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Baal - How the god who gives victories turned into a demon 5


The warriors standing in front of the sanctuary knelt down: “Give us victory, O mighty god! And if necessary, we will pay with our...

Dubai and its hidden magic: The economic miracle of the city of gold is not oil, but a magical artifact 6


Dubai is known for its architecture and construction records. Despite the belief that Dubai has grown on windfall oil profits, the city’s main source of...

The Hagley Woods Mystery 7 The Hagley Woods Mystery 8


On 18 April, 1943, four teenage boys from nearby Stourbridge, Robert Hart, Thomas Willetts, Bob Farmer and Fred Payne, were in the woods poaching....

The mystery of Rennes le Chateau 13 The mystery of Rennes le Chateau 14


Here are the basic outlines of the mystery of Rennes-le-Château. It was clear that Berenger Sauniere, the parish priest of the small village during...

The History of the Devil 20 The History of the Devil 21


The History of the Devil is wickedly good, informative and concise. A no-frills Welsh film produced in association with SBS Australia and distributed by...

Occult Swim 22 Occult Swim 23


Everybody’s favorite adult humor cartoon segment on Cartoon Network, better known as Adult Swim, seems to be showing a recurring pattern of occult-like symbolism...