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Occultism and World Rulers

Occultism and World Rulers 1

Mystical knowledge originates in ancient times. Esoteric tradition speaks of the existence, from the time of Atlantis, of occult centers that controlled people and events with the help of black magic.

Occultism and World Rulers

These were secret entities that quietly, but quite actively intervened in the political and economic world processes. At the beginning of the XIV century, the French king Philip IV the Fair was defeated the Order of the Templars, which existed from the XII century and had great power and influence.

The kings were attracted by the innumerable wealth accumulated by the order. In addition, he considered the Templars to be dangerous to his power.

He was supported by Pope Clement V, and Chancellor Guillaume de Nogaret took up punitive measures. The most serious was the charge of practicing magic and witchcraft, heresy and Satanism. This was partly true, the Templars gained access to the secret teachings of the ancient Arabs, other esoteric knowledge, among which was black magic.

Under torture, they confessed to all their mortal sins. The leaders of the order ended their lives at the stake. Before his death, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar Jacques de Molay cursed his opponents – the king, the pope and the chancellor, as well as their entire family to the thirteenth tribe.

According to his prophecy, all three were to die within a year. These predictions came true, a year after the death of Molay, all three died. None of the sons of Philip IV, who died one after another, had male heirs.

The crown went to the side branch of the Capetian dynasty – the family of Valois. Misfortune overtook this family. Claims of the grandson of Philip IV on the daughter of King Edward III of England on the French throne spilled over into the Hundred Years War. In the end, this dynasty gave way to the throne of the Bourbons, who ended their days in the era of the French revolutions.

During the reign of the monarchs more than once the legend of the “curse of the Templars” surfaced. The French philosopher Rene Guenon identified four main occult centers that have the greatest influence:

• The “Egyptian” irregular freemasonry, the largest structure of which was the Order of Memphis and Mitzraam, which was led by Count Giuseppe Balzamo and brother Beddarid.

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• The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, which became the stronghold of European occultism and spiritualism, to which Dr. Papus belonged.

• The English Society of the Rosicrucians with the Golden Dawn order, under the direction of Mather. Their ranks included the poet Yeats, the writer Bulver-Lytton, the English politician Buchan and other famous figures.

• The Miriam Occult Society, which was led by Giuliano Kremerz, a practitioner of Hermetic Tantrism.

According to Genon, all these organizations were intermediaries between the outside world and black magicians of high rank.

In addition, the philosopher spoke of the existence of the “Seven Towers of Satan” on the planet, which corresponds to the seven black angels and evil spirits, the assistants of Lucifer. Two of them are located in Sudan and Nigeria in Africa, two in the Asia Minor countries of Mesopotamia and Syria, one in Turkestan and the last two in Russia, in the Urals or Western Siberia.

According to the French diplomat, a former student of the Buryat Lama, Dr. Badmaev, one of the towers located in Russia is located on the Ob, since the channel of this river, by its shape, enhances the activity of a certain type of demon.

Other information about the location of the “dark centers” of our planet is contained in the teachings of Agni Yoga. One of these centers is in Tibet. It is associated with the activities of one of the sects of the so-called “black Buddhism”, the Bonpo religion. The remaining centers are supposedly located in America and Europe. Agni Yoga is connected to Masonic lodges, Jesuit Orders and Satanist societies.

Esotericists assure that some of these secret structures, which relate to the bygone time, exist now. They claim that the Templar Order continues to operate, with its main residence in Paris and branches in different countries. It is still led by the Grand Masters.

The Zion Order, which arose simultaneously with the Templars, also had a great influence on the events of the era of the Reformation, Renaissance and Enlightenment. The networks of the most powerful occult centers are spread all over the world. They include psychics, magicians, parapsychologists, politicians and economists, representatives of special services, mafia structures and the banking elite.

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These organizations are trying to influence the majority of world processes by appointing their political proteges, establishing a cult of the new government, influencing people with the help of modern and ancient magic and parapsychology. Their goal is total, parapsychological control over human consciousness and the creation of controlled humanity.

The new world order, according to members of these unions, will create a “paradise on earth” and another Golden Age. It is possible that various authoritarian and totalitarian political systems based on the principles of human zombies, the emergence of messiahs (Hitler, Napoleon, Lenin, etc.), was the result of the latent activity of such “dark centers”.

But these centers are not interconnected. Each is led by a certain group with its own interests and goals, which makes it difficult to coordinate earth processes. But the energetic connection between them is observed on the astral, mystical level.

On the astral plane, dark forces comprise a single Black Brotherhood, which consists of demonic entities. These entities use occult structures for their evil designs. And at the head of the earthly and astral black forces, according to esoteric teachings, the “prince of darkness” is Satan, or Lucifer.


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