“Old England” in agony: the end of the Windsor dynasty or could it all just be part of a new beginning?

All happy royal families are alike, each unhappy royal family is unhappy in its own way. As for the British royal family, it has been in such a fever lately that rumors are spreading throughout the United Kingdom about the end of the Windsor dynasty. It seems to many chaos had been in the making for a long time, and the death of Elizabeth set everything in motion

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, suddenly disappeared, and the publication by Kensington Palace of the first photo of the princess with children in the last two and a half months and with obvious traces of Photoshop only raised new questions. The Internet is simply bursting with speculation about her health. Even concerns about the condition of King Charles III, who is being treated for prostate cancer, have been pushed into the background.

The fact that the Duchess of York, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who was also diagnosed with cancer, fell ill after the king, did not shock the British as much as the disappearance of Princess Kate.

The last time the Princess of Wales was seen in public was on December 25, 2023, when she and her husband went to the Christmas service in a church located near their residence, Sandringham Palace.

On February 27, her husband Prince William unexpectedly refused at the last minute to attend the memorial service for his godfather, King Constantine of Greece, who died last January.

Kensington Palace told reporters that William would not attend for personal reasons. To allay suspicions that William’s refusal to attend his godfather’s memorial service was related to Kate’s health, the press service added that she “continues to feel well.”

“This chain of events appears to have created the perfect storm for speculation about Kate’s health and whereabouts to explode online,” writes Town & Country magazine.

“In response to rumors and conspiracy theories,” Kate’s rep told T&C: “In January, Kensington Palace clarified the timeline for the Princess’s recovery and we will only provide significant updates. This guidance remains in effect.” The palace previously said it would keep Kate’s diagnosis secret because “she hopes the public will understand her desire to protect her children from concern; and her desire for her personal health information to remain confidential.”

Hours after the end of King Constantine’s memorial service, Buckingham Palace announced that Thomas Kingston, son-in-law of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, had passed away in a shocking death at the age of 45.

A successful financier, Thomas Kingston was married to Lady Gabriella Kingston, née Windsor, a member of the British royal family, cousin of Elizabeth II and only daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, grandson of King George V and correspondingly cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Thomas Kingston was found dead in Gloucestershire on the evening of February 25th. On March 1, it became known that the cause of death was a head wound. Thomas had lunch with his parents before leaving the house and was found dead half an hour later in an outbuilding next to the house, senior coroner Katie Skerett said. There was a pistol next to the body.

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“Police are confident the death is not suspicious,” Katie Skerett said as she announced the launch of a formal investigation.

The London Evening Standard doubted that Kingston’s death was not suspicious and conducted a small investigation, which revealed that Lady Gabriella Windsor’s late husband was an inveterate ladies’ man. He had a passionate affair with Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, as well as Prince William’s former girlfriend Natalie Hicks-Lobbeck. In a word, he knew too much.

“Kingston married Lady Gabriella in a ceremony at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in May 2019 and the couple looked the picture of wedding bliss. The Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Harry were present at the ceremony, but Prince William was absent,” the publication writes.

Lady Gabriella, as journalists found out, also has a lot of skeletons in her closet. In 2018, a year before she married Kingston, Lady Gabriella’s former lover, Pakistani-born British journalist Aatish Taseer, wrote a sensational article for Vanity Fair alleging, among other things, that he and Gabriella had taken ecstasy at royal residences. and swam naked in the royal pool at Buckingham Palace. Taseer also claimed that “royals and Nazis go together like pancakes and caviar” and that Michael of Kent’s wife “once had two black sheep whom she named Venus and Serena after American tennis sisters.”

The piquancy of this whole story is given by the fact that soon after breaking up with Gabriella, Taseer married 32-year-old American lawyer Ryan Davis, “abandoning the niece of Elizabeth II for his old love.”

The dubious adventures of Lady Gabriella did not bother Kingston, and at the wedding he simply beamed with joy, notes the London Evening Standard, hinting that the deceased was a banal careerist, ready to do anything to join the Windsor family.

The British are sincerely alarmed that just a year and a half after the death of Elizabeth II, everything in the royal family has gone topsy-turvy, so that the question is seriously raised about the future of at least the Windsor dynasty and, at most, the British monarchy.

“Over the past few days, the smooth and happy transition from one reign to the next has been disrupted by a stream of bad news for the royal family,” writes Sky News columnist Adam Boulton.

Daily Mail royal columnist Richard Kay noted that “looking at the remains of our first family on display at Windsor [at King Constantine’s memorial service] this week, it was impossible to avoid the conclusion that the institution had suddenly become dilapidated.”

“The stability of the royal family appears to be under threat. Never in modern memory have members of the royal family had so many problems at once, with a king battling cancer, a princess stricken with an unknown debilitating illness and a prince disappearing without an explanation for his absence all contributing to a frenetic and dangerously unstable atmosphere,” writes Kay.

Meanwhile, mysterious and ominous events around the royal family began during the life of Elizabeth II.

Serving Queen Elizabeth II has become a deadly job in recent years. So, on April 9, 2015, the director of the Royal Art Collection, Moira Jemill, died under the wheels of a dump truck while she was cycling to work at St. James’s Palace. Black dump truck driver James Quatia was acquitted by the jury. And the truck driver who crushed to death Peter Fisher, Elizabeth II’s gynecologist, on August 16, 2018, when he, like Moira Jamill, was riding a bicycle to work at the royal palace, was not even detained by the police.

