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Apocalypse & Armageddon

Nibiru can be seen through the NASA service

Nibiru can be seen through the NASA service 1

In the evening, on April 10, 2020, the Anak-Krakatau volcano began to erupt, which was solemnly reported by all the media.

The fact is that Anak-Krakatau today is the fiftieth active volcano as on February the 20th there were 49. With so many volcanoes erupted on Earth at the same time, there has never been such a written memory of the mankind, so the reason for these eruptions hangs in the air. We consider such a reason the approach to Earth of a certain celestial body, presumably a black hole or a neutron star, the most massive satellite of which is apparently known as Nibiru.

The period of orbit of this satellite around its star is, as we assume, 47 days, which is reflected in the seismic cycle of the Earth: once every 47 days, the Earth, a neutron star and its massive satellite are aligned in one line – which causes a strong seismic event on Earth.

William Frederick, is tracking these cycles, posting his forecasts on The End Times Forecaster. And, as The End Times Forecaster reminds us now, we are entering the next cycle, which will last from April 18th to May 10th. According to his calculations, somewhere in the middle of the cycle you need to wait for a major seismic event.

We we can only add that, since the observatories are closed, the satellites are turned off, people are locked in cities – Nibiru is already somewhere close, and if so, the cycle should be strongly influenced by the Earth’s own movement.

When Nibiru was outside the solar system, the Earth’s orbital movement in 47 days could be neglected, but now this shift is relatively very strong and therefore the cycle can not function properly – it should be considered from the last major seismic event. Therefore, it is no longer possible to guarantee that it will be somewhere on May 1st.

Since the appearance of a second Sun in the sky is simply unthinkable, therefore, you are invited to visit NASA’s resource and choose these settings there:

Nibiru can be seen through the NASA service 2
Nibiru position on

After that, the satellite will show the picture for April 8, 2020, which was first presented to the world by the famous Taiwanese ufologist Scott C. Waring. So now, dear skeptics, enjoy – especially since it is not long to enjoy. 


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