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Ominous Old Illuminati Card Game ‘Predicts’ 9/11, The New World Order and More

Ominous Old Illuminati Card Game ‘Predicts’ 9/11, The New World Order and More 1

‘Illuminati: The Game of Conspiracy’ is a card game produced by Steve Jackson Games that was originally released in the early 80′s. It was based on the successful book trilogy ‘The Illuminatus!’ and was supposedly designed to be a satirical, tongue in cheek take on the topic of global conspiracism, featuring opposing secret societies competing for world domination using various malevolent means.

You may well have heard of this somewhat sinister card game already, as there are plenty of online references to it on other alternative and conspiracy based websites, mostly due to it’s apparent prophetic content, which rather accurately details aspects of the illuminati agenda that we are now seeing playing out in front of us on a daily basis.

The makers of the card game, were, as mentioned above, influenced by the book trilogy “The Illuminatus!’ and prior to it’s release they also spent time researching the illuminati and various other conspiracy theories and so it’s no surprise that this kind of subject matter was used within the game. What is surprising however and perhaps even a little disturbing, depending on how you look at it, is how many of the events depicted in the game decades ago have now actually happened or are currently in the process of happening – things that the creators of the game could surely not have known about – or could they?

The first card in the game talks of rewriting history and depicts discarded books in a library or classroom environment. It is no secret that the government controlled education system and the mainstream media work exceptionally hard to shape the minds of the masses to fit with their manufactured version of reality. Many important histories are overlooked and events left unreported, while other, either false or far less important topics and events are given excessive amounts of focus, in order to engender bias towards the illuminati agenda.

The second card in the game is perhaps the most disturbing. Entitled ‘Terrorist Nuke’, it depicts two skyscrapers that look very much like the World Trade Center Twin Towers, exploding in exactly the same fashion as the first tower did when it was struck back in 2001. The description on the card says to play it any time you want to give 10+ ‘power’ or ‘resistance’ points to any violent group you control and of course since 9/11, the subsequent invasion of the Middle East has allowed the West to increase it’s power and resistance, in what has now been a 10+ year occupation.

Illuminati Card Game 9/11 Terrorist Attacks
9/11 Anyone?

Of course, it wasn’t just the World Trade Centre that was attacked on 9/11, The Pentagon was also struck (whether it be by plane or guided missile) and card number three just so happens to depict The Pentagon with a huge explosion emanating from it’s centre. Now considering when these cards were produced, this is either one honking great coincidental prophecy, or it is in fact the future plans of the illuminati being ‘hidden’ in plain sight, years in advance by the game producers who somehow had prior knowledge of their agenda. Even in a game based around global domination and conspiracy, could someone ‘accidentally’ depict these future events so accurately?

Strangely enough, there was a four paragraph introduction to the rulebook of the game which included the sentence – “Maybe the illuminati are behind this game. They must be – they are, by definition, behind everything.” Now of course back when it was originally released players of the game would no doubt have thought nothing of this except that perhaps it was a little fun to make things more exciting and authentic, however, the fact that events depicted in a game that openly declared the illuminati were behind it have now actually occurred, is hard to simply shrug off.

Illuminati Card Game Population Reduction
Favoured objectives of the Illuminati Agenda.

Bearing this point in mind, it’s worth taking a look at some of the other themes featured in the game that all bear significant similarities to the illuminati agenda and to events that can be seen happening around the world today. For example, there is a card that talks of population reduction – a major theme amongst so called ‘conspiracy theorists’ that believe the illuminati want to effectively cull the population to achieve a smaller, more manageable amount and the means by which this could be achieved are all eerily featured in the game.

Cards outlining disease epidemics and outbreaks depict vaccinations and quarantine, which could quite easily be linked to recent apparent outbreaks of illuminati created, lab engineered diseases such as bird flu, swine flu and the H1N1 flu virus strain that the authorities were ever so keen to have the population mass vaccinated against.

Weather manipulation and chemtrails are current ‘hot topics’ that an increasing amount of people believe are aimed at keeping the population in poor health and at ultimately, reducing their numbers and of course we have a card themed around this too, entitled; ‘International Weather Organisation’, which depicts an aircraft pulling a large grey cloud behind it which suspiciously resembles the scenes we are seeing in our skies today as aircraft leave trails which then quickly lead to heavy cloud formation that blocks out the sun and seeds persistent rainfall.

Chemtrails however, are a fairly recent ‘phenomenon’ and there wasn’t anything like the level of spraying we see today back at the time when the card game was being devised, so, is this just yet another random coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

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Illuminati Card Game Chemtrails & HAARP
Chemtrails & HAARP are fairly recent ‘phenomenon’.

HAARP (or the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is another recent subject of debate amongst global conspiracy believers as many think it is a new tool of the illuminati that is being used to manipulate the Earth’s ionosphere in order to trigger what appear to be ‘natural’ disasters, disasters just like the recent devastating Japanese Earthquake and subsequent Tsunami.

Unsurprisingly then, next up we have a card named ‘Earthquake Projector’ which shows some sort of energy ray pointing down at the earth triggering seismic activity but again, no such purported technology existed back when this card game was being produced, so I ask again – mere coincidence, or future illuminati technologies and events being predicted in the guise of a harmless ‘fictional’ card game?

There are many other topics also featured within the game such as ‘Market Manipulation’, which could easily be linked to recent stock market crashes and financial decline triggered by the illuminati banking elite and of ‘Sweeping Reforms’ which is classic terminology the government loves to repeatedly use in order to disguise their increasing cutbacks.

There’s then nuclear disasters, oil spills, an energy crisis, mind control of the masses, a black politician that looks suspiciously like Barack Obama and even a somewhat peculiar ‘Raining of Frogs’ card, yet even this could be likened to the recent mass deaths of fish in rivers and lakes around the world and of dead birds that suddenly started ‘raining’ from the sky for some apparently unknown reason.

Illuminati Card Game Nuclear Disaster
Japanese Tsunami & Fukushima Nuclear Disaster?

The game concludes with the cards depicting WWWIII, the end of the world and of course the New World Order – all themes that are being increasingly referenced and talked about in society today, that decades ago would not perhaps of been obvious things to use as subject matter.

So, was this game some sort sick joke, or even perhaps a warning about the future by people who somehow had insider information pertaining to the illuminati agenda, or is it just a series of non connected harmless coincidences? One thing for sure is that if it was indeed just a harmless bit of fun then the creators have some damn good prophetic talent that they will now most likely be aware of.

Illuminati Card Game New World Order
All events lead to the New World Order that ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been detailing for some time now.

In making up your mind, it’s also worth noting that you can only keep putting things down to ‘coincidence’ a certain number of times before you yourself begin to look foolish. People are commonly labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ for repeatedly questioning the status quo and doing their own research into world events instead of swallowing the corporate media’s biased spin, so conversely, shouldn’t people who are always shrugging things off as mere ‘coincidence’ similarly be pigeon holed as ‘coincidence theorists’?


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