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Nuclear war in 2024: could another Simpsons prediction come true?

Nuclear war in 2024: could another Simpsons prediction come true? 1

The day before the announcement of Russian nuclear weapons testing, many were reminded of an episode of The Simpsons. The animated series’ writers have previously predicted world events, so the forecast of a nuclear war outbreak caused much excitement.

Media channels recalled the plot of an episode of “The Simpsons,” which made a prediction about current world events. According to the series, a nuclear war was to start on Earth on May 5, 2024. However, the scriptwriters had suggested that a nuclear explosion could occur in 2022, during the conflict with Ukraine.

Years ago, The Simpsons also predicted the start of a war in Ukraine: one episode featured a man with a Ukrainian flag and a machine gun, marked with the date May 5, 2022. That episode depicted the first nuclear explosion.

It was later revealed that the year 2022 was altered to 2024 in footage from the animated series, leading to the creation of this news and causing panic among many Russians.

Nuclear war in 2024: could another Simpsons prediction come true? 2
Source: footage from the animated series “The Simpsons”.

Why was the news received with concern?

On May 6, reports emerged that the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces was organizing extensive exercises to test the deployment of non-strategic nuclear weapons. The exercises will include participation from missile units, aviation, and naval forces.

Russian media stated that these exercises are a distinctive countermeasure to provocations from the United States and will reinforce the security of the Russian Federation.

There’s another threat

A nuclear explosion wasn’t the only peril that, according to The Simpsons’ writers, was supposed to strike Earth in 2024; a power outage was also foretold.

In the show, the protagonist starts to fear the apocalypse, so he constructs a bunker to protect his family and stocks up on essentials. Subsequently, a malfunction at the nuclear power plant leaves the city without electricity, causing widespread panic among the citizens. However, it is later revealed that the malfunction was localized, and the world was not at risk.

Some experts suggest that the show’s writers might have foreseen a severe magnetic storm capable of disrupting all electronic operations and the Internet. Indeed, such a threat exists: Scientists have reported on global warming, and on May 5, two of the most intense solar flares of the past decade erupted, with Earth beginning to feel the effects from May 8.

What else did The Simpsons predict for 2024?

For 2024, “The Simpsons” have made several predictions, including an AI robot takeover, virtual reality food, a baby translator, a black hole threatening Earth, hover cars, and advanced hologram technology. Additionally, there are speculations about a deadly solar storm causing a global shutdown, and other predictions such as Kamala Harris becoming the first female President of the United States, World War 3, and a zombie apocalypse.

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Additionally, the scriptwriters foresaw that the 2024 Olympic Games would take place in France, a prediction that materialized: the Summer Games are scheduled in Paris from July 26 to August 11.

The series also suggested that this year might see the reformation of the USSR, encompassing Norway, Sweden, and Finland, that Donald Trump would make another presidential run, and that the Russian Armed Forces would capture an American submarine. Among these speculations, only Trump’s presidential run materialized, with the election set for November.

Furthermore, the scriptwriters conjectured Joe Biden’s demise, speculating that the politician would pass away in 2024.

What events predicted by The Simpsons have already come true?

The popular cartoon series has been noted for its predictions that began materializing in the early 2000s. For instance, the scriptwriters alluded to the terrorist attack in the United States on September 11, 2001, when terrorists commandeered four passenger planes and crashed them into the Twin Towers, a tragic event The Simpsons referenced four years prior.

In 1993, the writers seemingly foresaw the coronavirus outbreak, and in 2001, they hinted at the war in Syria that erupted in 2011. The series also anticipated the release of the Apple Watch and the construction of the Shard skyscraper in London in 1995, both of which materialized 14 years later.

The prediction of Donald Trump’s presidency, depicted in the show 15 years before it occurred, is also well-remembered. Additionally, The Simpsons foresaw Germany’s victory in the World Cup just a few months before it happened.

With over 20 events predicted in the show that later unfolded, it’s understandable why some viewers might feel anxious about the series’ portrayal of a nuclear war.


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