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On February 10, a highly unusual “meteorite” over Alta, Norway has gone again back into space

Several residents of Alta in Norway noticed a fireball that appeared in the sky on Thursday afternoon. The Armed Forces rejected that it is about military activity.

On Thursday around 2.25 pm, a fireball appeared on the sky in Alta which swept through the atmosphere over the city at a speed of about 5-10 kilometers per second. Several eyewitnesses captured the incident on film.

The Norwegian press buzzed about the event, which forced various scientists and military officials to answer questions from journalists and give comments. The unidentified object was recorded by at least three cameras:

On one of the videos it is remarkably clear that the object is neither a meteorite, nor a satellite, nor even some kind of rocket. It consists, of three, rigidly interconnected parts, one of which resembles a fuselage, and two are engines placed in wings or something similar. 

Usually, UFO sightings resembling TR-3B’s are quite controversial and sceptics can always find faults with either the lack of HD resolution or other shortcomings such the absence of additional frames from other cameras. But here, the case of the UFO flight is evident. It remains only to find out who is behind this – green men or men in green, that is, the military? 

Gone out into space again

Press spokesman Preben Aursand at the Armed Forces’ operational headquarters (FOH) writes in an email to a newspaper that they are not familiar with the phenomenon, but that there is no talk of military activity.

“We have no green-lit, silent flying things with tails. So it is not us this time, Elisabeth Eikeland said”, major and spokeswoman at the Armed Forces High Command in Bodo to iFinnmark.

Kjell Boen, head of the science and technology department at Andoya Space, does not know what may have created the fireball, but thinks it may be a meteor or man-made space debris.

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“We have no activity that indicates rocket launch or anything else from here”, he said to Altaposten.

Steinar Midtskogen, camera manager at the Norwegian Meteor Network, informed Altaposten around 4.30 pm that they have not captured the fireball on film, but that they are investigating the matter further.

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“It must have come into such a sharp angle that it is conceivable that it has gone out into space again. We have received several eyewitness descriptions from both Alta and Lakselv”, he said.

“It is very unusual”, Morten Bilet in the Norwegian meteor network said to VG.

He says that a meteor usually goes out before it comes as low as it seems that the fireball is in the video.

As many as 40 small satellites launched by SpaceX last week were knocked out by a solar storm on Wednesday night and on their way to reaching Earth’s atmosphere where they will burn up.

“It is unlikely that it is one of the satellites to SpaceX. That space station does not go that far north, and thus it is probably unlikely that this is what has been observed over Finnmark”, Pal Brekke at the Norwegian Space Center said. (VG / NTB)


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