felt terrible. Then I just agreed with her. It’s important to me that my child is happy. “

Terry Lamin has seven more children (!), So it is not difficult to understand why it is more convenient for a woman to agree with the child’s words instead of continuing to confront him.

Ashley had no particular problems at home when she was wearing girls’ clothes before school. But when she started going to school in girls ‘clothes and using the girls’ toilets, conflicts arose with the parents of other children. To them, it was all too strange and unusual. They even stopped inviting Ashley to children’s parties.

At the age of 11, Ashley goes to high school, where she becomes a target for a group of children who offend her and throw away her things. Ashley had to undergo home schooling.

Because of all this, Ashley becomes very anxious and even thinks about suicide. She asked her mother why all this was happening to her and stated that she hated herself.

The woman began to guide the child to various doctors. After all, they ended up at the Clinic for Gender Dysphoria.

It is there that the child’s hormones are prescribed, which Ashley will take at least until the age of 18.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Blind seer Baba Vanga made predictions for 2020

Baba Vanga, also known as the blind seer, is without a doubt one of the most well-known mediums in the world. Even though she died in 1996, the predictions she made are still coming true today.

Blind seer Baba Vanga made predictions for 2020

Her real name was Vangelia Paneva and she was born in Bulgaria in 1911. When she was 12 years old, she lost her sight after she was lifted into the air by a tornado and thrown into a nearby field where she was found a few days later with her eyes covered in sand and dust.

She made her first predictions a few days after this traumatic event, and the legend states that she developed healing powers and clairvoyancy. One of her most significant and noteworthy predictions was the invasion of the Nazis.

Lots of the predictions that Baba Vanga made are expected to be fulfilled in 2020. All of them however are just based on theories from people who believe in clairvoyancy and powers like this and have no scientific foundation.

Drama in Asia

Baba Vanga also predicted the famous Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, and If her theories and predictions are to be believed, a much bigger tsunami will hit parts of Japan, China, Alaska and Pakistan in 2020. Nearly 400 deaths have already been recorded following an earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale that hit Indonesia in September.

Putin’s life could be in danger

According to h ertheories, the Russian president Vladimir Putin will also be the victim of an assassination attempt and the assassin will be a member of his own security team. Putin admitted that at least four assassination attempts have occurred in the past, but all have failed and he is currently under the protection of a team of snipers.

Donald Trump will be sick

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, can also succumb to an unknown disease. Apparently he will suffer from tinnitus, severe nausea and hearing loss. The illness he would have contracted could be the same as some US diplomats contracted while in Cuba because of the similar symptoms they experienced.

What will happen after 2020?

And by 2023 we would suffer a drastic change on the planet, because the Earth’s orbit will change. It will influence the weather, the waters and much of nature, causing great difficulty for humanity to adapt. As a result of this calamity, a change in the ideology of social policy would flourish in the main countries and by 2076 the whole world would be living under communism.

Shortly after this reorganization of politics and the world economy, by the year 2100 human technology could create an artificial sun that served both as a source of energy and to heat the planet cooled from the change of orbit. Even as a result of human technological advancement, Vanga said that by 2111 all people would have become robots after finding a way to transport consciousness to a body that would no longer have to suffer aging and die of disease. And with the planet almost destroyed and without resources, this robotic humanity, which would already inhabit Mars, would face an interplanetary war, which in 2183 will trigger the independence of the Earth.

Reaching immortality

A few centuries after these conflicts, in 2271 the Laws of Physics will be totally altered. This will open the possibility of time travel a few decades later. The race for temporary travel will cause many conflicts between inhabited human planets, and in 3005 there will be a world war on Mars.

The only good news among Baba Vanga’s predictions is only for the year 4308. The seer says that evil will disappear from the face of the planet ; The human being will reach a stage of evolution that will promote the relationship through peace, love and ethics. Then, in 4599, we will achieve immortality. But again we have bad news: we will reach the edge of the universe in 5076 and the world would end three years later.

What does Vanga say about the future?

Baba Vanga’s predictions are almost uncountable. The Bulgarian seer spoke about many prophecies, and many of them hope they will never come true. The future seen by Vanga is nothing pleasant and speaks of the end of the world. There are many predictions that have drawn attention, but if there is one that we have to highlight is about China, which says it will be the next world power.

The truth is that we do not know if these prophecies will be fulfilled, what we do know is that our world has entered into a catastrophic dynamic, where everything seems to fall apart, and the future does not seem to be better.


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A computer game helped predict the likelihood of a breakdown of drug addicts after treatment

An assessment of the risk of patients who are treated for drug addiction will help to identify critical moments in which a breakdown is likely.

A research, published in the journal JAMA Psychiatrymay will be the basis for the development of a clinical tool to track and reduce the number of drug-dependent patients who again start using opiates after treatment. Scientists from New York University have created a game that helps assess the likelihood of a “breakdown” of a person who is undergoing or has completed treatment.

Drug treatment for drug addicts with methadone, buprenorphine and naloxone shows good efficacy. However, the positive effect of these drugs is largely offset by the lack of reliable tools for assessing the patient’s response to therapy. The new development makes it possible to evaluate how high the probability of a person returning to the “needle”, and allows you to adjust the treatment program.

Scientists have proposed using a computer application to simulate this probability, which simulates gambling with bets and cash rewards. To study the effectiveness of such a tool, the researchers selected 70 patients from the Bellview Hospital Center in New York who were treated for drug addiction. An additional 50 patients with approximately the same distribution by gender, age and race, but never suffering from opioid dependence, were selected as a control group in the same institution.

Subjects played weekly for seven months. The game was built in such a way that patients could receive a lower reward with a 50% probability or risk a large number of virtual “chips” to win a big reward with unclear chances. For all test participants, preparedness schedules for accepting risks were drawn up.

The results of the experiment were compared with the data of questionnaires, in which the subjects were interviewed for their desire to try drugs again or for the presence of recent “breakdowns” in their history records. Scientists have found that patients who are prone to take risks in the game are more likely to disrupt the process of anti-drug therapy using opioids.

“Our research shows that computer diagnostic tests may offer a new useful feature,” says lead author of the study, Paul Glimcher. According to the scientist, in the process of treating addiction, patients can experience a kind of “ups and downs”: at some points they show determination in the desire to get rid of addiction, but at times they are ready to risk the work done for a fleeting pleasure. The application, developed by Glimcher and his colleagues, will help to identify critical moments in the psychological state of patients and prevent breakdowns.

Previously, scientists created a test that will help to identify drug addicts by fingerprint, and developed an implant with an antidote which will save lives from drug overdose.

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