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Nuclear war and a US Coast Mega tsunami scheduled for November 3, 2023?

Nuclear war and a US Coast Mega tsunami scheduled for November 3, 2023? 1

Ten years ago, an intriguing marketing video appeared online and began to spread virally. Conspiracy theorists have been puzzled over it for all these years, but the only thing that is more or less clear and obvious is the text at the end of the film, written in reverse order: RUN AWAY SECTOR NY WATER.

The name of the video is ‘231134421 BE READY’ with an intro quite in the spirit of the text: clock, yin-yang, water, Earth, electricity:

Nuclear war and a US Coast Mega tsunami scheduled for November 3, 2023? 2

Many have tried to decipher this, but it seems, and as The End Times Forecaster writes, everything is simpler than it seems:

23 = 2023
11 = November
3 = day of the month, i.e. November 3rd
44 = 44th week of the year; October 29, 2023 to November 4, 2023 will be the 44th week of 2023.

The only undeciphered number is 21 and what it means is not clear. But it can be assumed that from the designated date of 03/11/23, 21 days of some dramatic events will pass, during which the world will turn upside down or even turn into dust. 

As it is not surprising, but for the same period, Alexa’s Artificial Intelligence predicts the Third World War. It will begin with the fact that Russia will launch a nuclear strike on Germany:

While many see the AI ​​predictions as a joke, Alexa almost accurately predicted the date for the invasion of Ukraine, which was February 22, 2022. And now a new prediction appeared regarding Germany. 

After modeling the situation, The End Times Forecaster suggests that on November 3, 2023, a giant wave that arose for no apparent reason will wash away New York – as the movie 231134421 BE READY warns. 

Further, understandable panic and confusion will begin in the world, during which Russia will decide that the United States has retired and the Pentagon is now not up to any counterattack. In the light of this military hypothesis, a nuclear strike will be inflicted on Germany.

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