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OMG!GMO (Monsanto Exposed)

GMO finally has the OMG (oh my god) effect

OMG !!! Since our initial “Need to Know” article on the subject of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) there has been a MASSIVE shift to the general “approach” of GMO and whether this is just “conspiracy” or “fact”… (see original article here)

Now, we must add that since the beginning for many of us this has never really been a question at all. However this is, or better said WAS, not so much the case for the larger public.

This has now finally changed and the term GMO has flipped to OMG!

For over two years now,
French researchers have secretly studied this subject and 200 rats were fed with transgenic maize and Roundup. Tumours, serious disorders and in general simply horrific results!!!

The results were shared publicly (just search the news for this and you will see) and at the same time completely exposed the GMO industry and in our opinion particularly Monsanto & Co.

Now, before we go into the “hard to swallow” results of the study, we feel the need to share some facts about Monsanto and its “roots”, for those that do not already know this…

The Monsanto Company is an American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. It is a leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand. Monsanto is also a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seeds.
Some have said, that it has been Monsanto’s aim to fully “own” all seeds across the globe and put it under a so called “copy right” agenda… making it illegal for a regular farmer to produce and harvest his own seeds for further re-production and forcing him to go through or via Monsanto or one of it’s manufacturers…

Monsanto’s history and roots. It’s actually rather disturbing to even allow such a company to be in partial control, let alone be involved in the production of food and nourishment.

However, here is a summary (as short as we could make it), all of this information is publicly available and acknowledged:

Monsanto was founded in 1901, by John Francis Queeny, a man who attended school for a full 6 years and is crowned a 30‑year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry…
One of the first products distributed by Monsanto was the artificial sweetener saccharin, which was sold to the Coca-Cola Company. Studies in laboratory rats during the early 1970s linked saccharin with the development of bladder cancer in rodents. As a consequence, all food containing saccharin were labelled with a warning. In 2000, this was then removed again, as new studies showed that rats are not all that alike to humans after all… oddly enough though; in the meantime it’s been made public that rats are the perfect test subjects, to compare and test the effects of a product on a human… but the labels have not been put back on…

In 1919 Monsanto expanded to Europe. Entering into partnerships with companies to produce vanillin and aspirin with its raw ingredient of salicylic acid and then later rubber processing chemicals.

Continuing on this nature friendly path, they ventured into basic industrial chemicals like sulphuric acid, PCBs and laundry detergent.

However, one of their really “great” achievements must be their involvement in the Manhattan Project, the development of the first nuclear weapons and, after 1947, the Atomic Energy Commission.

Monsanto also partnered with German chemical giant Bayer to form Mobay and market polyurethanes (flexible, high-resilience foam seating, wheels, tires, suspension, adhesives, synthetic fibres (e.g., Spandex), hard-plastic parts, hoses and skateboard wheels etc…).
Of course they did not stop there and started to produce insecticide (DDT) which was soon banned in the US due to its toxicity. The PCB’s (coolants and insulating fluids) that were being produced were also banned…

But to continue on a more “glories” path; Monsanto was also one of the most important producers of Agent Orange for United States Military operations in Vietnam. Agent Orange simply put was a herbicidal warfare program that killed or maimed an estimated 400,000 Vietnamese people and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of its use.

Moving on, an important advancement was made, by developing the compounds for  L‑dopa, which is currently the main drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease, but to be honest, not sure of how much of an improvement we have seen in that field…

On the other hand, Monsanto did become the first company to start mass production LEDs, which are not such a bad thing, from what we have gathered so far… we all saw some wonderful if not hypnotising demonstration and display of that at the 2012 Olympics

Now, just like that, Monsanto scientists became the first to genetically modify a plant cell in 1982 and five years later, Monsanto conducted the first field tests of genetically engineered crops.