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In April 2010, as the Honorable Mary Morrison, a lady-in-waiting and chambermaid to Elizabeth II who has served the Queen since 1960, drove her car to Windsor Castle, steel rods of the protective barrier system rose from the asphalt and pierced the bottom of the car, jamming the gearbox. As reported by the Daily Mail, Miss Morrison drove forward, having received permission from the officer on duty, but for an unknown reason he pressed the button that controls the steel rods and raised them. The car was scrapped, and Mary Morrison escaped with a chest bruise. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the incident, without saying whether it was an attempted murder or a technical fault.

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On September 19, 2018, 81-year-old Mary Morrison and the Queen were walking down the stairs to the ballroom of Balmoral Castle, where a cocktail party for the castle guards was being held, Mary Morrison lost her balance and fell, almost knocking Elizabeth II off her feet, “flying inches from her and breaking her ankle,” a source told the Daily Mail.

The injured Queen’s maid was taken to hospital in Aberdeen, where an X-ray revealed she had a fracture. Despite the severe pain, the alarmed (!) maid of honor returned to the queen, who was “shocked and worried,” and accompanied Elizabeth, hobbling on crutches. Buckingham Palace refused to comment on this incident.

The staircase leading to the ballroom of Balmoral Castle has two flights. The first, leading from the palace corridors, is quite long, but not too steep. If someone slips and falls, they can simply slide down a few steps without much harm to themselves. But in order to “fly” up the steps, as the publication’s source said, a strong push is needed. The entrance to the staircase from the ballroom is not visible, so one can imagine a situation where someone strongly pushed the old maid of honor, going unnoticed not only by the security guards, but also by the queen, who walked ahead of Mary Morrison and did not see what was happening behind her.

On the last day of October 2018, the British Daily Mirror reported that Queen Elizabeth II plans to hand over the reins of power to her eldest son, Prince Charles, in three years. The Queen intends to retire at the age of 95, the publication writes, making her eldest son regent.

Previously, rumors sprang up like mushrooms after rain that Elizabeth intended to declare her grandson William, rather than her son Charles, as heir to the throne. All previous years, British tabloids claimed that the queen was tired of the scandals into which Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles were dragging her, and intended to pass the throne to her grandson. However, in 2018, Elizabeth II unexpectedly changed her mind and named Prince Charles as her heir.

The reason for the Queen’s change of heart, it can be assumed, was that Prince William had become too close to the financial magnates of the City of London. Back in 2005, William completed an internship in London banks, and he spent most of his internship at the largest British bank, HSBC Holdings Plc. and in the future did not break contacts with this second largest bank in the world.

Minority shareholders of HSBC (with the right to participate in the selection of the board of directors) are the world’s largest American investment funds BlackRock and Vanguard, which support the global policy of the US Federal Reserve, which for some time has come into conflict with the course of the British government and Buckingham Palace. This, most likely, was the reason that Prince William did not live up to his grandmother’s hopes. However, the interests of the City of London, of which William seems to have become a guide, have not gone away, as has the fierce behind-the-scenes struggle around the English throne, the victims of which could have been characters from the inner circle of Elizabeth II.

Almost immediately after the death of Elizabeth II, many publications appeared claiming that it would be more beneficial for the British monarchy if Charles III abdicated the throne in favor of the young and energetic William. To speak directly and bluntly, it would be more useful for the City of London and the global Finintern sharks behind it.

It is possible that the final scene in the abolition of the British monarchy or its transformation into an obedient servant of financial magnates is now being played out.

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PS. On March 10, a car crashed into the gates of Buckingham Palace, the driver was detained, and an investigation is underway. It seems that in the context of the above, this is far from the last “accidental” incident.

And as for the prophecy that the king will leave…

Nostradamus, a 16th-century French astrologer, foresaw royal unrest in his Prophecy. The forecast suggests that the king could abdicate the throne, with Prince Harry potentially taking the throne. Nostradamus mentioned that the “King of the Isles” would be “expelled by force” and replaced by someone unexpected.

Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, published his book Les Prophéties (Prophecies) in three parts, in 1555, 1557 and 1568. It is a collection of 942 poetic lines that supposedly predict future events. The part appears to concern the House of Windsor.

Nostradamus’ forecast about the Windsors:

In one part of the book by Nostradamus, who also predicted the attack on the Twin Towers, the assassination of President Kennedy and the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there is a prophecy that seems to point to the British royal family.

“The sudden death of the first person, it will change the course, one will be changed, and the other will be placed in his kingdom,” wrote Nostradamus more than 460 years ago.

Of course, the writing is blurry. but according to various interpretations, Nostradamus’ prophecy indicates that the British crown will not be able to follow its normal line of succession.

Ominous events will put an end to this, and a man who never expected to become king will rise to power. Some have speculated that it is Harry, Duke of Sussex, whose brother, Prince William, is currently first in line to the throne.

“A man will ascend the throne who never expected to become king,” you can read in “Prophecies.”

However, there is another prediction that could ruin the reign of King Charles III of the United Kingdom. According to it, three children will “destroy a nation,” and some experts point to Prince William’s children:

“Three beautiful children are born along the coast.

They will destroy the people when they reach adulthood. They will change the kingdom; you will no longer see it living or growing.”

As for Charles, the diagnosis has not been reversed.


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