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Baal - How the god who gives victories turned into a demon 5


The warriors standing in front of the sanctuary knelt down: “Give us victory, O mighty god! And if necessary, we will pay with our...

Dubai and its hidden magic: The economic miracle of the city of gold is not oil, but a magical artifact 6


Dubai is known for its architecture and construction records. Despite the belief that Dubai has grown on windfall oil profits, the city’s main source of...

The Qliphoth: powers of darkness 33 The Qliphoth: powers of darkness 34


Even if the dark and infinite ocean of non-physical reality escapes any attempt at mapping, the Qliphoth offer esoteric landmarks to those who venture...

Black Cats and Witches 74 Black Cats and Witches 75


In some areas where people live, black cats that are completely black in fur, are a rarity, and this factor adds to their mysterious...