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Nineteen secret commandments: Enochian – angelic or satanic language?

Nineteen secret commandments: Enochian - angelic or satanic language? 1

What language did God speak to Adam and Eve? (God in general, not Jesus Christ, who lived among people). What language do angels speak to each other?

Scientists, theologians, and occultists tried to find answers to these questions. The latter even sought, through magic, to “get in touch” with the angels in order to receive first-hand information, as they say. Among such occultists, John Dee and Edward Kelly, Englishmen who lived in the 16th century, are widely known.

Both of them have quite interesting biographies, but we will not talk in detail about their lives, we will only say that John Dee was a scientist, court astronomer and, in general, a person close to the queen, and Edward Kelly, who declared himself a medium, was previously convicted of counterfeiting.

Dee, before meeting Kelly (this happened in 1582), used a crystal trapeziohedron (something like a magic ball) to communicate with angels. But contacting higher powers through a medium turned out to be both easier and more effective. So John Dee did a lot of experiments and séances with Kelly. This they fruitfully engaged in for seven years.

A year after the start of the experiments, in 1583, Edward Kelly had a vision of a book written in unknown characters. For the next thirteen months, the occultists wrote down the contents of the book. To begin with, they were given an alphabet “from above” consisting of 21 letters that were unlike anything else. Another appeared later.

Since April 1584, angels began to communicate with John Dee and Edward Kelly, who dictated their messages. And they did it with great care – letter by letter, and even from back to front, making it clear that these messages, being spoken aloud, have incredible magical power. Later, mediums translated them into English. Sometimes the messages were so terrible that the experimenters wanted to quit this activity, but still did not quit. As a result, nineteen messages were accumulated, which in later times came to be called the Enochian Keys.

John Dee considered these messages incredibly valuable. He hid the texts in the double bottom of his chest, which saved them during a fire. The records were found many years after Dee’s death – only in 1672. The Enochian Keys fell into the hands of another mystic, Elias Ashmole, and have since gained popularity in certain circles. The language in which they were made was used in magical rituals by the followers of the Order of the Golden Dawn, creating their spells on it.

In the 20th century, the messages received by Kelly and Dee were rethought by Anton LaVey, who began to interpret the sign of the supreme deity as a sign of Satan. Since then, the Enochian language has been used by Satanists.

John Dee himself called the language he invented “angelic”, “heavenly” and “sacred”. Later followers called it “Enochian” in honor of one of the Old Testament patriarchs of Enoch (allegedly Dee and Kelly communicated with the Enochian angels). Now this language is sometimes called satanic.

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A little about the features of the Enochian language itself. In its structure, it is very similar to English, grammar and phonology almost coincide with English. It has elements of similarity with Arabic, Hebrew and Latin. The words are mostly arbitrary, but sometimes English roots are felt in them:

paradiz – virgins (from paradise),

angelard – thought (from angel),

luciftias – brightness, light (from Lucifer – Lucifer or lat. lumina – glow),

salman – house (from Solomon),

babalond – the wicked, the harlot (from Babylon).

There is an interesting fact, not related to the Enochian language, but to John Dee. As we wrote, he was close to the queen and, according to some reports, carried out various delicate missions, and also served, as we would say now, as a secret agent – he collected secret information abroad. So, he signed his reports to the queen with the numbers “007”. In fact, it was John Dee who was the first agent 007, and James Bond only borrowed his pseudonym.

One of the Enochian Keys
One of the Enochian Keys.

Magic of angels

The question of how much the Enochian alphabet is the revelation of angels, and how much is the product of the imagination of Dee and Kelly, is essentially a matter of faith, but there are a number of theories that believe that the Enochian alphabet has a primary source, moreover, of a completely “earthly” nature. 

Agrippa’s De occulta philosophia was published in 1533 (a draft of which was written back in 1510), where he gives various kinds of “angelic” alphabets (vol. 3, ch. XXX), created by the Jews in accordance with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

One of them, the so-called Passage Du Fleuve is extremely reminiscent of Enochian (although all three alphabets are of the same nature and consist of 22 letters)

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Nineteen secret commandments: Enochian - angelic or satanic language? 2
Image taken from “Three Books Of Occult Philosophy” London, 1651.

The very idea of ​​”heavenly”, “angelic” alphabets is unlikely to belong to Dee, just as, perhaps, the Enochian alphabet itself is not a gift from angels.

It is believed that the very construction of words, the abundance of vowels, specific combinations of sounds, and most importantly, unusual pronunciation lead the magician reading the key into a special state of consciousness and contribute to the concentration of power. 

The sounds of Enochian speech amplify the meaning of the words, combining in melodic sequences that can cause the strongest vibrations in the magical atmosphere. The exceptional tonal characteristics of this language endow it with truly magical properties.

It is believed that Enochian magic can remove damage, love spells, protects against witchcraft and curses, and controls the elements. This practice is usually used for healing, as well as attracting wealth, love and good luck.

Does this mean that Enochian magic is white witchcraft? No, it cannot be considered that it was given to people for the fulfillment of the will of God. Since it is not known exactly who or what is behind this magic, and what the intentions of the messengers are, there is no guarantee that it really carries good in itself.

There is an opinion that angelic magic is a priori incapable of causing evil. However, this is not quite true. Such a vision of the situation pushes a person to witchcraft in everyday life, and this takes a lot of energy. Therefore, it is worth taking Enochian spells seriously, because despite the fact that they are could have been sent by angels, in their meaning they are still magic.


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