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Off the wall scenarios about the sudden cause of the crimson sky over Munich at midnight

According to the German resource, on the night of January 6, 2023, at 00:20, the sky over Munich suddenly turned crimson red.

The photo was posted by Reddit user u/Sasuke794 on the social network’s Germany community, after which a long discussion broke out in his comments about what it was.

Some suggested that it was metal leaking from a smelter, others associated the phenomenon with greenhouses, the most radical citizens suggested that it was the eye of Sauron or something equivalent. There are even comments containing Zelda references, a reference to the death of the Pope and the assumption that this is a God-sent warning against the SPD.

However, everything could actually be much simpler but ultimately, the cause of the red sky is not entirely clear. 

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It is obvious that the Germans are now under the impression that the sky is illuminated either by this incomprehensible second object, or by one of its satellites. 

It may also be a byproduct of alien activity, who either lay out red carpets for the meeting of the Anunnaki, or prepare orbital defense, and build a red light corridor, where the arrived main owners of the planet will conduct educational events with all those dark forces who brought the world to the edge of catastrophe.

In any case, whatever caused the sky to turn red at midnight is just the beginning of new wonders in 2023. 

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