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Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier: “Covid strains are the result of mass vaccination.”

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier: "Covid strains are the result of mass vaccination." 1
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It is now pointless to deny that the question of whether or not to be vaccinated against covid has split society in a way that even politics has never been able to do. Go to any forum or comment thread dedicated to coronavirus vaccines and see for yourself.

Anti-vaccineers – now called anti-axers in the latest fashion – are stigmatized for putting the health of others at risk, not to mention their own, and label them right off the bat, including cute words like “savage” and “foolish” even the softest.

In response, anti-vaccines refer to the fact that all vaccines were in fact developed in a hurry, that their effect has not yet been sufficiently studied and that, finally, in a capitalist society, the production of any means that involves widespread use promises huge profits. 

In general, the position of the anti-vaccine remained the position of a loner opposing a society gripped by fear – and all the more unexpectedly came the voice of Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel laureate, French virologist, who, among other things, discovered the AIDS virus.

Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier: "Covid strains are the result of mass vaccination." 2
Dr. Luc Montagnier. Photo: AFP

It is worth saying that the position of Professor Montagnier in relation to the SARS-COV2 virus from the very beginning did not cause the enthusiasm of his colleagues. First of all, he argued (and continues to argue) that the virus was not created by nature, but is the work of human hands. 

More precisely, it was created in a Chinese laboratory in the same Wuhan, where, according to the prevailing legend, a visitor to the market of exotic products unsuccessfully feasted on a bat.

For the French authorities, such conversations are unpleasant for the simple reason that this laboratory (like many facilities in Wuhan) was built by the French, hoping to operate it together with the Chinese, but they did their own way, in Chinese: they used stupid and greedy capitalists, carefully squeezed them out of the case and began to use the laboratory alone. Nevertheless, Wuhan in China remains a zone of French interests, primarily economic, and no one wants to spoil relations with China because of Professor Montagnier’s statements.

A few weeks ago, Professor Montagnier gave a new interview, in which, firstly, he spoke extremely sharply about the idea of ​​universal vaccination in a pandemic and, secondly, he “ran over” the Pfizer vaccine. With this 11-minute interview, very curious things began to happen: it was either sawed from everywhere, then returned under pressure from the public, then it was sawed out again. Since it turned out to be impossible to completely silence the Nobel laureate – and, whatever they say, a respected person – they used a tried and tested method: a lie.

Montagnier gave the interview in French, and soon in the English-language press all sorts of supposedly wild quotes from him began to appear, which, of course, were successfully refuted by the authors of the articles as ridiculous and not worthy of attention. Along the way, these authors hinted at the venerable age of Montagnier – 88 years old – and that no one has supposedly listened to him for a long time. The purpose of these publications, of course, was to undermine the speaker’s credibility.

After listening to this interview in the original, I can only say one thing: age does not prevent Professor Montagnier from clearly articulating his thoughts and talking, among other things, about the mechanism of the virus multiplication, citing many scientific terms.

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To the interviewer’s question: “Where do the virus strains come from?” the answer immediately follows:

– It’s very simple: they arise from vaccination . The coronavirus has a tremendous ability to mutate, like other RNA viruses – take, for example, the influenza virus.

And further, developing his thought, Montagnier says:

Universal vaccination is a huge mistake. This is a scientific error and a medical error, so to speak. What is happening is completely unthinkable, and one day you will have to answer for it. It is vaccination that spurs the creation of new strains of the virus. The Chinese virus collides with the antibodies created by the vaccine, and it has two paths: either to die, or to look for a way to bypass the vaccine. The new strains are the virus’s response to vaccination.

You can trace across the country how the wave of vaccinations and the wave of deaths coincide. I keep track of cases of people getting vaccinated and still getting sick. And I’m going to prove that this virus, with its mutation ability, can withstand vaccination.

– If tomorrow you are obliged to get vaccinated, what will you do? – the journalist asks.

– I will refuse to be vaccinated. “And Professor Montagnier, along the way, explains why, in his opinion, the Pfizer vaccine is unsatisfactory, and not only because several thousand deaths have been officially registered from its consequences.

Also, Professor Montagnier repeats the thesis about the man-made nature of the virus:

“This virus is a chimera. It was created artificially on the basis of a natural base ”.

In a previous interview, the professor called the creator of the virus “the sorcerer’s apprentice”, hinting that the author was not very competent.

For obvious reasons, Professor Montagnier’s speech became extremely popular among anti-inoculants, and since cutting a video from everywhere only contributed to its popularity (after all, the entire Internet cannot be controlled), journalists and scientists who joined them had to present their arguments in response to the arguments Nobel laureate. And such arguments were found.

First, it cannot be denied that deaths from covid have dropped significantly since the start of vaccination. Yes, there are statistics on deaths after European vaccines (the figure was 10 thousand in the interview), there is information on thrombosis and various unpleasant consequences, but it is understood that this is nothing and this can be neglected.

Secondly, in terms of strains, it is believed that the English version of the coronavirus, later named alpha, appeared in the UK in September, while vaccinations started there about three months later. The Brazilian strain also appeared in the respective country even before the start of universal vaccination. The same can be said for the delta strain, which was first isolated in India in October 2020, and vaccinations only began there in January.

But scientists especially did not like Montagnier’s version that the virus will seek to bypass the vaccine, increasing and becoming more and more dangerous. (* Note. This confirms the experience of Israel, the UK, Malta and other countries where more than 60% of the adult population is vaccinated!) Vincent Marshall, professor of virology at the Sorbonne, insists that mutations occur chaotically, and not as a response to a vaccine. 

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Catherine Hill, an epidemiologist at the Gustave Russi Institute, echoes him:

“The virus mutates without any purpose, after which natural selection mechanisms come into play, and one of the strains survives and spreads due to its advantage – for example, if it is more infectious than the previous ones. But it has nothing to do with vaccination.”

And it seems that everything looks logical, but only yesterday the head of the WHO Herbeisus suddenly, for no reason at all, announced that a new strain may appear that will bypass the created vaccines. But so that it does not arise, everyone urgently needs to be vaccinated, and then general happiness will come.

But it does not come out urgently: in the West there is not enough vaccines, we have enough for now, but the people are not burning with enthusiasm, and not at all because they do not trust scientists and even the whole head of the WHO. 

The fact is that in general, mistrust of new vaccines is superimposed on the general belief that in principle nothing good can be expected from the governments. Since “they” are pushing the vaccine by all means, it means that they are again sawing money, and “we” will rake the consequences at our own expense. Therefore, the attitude towards vaccination is appropriate. And in the foreseeable future, it is unlikely to change.

The experience of Israel as well as Great Britain, Malta, Laos and other vaccinated countries confirms the words of Luc Montagnier.

Coronavirus in Israel: the number of seriously ill patients is growing rapidly, many are dying. (90% vaccinated!)

According to the Ministry of Health, there are 31,736 registered carriers of the Wuhan coronavirus in the country as of Saturday evening (28,329 on Friday).

The number of seriously ill patients is growing rapidly. Now there are 324 of them, while on Friday there were 271. The condition of 71 people is defined as critical – this means that the patients are actually dying.

Source: https: // …

The World Bank has identified funding for the Covid 19 pandemic until 2025. If Covid 19 naturally fell ill with 60% of the population, it would weaken like other influenza viruses and turn into a common acute respiratory disease. We would get real herd immunity. 

Therefore, vaccination was imposed to extend the pandemic until 2025, while the World is being reformatted under its cover. Luc Montagnier explained where more and more infectious strains come from, the virus fights for life with the vaccine and successfully bypasses it. That is why they so persistently force us to vaccinate and have already started talking about revaccination.

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