On October 15, Rome will host the opening ceremony of the Hell’s Gate at Quirinale

October 15, 2021 is another marker day of cosmic events, since on this very day another wonderful performance opens in Palazzo del Quirinale. Palazzo del Quirinale, also known as the  Quirinale Palace, is a 16th century palace on the Quirinal Hill in Rome. Previously, popes and kings lived there, now it is the official residence of the President of Italy. 

Well, since the President there is a purely decorative figure, the palace was given for various cool exhibitions, one of which opens on October 15, 2021. The exhibition is called ‘Inferno’ and the organizers write the following about it:

A powerful, ambitious and spectacular exhibition capable of transporting the visitor to unexpected worlds thanks to the power of images and the depth of ideas. This is the first major exhibition dedicated to the theme of Hell. She will talk about the presence of infernal motives in iconography and reflections on the concept of Hell, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Accompanied by Dante’s words, visitors will traverse terrifying places and heartbreaking visions of Hell, as presented by artists of all eras: from sketchy medieval scenes to sublime creations of the Renaissance and Baroque, from painful romantic visions to ruthless psychoanalysis in the interpretation of the twentieth century.

The journey to Hell will lead us deeper and deeper to various transliterations of the experience of Hell on Earth: madness, alienation, war, genocide. Having passed the climax of Evil, the exhibition will conclude with a reproduction of the idea of ​​salvation laid down by Dante on the last verse of the Song: and then we went out again to see the stars.

The exhibition route will include over two hundred works of art on loan from over eighty major museums, public collections and prestigious private collections. In particular, thanks to an outstanding loan from the Vatican Apostolic Library, during the first weeks of the exhibition, it will be possible to admire perhaps the most famous masterpiece of this iconography – Sandro Botticelli’s chasm in hell.

Such an exhibition, in such a terrible time, is strange in itself, however, the highlight of the program there is an unfinished 7 – meter masterpiece by Auguste Rodin, on which he worked for 37 years. The sculpture is called “The Gates of Hell”, which on this occasion was transported as a work on loan all the way from Paris on 17th of September from the the Musée Rodin:

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The symbolism of the event raises no doubts, but what meaning it carries we can only guess in general terms.

The ‘gate is entirely covered with high reliefs depicting parts of Dante Alighieri’s work, exclusively in Hell. The parallels between the symbolic meaning of sculpture, or the kingdom of darkness, and what is socially taking place in Italy had an immediate appearance on social media.

In the last days, a video of the YouTube channel “Libreria Esoterica Cavour” entitled “The gates of hell at the Quirinale” was broadcast on social media, in which a hypothesized relationship of an almost ritual is taking place between the ‘gate’s’ arrival into the heart of Christianity, even going so far as to hypothesize that the “Devil” himself will sit in Quirinale.

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Is the sculpture’s entry into Rome a fairly explicit subliminal message?

In any case, the event is fascinating many fans of esotericism and alarming the most fervent Catholics and religious. 

Rodin’s door to hell from Paris is brought to Rome, not surprisingly in front of the Quirinale. Among those who have a more metaphysical vision of this object, and those who consider it to be a simple work of art, there is space to many reflections.

It is clear that October 15 is some important day for the construction of Hell on Earth. It can also be assumed that in this process the dates 15.10.21 – 09.01.22 (that is, the opening dates of the exhibition) will play some key role. 

It is even possible that it is on October 15 that the gates to Hell will open a bit, allowing the world to take a glimpse, after which on January 9, 2022, the gates will be thrown wide open. 


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