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October chequered flag: The 12-month period of global unrest could be at our doorstep

October chequered flag: The 12-month period of global unrest could be at our doorstep 1
Photo: Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

For several months now, the world conspiracy community has been in anticipation of some very, very bad events that will be global and will affect everyone. Rumors are very different, ranging from the fall of an asteroid and ending with the shutdown of banks, the Internet, electricity and other things, followed by the introduction of martial law.

Οn October 7, 2021, the Hawaiian authorities announced to citizens that military exercises of a large scale would begin on the islands, that planes would arrive in large numbers, the military of many countries will roam the islands, and so on. 

The island of Oahu, from where the maneuvers will begin, is a unique place on Earth in terms of the number of military bases per square kilometer. There are so many of them, more than anywhere else in the United States or anywhere else in the world. That is, the local population is used to planes and the military there.

And now these people are very surprised: why were they have been forewarned about the exercises? What does the warning about planes mean, haven’t they arrived there before?

The maneuvers could hypothetically be clear: if a crowd of tough survivalists is to arrive on the islands, then the military procedures will have to be hidden from the public eye. Therefore, the gossip is indirectly confirmed. 

Another interesting message comes from psychics and pastors. In fact, there are a lot of such messages – for the last three months they have been pouring out in enormous scales, but this attracts attention with an exact indication of the deadlines in which the emerging big bad blast should meet:

… I asked the Holy Spirit a question. What should they do right now, today? Answer: Get supplies of the things that you use or need. Buy extra food, water, pet food, hardware, whatever you think you will need for the next 12 months. Soon the shelves will be empty. Cars, make your repairs now. Anything you will need to use in the next 12 months. Share with your neighbor/barter for what you will need. Cash will become worthless. …

Thus, it is not very clear what to expect for the world later in October and whether to wait, but if something does happen, then the catastrophe will stretch for 12 months.


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