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“Now is not your time”: a man who died for 20 minutes claims to have been to heaven

"Now is not your time": a man who died for 20 minutes claims to have been to heaven 1

We are used to hearing about long white tunnels when people have a near-death experience, but one person claims that he was directed by God to a meadow where he watched his life – before he was sent back to Earth. It is reported by the ” Daily Star “.

The man, who died on the operating table within 20 minutes, vividly described how we were taken on an incredible supernatural journey before his soul seemingly returned to his body.

Scott Drummond was 28 when he sprained his thumb in a horrific ski accident.

But the routine surgery to restore his finger to full function went completely wrong when the nurse groped for the tourniquet.

Scott, now in his 60s, struggled to hold back tears as he remembered the moment he watched the nurse run out of the operating room yelling, “I killed him!”

Opening publicly for the first time, he said:

“I had a feeling that something was going up my arm and into my heart, and the next thing I realized was that I was above my body and watched the operation.”

However, despite the odd vantage point, Scott said that he is not alone and can feel a “person” next to him.

Now he believes that this man was God.

Seeing the nurse’s desperate exit and a cry for help, Scott said that his faceless guide suddenly carried him into a field full of gorgeous flowers and waist-high grass.

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“I knew the man who accompanied me there, but he was gone and I was alone, but it was so peaceful.”

Scott remembered feeling a deep sense of peace when he saw a white cloud pass by.

Suddenly he said that he started watching videos of his life from the day of his birth to that moment.

He saw everything he did in his life, good and bad, as if he was being judged for what he had done.

Scott said, “I remember that some were in pain. Some of them made me feel good. But that was what it was. I knew I needed to do better in my life.”

Everything becomes even more surreal. Scott said that his guide telepathically instructed him to get up and walk towards the cloud.

Here a strong hand reached out to him through the cloud, and he was told:

“It is not your time yet. You still have a lot to do.”

When he extended his hand back, he returned to his body.

Later, Scott admitted that he did not want to return to the world of the living, because what he saw and experienced was simply too beautiful and serene.

He was amazed to learn that he had been dead for 20 minutes – and from that moment on, he began to live in a completely different way.

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