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Ohio child battling cancer photographed with ghostly figure

Ohio child battling cancer photographed with ghostly figure 1

A family in Kirtland, Ohio is shocked this weekend after they noticed a strange figure in a photograph with their daughter. Erin Potter is seen in the photo with a ghostly figure beside her. Cleveland’s 19 Action News interviewed the Potter family on Friday regarding their experience.

At the time of the photograph, Erin was battling leukemia. In the photo, Erin is pictured running through the yard with sparklers. Next to her is a red figure that some people believe is the Virgin Mary. The Potter family also thinks the figure is the Virgin Mary.

“My reaction immediately, it’s Mary, they hear us, she’s there. I didn’t necessarily see it as a sign that Erin is fine and is going to walk out of this, but it’s a sign that we’re watching over her.” Erin’s mother, Jen Potter said in an interview that aired on Cleveland’s 19 Action News on Friday.

Erin was diagnosed with leukemia in February 2007. During her battle with cancer she has went through many bone marrow transplants. At the time the photo was taken, she was about to undergo her second transplant.

“She just continues to amaze me and she shows me what it is like to be strong, to take one day – one moment – at a time. To enjoy each day that she feels good. To love each second that she and her sisters are laughing. All of our girls are my source of strength. They remind me to keep looking up.” Jen Potter posted on her online blog.

“So you guys know people are going to be skeptical and that doesn’t necessarily bother you? You want people to believe whatever it is they want to believe when they see that picture.” 19 Action News Reporter Brian Duffy said when he interviewed the family.

“I know she’s not alone, I know we are not alone and people who don’t want to believe it, that’s okay. Whatever happened, you know something powerful and special was there with us. I definitely have my moments when I’m falling apart and I’m terrified and I literally grab my phone and I stare at that picture.” Erin’s father Kevin Potter said.

Erin Potter is currently free of cancer and her family believes that they witnessed a miracle.


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