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Sirius - Black Sun. Opening a portal to the spiritual world 5


The Black Sun is the star Sirius, which has long been considered the brightest and most powerful of the stars. Sirius is a system of...

The startling revelations of an occultist: how does magic affect the history of the world? 6


Occultism is a broad term that encompasses many different practices and beliefs related to mystical and magical powers. The history of the occult goes back...

Black Cats and Witches 37 Black Cats and Witches 38


In some areas where people live, black cats that are completely black in fur, are a rarity, and this factor adds to their mysterious...

The World's Largest Ouija Board 53 The World's Largest Ouija Board 54


The Talking Board Historical Society set the new world record for the largest ouija board with the 9,000-pound OuijaZilla. The Schreck family with OuijaZilla,...

The Dreaded House of Boleskine 55 The Dreaded House of Boleskine 56


Near Loch Ness stands the dreaded Boleskine House of infamous Occultists and Rock Stars alike. Within lies a harrowing history of demonic madness. One...