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Ominous message on the US National Debt Clock website follows a series of strange signals around the world

Ominous message on the US National Debt Clock website follows a series of strange signals around the world 1
Flickr / Ars Electronica / Magdalena Sick-Leitner CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In anticipation of October 4th, for which FEMA has planned some unusual exercises, excessively worried conspiracy theorists about the forthcoming event, are regularly checking messages from NASA, USGS, military department websites, and so on. Of course, the sites of major stock exchanges are also under the microscope. 

Although some of these strange signals around the world may look like nonsense and cruel jokes, we are no longer surprised by anything in this madhouse.

And so, a very strange message suddenly appeared on the website currently reflects the state of public debt for all countries and people, as well as for the United States. America, of course, is at the very forefront and the message posted on the website reads:

Ominous message on the US National Debt Clock website follows a series of strange signals around the world 2

“And Jesus went into the Temple of God and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and Overthrew the tables of the Moneychangers.“

Thus quoting Matthew 21:12, which directly hints at the collapse of the entire global financial system. So now everyone is wondering: what is this message and why it suddenly appeared?

The first option being considered is that the site was hacked by the Chinese.

After the partial opening of the Iron Curtain in the 1970s, China has had access to Western technology and universities for 50 years, during which the Chinese have not come up with anything of their own. No scientific discoveries, no technologies. Even the topic of how to get money from investors and from one’s own population was invented by Charles Ponzi, that is, an Italian. And now, while the Chinese economic pyramid is falling apart, they are spoiling what they can do to smarter and more successful people who are supposedly superior to them. 

The second option is a worrying one. An option when the message was published by the site administration in the “only for our own” mode. It hung there for a couple of hours, so everyone who needed to see it saw it and it doesn’t just hint, but directly points to some kind of imminent catastrophe in the global banking system. 

The banking crisis is not a problem of the quality of credit conditions, but it is caused – now – by the inability to finance the ever-expanding US debt, which recently surpassed the dizzying amount of 33 trillion dollars.
Therefore,  pressure on the financial sector remains a threat as those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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In this context, one of the “Cassandras” of the markets, the well-known author Robert Kiyosaki sounds the alarm once again, urging investors to prepare for a Lehman Brothers type scenario.

And it’s not just the banks. A global economic shock has been caused by galloping commodity prices, which have soared due to rampant quantitative easing by central banks, the war in Ukraine and growing protectionism.

Without the required degree of initiation, we don’t know exactly what is there and why, so we recall the simple principle which says that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore, we think that it is wise to take some small preventive measures just in case – have cash in your pocket, food in the refrigerator and all that, so that later you do not have to stand in a hundred-thousand-long line for mess outside a soup kitchen. If the crisis is large-scale, that’s exactly what we will se. Therefore, we stock up for a couple of weeks and see how it progresses. 


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