In 1996 Monsanto purchased Agracetus, the biotechnology company that had generated the first transgenic varieties of cotton, soybeans, peanuts, and other crops.
Monsanto first entered the maize seed business when it purchased 40% of DEKALB in 1996; it purchased the remainder of the corporation in 1998.
In 1998 Monsanto also purchased Cargill’s seed business, which gave it access to sales and distribution facilities in 51 countries.
In 2005, it finalized the purchase of Seminis Inc, a leading global vegetable and fruit seed company. This made it the world’s largest conventional seed company at the time.
In 2007 Monsanto and BASF announced a long-term agreement to cooperate in the research, development, and marketing of new plant biotechnology products.

“Well DONE” Monsanto for all you achievements!

As an additional note to this, part of the current listed board of director’s members, in Monsanto listed on Wikipedia are: South Dakota State University, Connected Energy Networks at Cisco Systems, McDonald’s USA; Health Technology Networks, The Procter & Gamble Company.

Now to the Results of the French studies of GMO and Roundup:

First of it must be mentioned that one of the initial challenges was to get hold of GMO corn from any manufacturers… as Monsanto imposes that the corn must NOT be used for TESTING…

Also, the strain of GMO that was tested is that which is consumed mostly in the US but also the one that has been accepted for import into Europe.

The effects only started showing after month 4 of testing, all previous test run by Monsanto, usually ran for 3 months…

There were 6 times more deaths of the GMO rat groups compared to the controlled groups.

94% of the tumours found in the rats could be translated to 20cm and plus tumours in humans and typically found as breast cancer in a woman and kidney cancer in a man.

The major finding though, is the fact that, contrary to expectations, it wasn’t even so much the pesticides that seemed to have these terrible effects. But by interfering with the plants genetics which the rats consumed it obviously affected the rats and kill them. This lifts the thought that eating GMO food directly affected the rat’s genetics, being the real cause of these horrible deaths!

We suggest you watch this video though to see for yourself! You can find additional detail to the video at (also available in Portuguese and French).

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Fact or fiction

The dinosaurs probably looked very different

For many years, many artists and films have “recreated” dinosaurs based on their discovered skeletons.

Very little is known about dinosaurs. In particular, there is no practical information on what kind of skin they actually had, whether fully or partially covered with feathers, flakes or fur, what color they were.

In addition, based on fragmented skeletal bone findings, it is very difficult to understand how these animals actually moved and what was the percentage of their body fat.

Therefore, over the past decades, there have been cases where the tail parts are confused with the horns of the head. And a dinosaur, moving mainly on two hind legs, was described as walking on four limbs, etc.

The pictures below are examples of reconstructions of the appearance of the Megalosaurus, from an earlier to a later stage.

Because of all this, Turkish paleo-artist Cevdet Mehmet Kosemen decides to fantasize about “what will the look of modern animals look like if they are recreated mainly by their skeletons, as the dinosaur images are recreated“.

The drawings turn out to be quite daunting, and according to one commenter – “nightmarish“.

Pelican and stork

According to Kosemen, contemporary reconstructions of dinosaur appearance, especially in Hollywood films, are created by skeletons being simply “lined” with skin, without taking into account subcutaneous muscles, fat and other soft tissues.

For the first time, Kosemen’s idea of ​​doing something similar came to light when he saw an X-ray of a crocodile on which his skeleton was clearly visible. In fact, this crocodile was quite large, but if it had been designed exactly according to the skeleton, it would have been a completely different reptile.

Hippo Head
Rhino. The rhino has no horn, since such skeletons with horns and hooves are not preserved in the skeletons

Kosemen believes that bare teeth in the jaws of dinosaurs are the most common mistake of artists. In many predatory reptiles, the teeth are mostly covered and rarely seen.

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Fact or fiction

The Alien Monkey Case

Some cases illustrate how far a joke can go. If it was a joke, of course.

On the night of July 8, 1953, three American students, Edward Waters, Thomas Wilson, and Arnold Payne, were traveling by car on Highway 78 west of Atlanta. Suddenly, Waters saw someone on the road and was forced to stop abruptly.

