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On the brink of generalized war: “The unthinkable” begins

On the brink of generalized war: "The unthinkable" begins 1

The clouds in the international environment are getting darker and heavier. Those who are watching the developments around Ukraine and the wider world with some relative diligence must have shuddered in the last hours. It is no longer exaggeration to wonder if humanity is on the brink of a Third World War, or if it is already in progress!

We are living in an undeclared but warm war between the West and Russia. That assessment is not only confirmed, but things are getting darker every day, taking on the characteristics of a generalized war and only its official declaration is missing. The facts speak for themselves:

First. The visit of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and his counterpart Lloyd Austin on Easter Sunday in Kyiv, their statements the same day and later, in conjunction with the statements of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Russian TV, they say it all. They left no doubt that Washington would move “earth and sky” to defeat the Russians in Ukraine, and Blinken announced new military aid to the Ukrainians and friendly neighboring countries, amounting to $ 700 million, bringing the total to 4 billion so far. For his part, Austin expressed confidence that the Ukrainian army could win the war, while the Pentagon has made no secret of its goal of rendering Russia incapable of threatening neighboring countries, whatever that means.

For his part, Lavrov made it clear that for Moscow, NATO (which is also in a warlike atmosphere) is already involved in the war, as it constantly sends military equipment to the Ukrainians, so Russian forces have the right to “destroy” these material when located on Ukrainian territory. Similarly, the British, who also play a leading role in the crisis, have announced that the Ukrainians can use the NATO material they receive from the West to strike inside Russia. As for any ceasefire agreement reached at the end, its content will depend on the results on the battlefield, Lavrov added.

Second, the US Defense Department’s visit to Kyiv was followed by a “conference” at Rammstein’s US base in Germany. It was clarified that the conference was not NATO, but it had invited 40 countries – obviously the West, but not necessarily NATO – to send representatives, certainly to coordinate actions under US leadership, in order to strengthen Ukraine’s armament. 

The “clue” to this conference was the announcement by the German Minister of Defense that her country would send tanks, in addition to the other defense and offensive material it has already sent, to the Ukrainians. After all, France has done the same. It is clear that under pressure from the Anglo-Saxons, Poles, Ukrainians and others, including the Greens and Free Democrats in government, Chancellor Scholz has succumbed, perhaps to take a breather from such pressure as to immediately stop gas from Russia. This is something that German industrialists and trade unions think would be disastrous for the economy.

Third, the explosions in government buildings in Transnistria, the region that seceded from Moldova when it became independent and is under Moscow control, added to the extremely worrying events of the past 24 hours. The explosions put the Russian army camp there on red alert, Moldova’s prime minister convened a war council and rekindled estimates that Russia would invade there as well. However, it is known that the Russian Transnistria army, which is not particularly strong, is to be used against Odessa. We will also see what will Finland and Sweden ultimately decide together or apart on their accession to NATO

Fourth and most important is the unprecedented attack by the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman against the United States. To understand the severity of the attack, suffice it to say that he accused more or less the US of crimes against humanity for which they should have been brought to justice at the International Court of Justice. Prior to the verbal attack, it was announced that Beijing had signed a defence cooperation agreement with the Solomon Islands – including the strategically important Gualdacánal (a major battle occurred there during World War II) – which caused concern and “regret” in the US, Australia and New Zealand. With the former even threatening to react if China acquires bases in this archipelago.

If, nevertheless, there are still politicians and citizens who are not worried, good luck to them. The bad thing is that those who are worried will suffer the same!

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