No “expert” can give a clear answer so denial has stopped: ‘Skeletons of giants’ in Nevada intrigue archaeologists

Archaeologists have long been baffled about claims that a group of long-lost giant beings, up to 10 feet tall, once lived in the southwestern U.S.

“Oversized human skulls, 15-inch sandals and huge handprints have been uncovered in excavations inside a cave in Lovelock, Nevada, over the past century, which have continued to pique the curiosity of scientists and the public,” international media reported.

The claims about these “Lovelock Giants” came from Native Americans telling stories about a brutal race of pale-skinned invaders waging war against local groups, before eventually being trapped in a cave and exterminated.

Some archaeologists believe that the whole story is likely an exaggeration of events or even a pure hoax, but some of the evidence continues to encourage the remaining proponents of the finds.

It all started when a pair of miners first discovered the giant “relics” in 1911. They were there in search of guano, bird or bat droppings, which had long been a valuable source of fertilizer and a component of gunpowder.

But as they dug deep into guano, these seekers found more than they expected: over 60 extremely large human skeletons: between seven and eight feet tall.

“One of his great finds was a skeleton, found about twenty miles south of Lovelock, Nevada, showing that the body frame of which was exactly seven feet, seven inches tall,” according to John T. Reid’s 1935 biography, a mining engineer working in Lovelock.

He is one of the giant men” of an ancient race whose skeletons were discovered in Central Nevada.

Another curious find was a handprint seemingly carved into the stone that looked twice the size of an average human hand.

Reports from these excavations seemed to increase the size of the giants: By 1931, they were reportedly 8.5 and 10 feet tall.

Although their existence may remain a mystery, oral tradition may offer some clues. Paiute tribes native to the area tell stories about a group of barbarians called Si-Te-Cah, a group that allegedly moved to the area 3,000 years ago.

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According to Paiute mythology, the Si-Te-Cah then began to fight against them and also had red hair.

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Testimonies from the 16th-century Spanish conquistador Pedro Cieza de León seemed to confirm the existence of a wild and mysterious group of red-haired barbarians.

Some researchers believe that the height of these “giants” was greatly exaggerated, and that they were actually red-bearded Vikings who actually sailed to the shores of the Americas centuries ago. To the short Indians, the tall, pale-skinned and red-haired Vikings might well have seemed like real giants.

But if they were “only” Vikings, why is there so much mystery surrounding the giant Nevada cave skeletons? Where did these skeletons go? In modern times, the Historical Museum in Winnemuck, Nevada, houses most of the artifacts found in Lovelock Cave, including large sandals. But there are no skeletons.

And they weren’t just found in Nevada — in the 19th century and early 20th century, they were found in New York, as well as Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, California, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. Some skeletons were photographed before they disappeared.

Giant human skeletons are old news

The news about the renewed interest of archaeologists in giants is not big news for conspiracy theorists, since everyone already knows that such giants existed, and not only in Nevada.

For example, during the Third Reich, German saboteurs sailed a couple of times into Mexico on submarines in order to rob local museums where the skeletons of these giants were kept. And then the traces of the giants were lost.

In Yellowstone, giant traces were also found:

And although the handprints here are much larger than the hand of a modern person, the footprints most likely belong to children, since an adult man has nothing more to do than run on rocks and leave handprints. This is evidenced by the range of sizes of the footprints – from large, belonging to teenagers, to very small, belonging to small ones:

There were also giants in Canada:

…as well as in California:

And then, suddenly, the academics became “interested”, and the tabloids, which are in the same tune with the officials, wrote about the interest of the academics.

It all looks very strange, as if something is going on behind the scenes and the bosses are preparing themselves for it, as well as countries and peoples.

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