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"Devil's Mark": how to recognize a witch or a sorcerer by body marks 5


There are many mysterious marks on our bodies, in which lovers of the supernatural tend to look for and find a special meaning. They tried...

Satan is the Prince of this world, or why do we have a really bad life? 6


Perhaps the claim that our world is a kind of prison, as Shakespeare said through the mouth of Rosencrantz – where we are all...

Cthulhu Church created in the USA 18 Cthulhu Church created in the USA 19


Anyone can become a priest of the church. In Phoenix, Arizona, the First United Church of Cthulhu appeared – a registered non-profit religious organization...

Occultism and World Rulers 31 Occultism and World Rulers 32


Mystical knowledge originates in ancient times. Esoteric tradition speaks of the existence, from the time of Atlantis, of occult centers that controlled people and...