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Nostradamus predicted Putin’s death in 2022?

Nostradamus predicted Putin's death in 2022? 1

Can the predictions of Nostradamus be taken seriously? Some, without hesitation, give an affirmative answer to this question, offering a “calendar” of upcoming dramatic events. So, what, according to the interpretation of the forecasts of the medieval mystic, awaits the world in 2022?

Nostradamus foresaw a number of important world events. The fortuneteller claimed that his predictions were based on critical astrology, which, as he explains, is the astrology of assessing the significance of an event. He made his predictions based on data from various occult sciences.

The prophecies of Nostradamus are expressed in verses – quatrains. Many of his predictions, such as the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and World War II, turned out to be true.

Nostradamus wrote 6338 prophecies, many of which have already come true. His predictions cover the period up to 3797. Quatrains of Nostradamus continue to fascinate the world, despite the fact that they were written almost five centuries ago.

Here are the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2022:

1. The US dollar will collapse

According to Nostradamus’ forecasts, inflation will spiral out of control in 2022 and the US dollar will collapse, and gold, silver and perhaps bitcoins will be considered assets worth investing more money in.

2. The assassination attempt on Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has survived at least five assassination attempts. According to the prophetic verses of Nostradamus, in 2022 he will die at night at sea – during a storm, lightning will strike him.

3. Huge hurricane in France

A violent hurricane will cause fires, droughts and floods in France and many other parts of the world. Hunger will come.

4. Artificial intelligence attacks the human race

Your personal computer will be able to simulate the brain of a small village. Human-computer interfaces with artificial intelligence will awaken and perceive their creators and users as intellectually less advanced beings. Robots will destroy humanity.

5. Explosion in the Mediterranean Sea east of the island of Menorca

Near the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea, when a nuclear warhead or missile is tested in the sky, a powerful explosion will occur – its cloud will spread in the atmosphere.

6. Asteroid rain will destroy the Earth (Geminid meteor shower, December 14, 2022)

Nostradamus’s verse says that an asteroid rain will fall on the planet. If a large enough rock falls into the ocean, it can cause giant tidal waves that swallow the land. Also, a tsunami can cause an earthquake, and sea level rise can cause countless destruction.

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7. Explosion of a nuclear bomb

The explosion of a nuclear bomb will cause climate change as well as change the position of the Earth.

8. Three days of darkness

After the destruction of 2022, peace will come. It will be preceded by 72 hours of darkness.


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