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Apocalypse & Armageddon

On the 10/07/2023, the Day of the Lord began with war in Israel and the countdown to the days of the fall of Babylon

On the 10/07/2023, the Day of the Lord began with war in Israel and the countdown to the days of the fall of Babylon 1

On the seventh day of October 2023, appears to have begun that prophetic period of time which Scripture commonly refers to as the “end times” or “time of preparation” or “Day of the Lord” – a set of events that leads to the final rise and fall of Babylon. This day began with a war in Palestine.

On October 7, the Israeli Ministry of Defense officially announced that war has begun in the state: Hamas militants fired thousands of rockets into Israel, broke into the territory of the Jewish state and captured a number of military and civilian infrastructures. Hamaz leaders called on all Palestinians and all faithful Muslims to take part in this “last war of great liberation.” Soon, in fulfillment of prophecies, many others will be drawn into the conflict. 

We are entering the finish line, which is called: “the end of time”. That is, this is the time of agony of the world’s evil – before God gives the Kingdom to His people – “the people of the saints” – as the prophet Daniel calls it. This verse gives the exact, most precise time of the beginning of the “end of times. And today we see this. The time of the “end of times” is characterized by wars, pestilences, earthquakes and other unpleasant things that, like plagues, fall on the world – primarily on the world that the Bible calls “Babylon”.

When such a time begins, you must understand that you will have to live differently. Quite different. All plans for study, career, pension, savings will end. There will be a different, harsh reality of survival. There is a clear, like a starting shot, beginning of such times when you have to suddenly change all your plans for life. We read verse 40:

“At the end of the time the king of the south will fight with him, and the king of the north will rush towards him like a storm with chariots, horsemen and numerous ships, and will attack the regions, flood them, and pass through them.”

The prophetic concept of “the end of times” 

The king of the south, as we have seen from the previous verses, is the community in the Muslim world, while the king of the north is the last beast from the book of Revelation (Rev 13).

Daniel 11:40 clearly depicts the political and military conflict between the Muslim south and the once “Christian” north. The conflict, as a consequence, will lead to a provocative (voluntary or involuntary, or even framed – it is not clear from the verse) policy of the southern king, and a furious military response from the northern king, who is well (militarily) prepared and “will attack the regions, flood them, and will pass through them.”

In light of current political events, such a scenario does not seem unrealistic or distant. Political terminology reflects this reality, as the confrontation is now between north and south, and not between west and east, as it was until recently.

This prophecy, like all the previous prophecies of the 11th chapter of the book of the prophet Daniel, is already our reality. We live in a world that was formed as a result of the events described in Daniel and the conflicts forming around them.

And now, before our eyes, one of the final scenes of history will unfold. The king of the north will indeed invade the Middle East soon. And so, these two kings will clash, and the king of the north will be extremely fast and very successful until a certain time. 

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The details of the upcoming war in the Middle East

The treatise “The Book of the Hebrews” appeared exactly 430 days after the constellation Virgo with a crown of stars and planets around its head “gave birth to Mars” and exactly 430 days before the active phase of apocalyptic events began, and the “first horseman” officially galloped (from January 19 to 20, 2020, when China officially recognized the “Epidemic”).

As such, everything is meant to be as foretold and written. It was not some “wild horde” that spontaneously attacked Israel. Israelis were taken hostage and would be sacrificed and used as cover in order to justify the false temple and the “false messiah”, like a “sacrificial cattle”.

According to the “Ordo ab Chao” system, Satanists and servants of Molech/Baal/Golden Calf will play as countries and people drowned in bestiality and in serving the Satanic legion, a theater for the profane.

So, on the seventh day of October 2023, the King of the South, the Islamic world, struck the first blow – or, as the literal translation of Daniel 11:40 says – “provoked war.” This entire passage about the conflict between the king of the north and the king of the south (from which Daniel and the prophets count the beginning of the Day of the Lord) is emphatically set in Palestine – numerous geographical identification signs are given of this “most beautiful (promised) land.” It was there, according to prophecies, around Jerusalem, that military conflict was supposed to break out, which is not yet Armageddon, but which begins the countdown to the days of the fall of Babylon.

But before it falls, Babylon must rise in all its glory. This is what will happen, for some time, during the outbreak of war in the Middle East. A shining period but for the last time.

“But rumors from the east and north will alarm him, and he will come out in great rage to destroy and destroy many, and he will pitch his royal tents between the sea and the mountain of the glorious sanctuary; but he will come to his end, and no one will help him.” Daniel 11:44, 45.

The war of Gog and Magog and a Chilling Testimony About The End of Days

Seven years ago, a video was actively discussed on the Internet, which was translated into 33 languages. In the video, an Israeli teenager who experienced clinical death spoke in detail about the war of Gog and Magog, which was shown to him as an afterlife vision. And everyone was very surprised then: how can all countries and people, from NATO countries to China, unite and march on Jerusalem? 

What was a mystery the day before yesterday somehow became clear yesterday, when before our eyes some things from the vision began to come true. 

The main plot of the vision the boy experienced was the arrival of some kind of international coalition in Israel. So far there has been no statement about such an alliance, but everything is heading that way: we are already seeing a restrained reaction from the press and sluggish comments from big bosses. It looks like a global level command has been given for this. 

But what happens next? And then a howl will rise to the skies in the world. Things could take a very unpleasant turn and lead to nuclear weapons. 

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And then the “peacekeepers” or whatever they will be called will appear on the stage. From China, if you believe more ancient prophecies, 200 million heroes will pour in, after which such a meat grinder will begin that has not happened since the foundation of the world. In the Bible it is called Armageddon. 

After the Yom Kippur War, which happened 50 years ago, many thought that this would never happen again. But the events of February 2022 in Ukraine showed that the modern world, and some countries and people, are not at all what they seem. And still a large part of the world pretends that nothing is happening. 

Ukraine is a precedent, the consequences of which continue and spread and in the modern global world it’s only a matter of five minutes to ignite a new conflict, shed a lot of blood, ultimately fanning the fire of the Third World War. We don’t know how many people will remain on the planet by that time, but the final hour is almost here. 


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