The three boys had an incredible sight. Two short humanoid creatures stood in the way, and beside them lay a third being. At first glance, it was dead and wounded, as if hit by a car.

When the two living monkey-like humanoids saw the humans, they rushed to the red alien ship, which immediately flew out and disappeared into the night sky.

Shortly thereafter, the boys met Officer Sherley Brown. They told him what they saw, and when the officer went to the designated location, he found the dead body of a strange creature and a black burned circle of asphalt, apparently left behind by an alien ship.

This story immediately makes a lot of noise in the media and remains current for a few days. The three students were the center of attention of the journalists and gave many interviews.

The body of the strange little creature was transferred to a hospital. There, one of the doctors said that “it is definitely not from Earth“. Then the US Air Force became interested in the case.

Then, the body of the being was taken and given to Dr. Hermann Jones of Emory University and Professor Marion Hines. Soon, they announce the following:

“We cannot explain the lack of fur, but for all other reasons, we consider this creature to be a monkey and its characteristics are closest to that of rhesus monkeys.”

When these words appear in the media, the three students immediately acknowledge the fraud, and that this body is indeed a rhesus monkey.

It turns out that while playing cards, Waters bets $ 10 that he will make his photo appear in the newspapers in the coming days. Then he and two of his friends came up with a plan for how to do it.

They bought rhesus monkeys from a local pet store. To keep the seller silent, they paid him a generous amount. Then they killed the innocent animal, shaved his body with a razor, cut off his tail, and “artistically” laid him on the road to a certain place. Nearby, using a striking machine, they made the “alien ship trace”.

The monkey’s body is now in a museum

The court fines Waters $ 40, but then there are many calls from offended citizens who demand more, higher fines.

The reaction of the locals was so violent that Waters soon had to leave Atlanta and move to another city.

Many conspiracy theories have emerged for this story. In fact, in those days many people claimed to have seen strange lights and UFOs in the area. It was said that the three students were forced to “admit” that it was their “joke”.

Conspiracy theorists point to the rapid disappearance of the Waters, the main eyewitness. They think he may not have been hiding from angry citizens, but he was abducted by the FBI because he was a major eyewitness.


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Fact or fiction

Mysterious Ray of Light causes panic in Edmonton, Canada

On Wednesday evening 27 November 2019, the citizens of Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) were amazed by the presence of a gigantic ray of light that seemed to be projected by a huge sphere of light that was located near the oil refinery.

This mysterious ray of light caused panic among the people to attack the switchboards of the fire brigade and the police. According to local media, the strange phenomenon was seen for the first time around 7:00 pm and remained visible for hours.

As often as it happens with such events, many people have published photos of the mysterious pillar of light on social networks and have speculated about its origin. And among the most popular theories was that the lightning was evidence of an alien invasion.

However, the most skeptical, expressed concern that the strange light came from a disaster of some kind and continued to report it to the fire department, which offered an alternative explanation via Twitter for what people saw in the sky.

According to the official version, the ray of light was neither of extraterrestrial nor demonic origin and had a much less sinister explanation. The fire brigade then wrote on Twitter that: “it was established that it could be a controlled fire at the Imperial Oil refinery in Strathcona, which will continue for the next 48 hours”.

According to CBC News, it would have been a type of incineration used to safely burn additional gases that cannot be used. Strathcona is an oil refinery located just outside Edmonton. The refinery fire was to last 48 hours in total and could be seen west of Parkland County. Although some citizens of Edmonton thought it was an extraterrestrial activity, others knew exactly what was happening when they saw bright light in the sky.

But this explanation did not prevent some conspiracy theorists from insuring that it had nothing to do with the Strathcona refinery, since as a general rule any unusual activity in its facilities was communicated in advance. For what they believe the Canadian authorities are trying to hide what has happened, that the light beam is of extraterrestrial origin, be it a sort of signal or the landing of an alien ship.

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