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The Dark Conference of Satanists welcoming Hell: The Tearing of the Bible and the 'Unbaptism' 5


Hundreds of members of The Satanic Temple gathered in Boston this weekend for SatanCon, the largest Satanic gathering in history. Visitors tore up the...

Hierarchy of demons: who is responsible for what on earth? 6


All demons are divided into higher and lower, according to the hierarchy of demons based on Grimoire Verum (1517) and Goetia (1531). The three...

How Ouija Boards Work 7 How Ouija Boards Work 8


Apparently determined to ruin the late night fun of stoned teenagers everywhere, BBC Future says ouija boards have nothing to do with departed souls: The mystery...

The Highgate Vampire 26 The Highgate Vampire 27

Ghosts & Hauntings

The 1960’s saw a definitive resurgence of occult obsession in mainstream pop culture. Therefore, it is not surprising that a correlative influx of supernatural...