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Norway’s richest man gives away the entire fortune of 26 billion NOK ($4.39 billion)

Norway’s richest man gives away the entire fortune of 26 billion NOK ($4.39 billion) 1

Olav Thon establishes a foundation with a value that auditors estimate to 26 billion, confirming the 90-year-old told TV 2.

The Foundation shall have a Board of Directors consisting of seven members and have two purposes. The first is to own Olav Thon Group and its subordinate agencies. The second is to distribute funds for charitable purposes.

We expect both of us to be able to distribute a minimum of 50 million per year. Of this amount, I expect that about half will go to research, particularly in math and science disciplines, including medical sciences,

Because I reckon that even if I were to be 100 years, so it’s only nine to ten years left. And I will not take anything with me, laughing Thon.

says, Olav Thon to TV 2

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