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Occult Swim

Occult Swim 25

Everybody’s favorite adult humor cartoon segment on Cartoon Network, better known as Adult Swim, seems to be showing a recurring pattern of occult-like symbolism embedded within some of their most popular shows. I will briefly look at the shows that have been the most obvious as well as the ones they do not expect you to catch.


Occult Swim


Occult Swim 26

The Venture Bros.

One of the more popular shows on Adult Swim, The Venture Bros. is a comedic version of the well known 1960′s Johnny Quest cartoon, which surrounds two brothers, whose father is a scientific genius, that are constantly fighting off mediocre villains with the help of their steroid induced bodyguard. Harmless right? We’ll this show has alot of occult/masonic imagery used quite commonly throughout the show.


Occult Swim 27

These 3 characters are known as the “Order Of The Triad”, comprised of a black magic warlock, a vampire slayer, and a Christian monk. This group is frequently seen throughout the show, provided as allies for the Venture Bros. when they need it. Now as you can already gather from the photo, there is a pyramid behind the vampire slayer (in their headquarters), but that’s not all. The “Order Of The Triad” has a symbol that they go by whenever they assemble. Guess what it is?


Occult Swim 28

“Order Of The Triad” symbol

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This is an obvious reference to the occult/freemason symbol of the illuminated pyramid with the all seeing eye of Horus.


There is also another group that makes occasional appearances on the show called the “Guild Of Calamitous Intent” comprised of every evil villain controlled by their secret leader known as “The Almighty Sovereign”. Here is a spoof of the group’s recruiting video:



The video is fan-made, but the audio is taken from an actual episode


Weird right? It get’s weirder. In episode 26, they explain the origins of this group and its previous members, one of them just happens to be father of the occult, satanist Aleister Crowley.

Occult Swim 29

Oh and the outlandish occult references in the show don’t stop there. Also in episode 26, they reveal who the “The Almighty Sovereign” is: rock singer and Crowley follower, David Bowie (played by Bowie himself).

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Occult Swim 30




Occult Swim 31

Moral Orel

Probably one of the most sac-religious cartoons I’ve ever seen. The show Moral Orel surrounds an innocent young boy named Orel that strives to be the perfect Christian amongst a very immoral hypocritical town called Moralton. Now aside from all the obvious Christian bashing that takes place in the show, there’s one character that brings out the shows’ occult influence.


Occult Swim 32

Coach Stopframe, a closeted homosexual that is in love with Orel’s father and just so happens to be Orel’s school coach. What makes this character very twisted, is that he prays to both Christ and Satan depending on his mood. In the episode, “Satan”, Coach Stopframe joins a satanic occult (who would’ve thought) and tries to sacrifice Orel as a virgin offering.


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And the list goes on………


Occult Swim 33


The Squidbillies
and on……

Occult Swim 34


and on…..


Occult Swim 35

The Daughter Of The Devil

and on……


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Occult Swim 36

The Minoriteam

and on……


Occult Swim 37

Sealab 2021

and on…….


You get the point. Adult Swim is obviously trying to push some sort of cultural acceptance toward the satanic occult and it’s practices. Make sure that you are aware of what you are watching everyday on television and the message that these programs are feeding you. Entertainment is always advertisement. But will you accept their product? That’s the question.


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