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On December 4, many UFOs appeared at night over the pyramids of Giza in Egypt

On December 4, many UFOs appeared at night over the pyramids of Giza in Egypt 1

Something strange happened in the sky above the pyramids of Giza, on the night of December 3, when luminous objects appeared in the sky – a large diamond-shaped one and several small ones moving near it.

Then from the large rhombus, dozens of small objects began to fly out, which immediately disappeared. Then the object seemed to suddenly engulfed in flames and broke up into a group of objects. 

A lot of videos were made, but they are all of the same type and we present only two – filmed from different angles and with different sound sequences, that is, so that there is no doubt about the work of some jokers in the video editor. The only question is: were they UFOs or some kind of drones? 

Objects do not exhibit any abnormal speeds, which always make it possible to unambiguously point to UFOs, however, this does not look very much like drones either – especially in light of what is happening these days in other parts of the world. 

Canada, 25 November 2020:

Canada, 28 November 2020:

Canada, 28 November 2020:

India, November 30:

Mexico, 4 December 2020:

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Moon, December 1:

Japan, December 1, 2020:

Indonesia, 3 December 2020:

Brazil, December 3:

It is nice, of course, to realize that we are not alone in the Universe and some ET’s are spinning under our feet, but what are they doing here? 

In Egypt, most likely, there were also some ‘visitors’, since approximately the same thing was observed the day before over Ohio, Oregon and Nebraska:

We do not know what the ‘aliens’ did over US, but Giza is, of course, a special place, where hybrids from aliens were traditionally preserved. 

This event was observed by many residents and, according to them, it looked very impressive. The main question is what was it?

It was not a drone show, there was no such show at that time, and what can be seen in the video does not correspond to the behavior of drones.

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It was not a parachutist show, because earlier, in the afternoon, on the same day, a parachutist show was held in the area of ​​the pyramids, which was officially held, but it was just a drop of parachutists who descended with the flags of Egypt to popularize tourism in the country.

On December 4, many UFOs appeared at night over the pyramids of Giza in Egypt 2

The only thing that is obvious is that the owners of this world seem to have returned and soon either the Last Judgment or something like that is planned. 


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