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North America UFO Invasion: Downed objects in joint US-Canadian operation ‘not of this planet’ as long as there are no convincing answers

The mystery remains as two Unidentified Flying Objects were recently shot down within 24 hours distance in Alaska and Canada by American F-22 fighter jets operating jointly with Canadian CF-18 fighter jets. The US Air Force has not given any convincing explanation as to what the mystery objects flying over US soil were. Until they do, strong rumors are fueled that these unidentified objects might not even belong on this planet.

‘We’re Tracking Two’ Says NORAD – They’re Not Balloons

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has announced that it is tracking one or two similar Unidentified Flying Objects after the downing of a UFO over Alaska without specifying what they are. 

The information was confirmed on Saturday by NORAD, which covers the US and Canada. Although they did not go into more details, they confirmed that it is moving at a high altitude in the northern part of the country.

Yesterday the US had shot down an unidentified object over Alaska and a week earlier a Chinese weather balloon that had crossed the US to the Atlantic Ocean.

Size of “a small car”

An unidentified object was shot down today Friday by the US Air Force as announced by the Pentagon, following the order of President Joe Biden and with the White House confirming the incident.

According to the New York Times, White House spokesman John Kirby confirmed the downing of the object over Alaska at a press conference.

For their part, US officials said it was unclear whether the object was a hot air balloon but it was traveling at an altitude that made it a potential threat to aircraft full of civilians.

Joe Biden ordered the downing of the unidentified object “out of an abundance of caution,” John Kirby said, adding that the object came down over water off the coast of Alaska.

He pointed out that the object was flying at 40,000 feet (about 12 kilometers) and that they called it an “object” because they couldn’t make out what it was.

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“President Biden ordered the military to shoot the thing down, and they did,” John Kirby told reporters, adding that a US Air Force fighter jet was involved in the shoot-down operation.

At the same time, he explained that the object was the size of “a small car”, much smaller than China’s spy balloon, and that an operation would be set up to recover it. 

All of this happened less than a week after the uproar in the US over China’s spy balloon. The balloon crossed most of the country, before it was finally brought down and recovered by the US authorities.

ABC News and specifically the head of Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz was the first to report that the fighter pilots who rushed to encounter the UFO had the impression that it had no propulsion system!

It was even described as “cylindrical and gray” and looked like it was floating, according to a US official. However, F-22s are not ordered to shoot on target for no reason.

This was followed by official US responses that cast more “darkness” instead of “light.”

“We call it an object because that’s the best description we have right now,” he said. “We don’t know who owns it, whether it’s government or corporate or private,” said US Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

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In a separate update, Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick S. Ryder. said the object was shot down by an F-22 fighter jet outside Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska.

“The important thing to understand about this is that whenever we detect anything, we notice it and then take appropriate action. In this particular case, [the object] was flying at an altitude that posed a reasonable threat to civil air traffic and the President decided to shoot it down. We will remain vigilant about our airspace,” he added.

In short, the US military is unaware what it is that they shot down. If it was Chinese or Russian they would have no problem saying it. But here things change.

Second downing over Yukon

Another Unidentified Flying Object was shot down, this time in Yukon, Canada by an American F-22 fighter jet operating jointly with Canadian CF-18 fighter jets. It is the second to be shot down within 24 hours.

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“Following a communication from T.Trudeau and T.Biden, NORAD fighter jets were authorized to jointly attempt to shoot down the ‘object’ spotted over northern Canada today. Two F-22s from the Elmendorf Richardson base tracked the “object” with the help of flying tankers. Canadian CF-18s and CP-140s later joined the formation. An F-22 shot down the object with an AIM-9X missile over Canada’s Yukon Territory on Saturday.”

Canada closed its airspace over parts of the Yukon around 4:50 p.m. (local time) due to an “active air defense,” and five minutes later, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed that he had “ordered the downing of an unidentified object that violated Canadian airspace. Canadian and US aircraft and a US F-22 were involved in the mission to bring down the object which was successfully completed,” Trudeau tweeted.

He did not reveal any information about the nature of the object or where its debris landed, and did not describe the operation or munitions used to bring it down.

Earlier in the day, security sources had told Canada’s Global News that at least one new airborne object was being tracked by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the North American air defense command that covers the US and Canada.

Here it is interesting to note that a few months ago the American Space Agency (NASA) announced that it had created a 16-member committee to study ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), as the new name for ‘Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)’ is – in other words of possible extraterrestrial beings that may be visiting our planet.

The commission, which includes renowned scientists of various specialties (astronomers, physicists-astrophysicists, oceanographers, IT specialists, etc.), headed by astrophysicist David Spergel, president of the non-profit Simons Foundation, will begin its work on Monday 24 October.

The goal of the committee, which also includes former American astronaut Scott Kelly, is to investigate objects or events in the sky that cannot be identified with either aircraft or natural phenomena. The committee will only review unclassified information and reports, so it will not have access to sensitive military data.

NASA: findings of the scientific committee on UFOs are expected in mid-2023

In 2021 the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a report stating that there is no satisfactory explanation for 143 of the 144 UAPs reported since 2004.

The discovery of thousands of exoplanets (some with possibly hospitable conditions for life), continued reports around the Earth of sightings of unexplained objects or phenomena in the sky, and the release of related videos for the first time by the US Pentagon have reignited the debate and interest in the UFO/UAP issue.

The “2022 Annual Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Report” was released by the Pentagon’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence ( ODNI ) on Thursday (Jan. 12) after a months-long delay.

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Since it was established last summer, the AARO Office has received 366 reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (or UAP — essentially the military term for UFOs).


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