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Halloween sacrifice in Seoul: Did the servants of darkness achieve what they wanted? 5


On the even of Halloween, Seoul turned into a real mass burial ground, or some believe, a place of ritual sacrifice. More than 150 people...

Disney released the first animated series about the adventure of the Antichrist 6


As Baron John Maynard Keynes noted more than a hundred years ago, demand creates supply. Therefore, if many people are terribly interested in the topic...

The World's Largest Ouija Board 19 The World's Largest Ouija Board 20


The Talking Board Historical Society set the new world record for the largest ouija board with the 9,000-pound OuijaZilla. The Schreck family with OuijaZilla,...

The Dreaded House of Boleskine 21 The Dreaded House of Boleskine 22


Near Loch Ness stands the dreaded Boleskine House of infamous Occultists and Rock Stars alike. Within lies a harrowing history of demonic madness. One...