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Nokia CEO in Davos: By 2030, smartphones will be “integrated directly into our body”

Pekka Lundmark, CEO of Nokia Telecommunications Equipment, said that commercial use of sixth-generation (6G) communications networks will begin in 2030 with the adition of portable electronics and implantable chips which will basically replace smartphones.

He did not clarify exactly what he meant, but it is possible that we are talking about electronic implants, such as those developed by Elon Musk’s Neuralink. In a broader sense, we can assume these are microchips designed to be implanted in fingers or other parts of the body.

Every statement of high rank tech moguls is designed to integrate futuristic plans in the collective subconscious in order for them to be passed more easily to the individuals and to be implemented in the material field, defeating any available society defenses.

The Nokia boss was asked at the World Economic Forum in Davos when he thinks we will switch to face glass, a laptop in the form of smart glasses and edge computing, which means that information is processed electronically.

Smartphones, smart speakers and security cameras can process increasingly complex information on their own. This is also known as edge computing.

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When asked about the 6G technology, he said:

“For a start, I think this will definitely happen,” Lundmark replied. He said that we will move to 6G around 2030. “Until then, the smartphone as we know it today will no longer be the most used interface. “Many of these things will then be incorporated directly into our bodies.”

In the 6G era, according to the Nokia boss, we can expect very clear holograms. 

“We could then have this meeting when we were actually in different parts of the world.”

Lundmark also said that by 2030 there will be a “digital duo of everything” that will require “enormous computing power”. According to him, in order for data to be transmitted to Metaverse, networks must be 100 or even 1000 times faster than the ones we have today.

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