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"Devil's Mark": how to recognize a witch or a sorcerer by body marks 5


There are many mysterious marks on our bodies, in which lovers of the supernatural tend to look for and find a special meaning. They tried...

Satan is the Prince of this world, or why do we have a really bad life? 6


Perhaps the claim that our world is a kind of prison, as Shakespeare said through the mouth of Rosencrantz – where we are all...

Astrology and the Sun Signs 44 Astrology and the Sun Signs 45


In the earliest times, mankind has believed the sun, moon, stars, and planets were all divinities: gods or goddesses. For many centuries, men did...

A Short Guide to Palmistry 46 A Short Guide to Palmistry 47


Since antiquity,  there has been the belief that the lines on the palms of the hands indicate character traits of the person as well...

Nazi Gold “Spoils of War” 48 Nazi Gold “Spoils of War” 49


Financing an army can be very expensive. Cost of supplies, military equipment, weapons, and arms is the main lifeline in war, which can decide...