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Apocalypse & Armageddon

“On the edge of the abyss”: what prophecies of Rasputin can come true in 2021?

"On the edge of the abyss": what prophecies of Rasputin can come true in 2021? 1
Grigory Rasputin predicted future events / Photo from public domain

A family friend of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II was one of the most mysterious personalities of that time. The mere fact that an ordinary peasant managed to subjugate the emperor and his entourage to his influence speaks of the considerable emotional strength of Rasputin. The predictions of the adviser to the last Russian emperor have not been dated, but according to historians, may be relevant to 2021.

Grigory Rasputin was a mysterious person. A simple peasant who achieved tremendous influence at the court of the last emperor of Russia  – Nicholas II. There were many mysterious rumors about him both during his lifetime and after his strange death.

Even now, the name of Rasputin evokes horror on many. Moreover, he left behind prophecies about the future. They have not been dated, so there are many ways to interpret them. However, many believe that some are predicting the events of the current year, 2021.

Society on the edge

“Love will disappear, people will stand on the edge of the abyss,”

The emperor’s advisor warned about the spiritual and moral death of man. The loss of values ​​and the weakening of faith will lead people to degradation, Rasputin predicted.

World War III – Soon?

In Rasputin’s notes, three snakes were also often mentioned, which would “take turns destroying humanity” and cause the successive death of many:

“Humanity will be crushed by the footsteps of the mad, the ignorant will dictate laws to the wise, and people will believe in those in power.”

Apparently, we are talking about world wars, two of which have already left their bloody historical mark.

In support of such a theory, it is also said that the prophecies of Vanga and Nostradamus also contain hints of some kind of worldwide disaster. Is the third coming already in 2021?

Three kings in St. Petersburg

Rasputin also left behind one more prediction – many believe that it foresees an economic crisis which will happen in the near future:

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– A bloodthirsty prince will come from the west, who will enslave by wealth, and from the east another prince who will enslave by poverty – such vague predictions of Rasputin, according to experts, are destined to come true in the coming years.

Those who survive the Third World War, according to the mystic, will be “spiritually cleansed”, and “three kings” will meet in St. Petersburg. Some believe that these will be prophets who, after the End of the World, will prepare people for the coming of the new Messiah.


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