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New World Order v. Old World Order: The Battle for World Power

New World Order v. Old World Order: The Battle for World Power 5

The European Union and the Spanish Economic Minister Luis de Guindos have had secret talks concerning the restructuring of Spain’s austerity cutbacks on education and health care pre-bailout wherein the nation will lose its sovereignty to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

This sovereign land-grab by the central banking cartels is mirrored in a recent Goldman Sachs report: “The more the Spanish administration indulges domestic political interests … the more explicit conditionality is likely to be demanded.” In other words the technocrats working for the Zionists are acquiring each country in the EuroZone.

In response, the citizens of Spain took to the streets in protest with signs reading: “We can’t take any more.” More than 6,000 demonstrators gathered before the Spanish Parliament in Madrid as an estimated 1,000 riot police readied to prevent the citizens from entering the compound. Demonstrators threw bottles, stones and beat down police who got in their way. Despite the batons and menacing paramilitary gear worn by the police, the Spaniards would not be deterred. The people of Spain have been reduced to searching through rubbish bins for their next meal. With the average unemployment reported as 50% and nearly 2 million people being fed by charities, the austerity measures are cutting jobs, salaries, pension funds and benefits as the economy dissolves. Increasing poverty is causing an obvious run-on-the-bank in Spain which reduces the amount of cash in the central banking system to the tune of an estimate $94 billion in July which is equal to 7% of Spain’s economic output.

New World Order v. Old World Order: The Battle for World Power 6

The technocrats are injecting 100 billion euros into the banks in Spain to prop up the debt and increase the destructive effects of this march toward relinquishing sovereign debt to the Zionists.

The European Central Bankers agreed to give any nation in the Euro-Zone a bailout if they agreed to hand over the country to them under the guise of “new rules and conditions when applying for assistance.”

In Greece, demonstrators came out in Athens by the thousands to demand their government discontinue the systematic destruction of their country under new austerity reforms. Police in riot gear reported that the protesters threw Molotov cocktails and took aim at the Greek parliament building. They were met with tear gas.

The Greek government agreed to the technocratic demands for sovereign debt in exchange for the bailout which will push the Greek economy further down with more fiat pumped into the system. Meanwhile, the citizens of Greece will lose their independence, benefits and become serfs to the central banking cartels.

The violent reaction in Spain and Greece has sent a clear message to the Federal Reserve bank: they cannot pull the same stunt in America. As America drifts downstream toward economic implosion, the Federal Reserve headed by Ben Bernanke has chosen a different approach. They unveiled QE3 last week as a pump and dump scheme to prop up the US dollar by printing cash that is backed by nothing, while purchasing the mortgage-backed securities from the same banks that created the scandal and acquiring land in a massive land-grab; the likes of which have never been seen in the US.

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The central bankers working for the Zionists know that their fiat is based on nothing. They are in the process of converting their cash into hard assets. In the Euro-Zone this looks like Greece and Spain handing over sovereign debt. In the US, it looks like Bernanke buying mortgage-backed securities and becoming the biggest landowner America has ever seen. In this methodology, the technocrats are solidifying their position in the race toward One World Government.

The other side of this conflict is called the non-aligned nations or BRICs. This coalition of independent countries are moving away from the central banking-controlled US dollar and dealing in precious metals – mainly gold.

In January of this year, India began buying gold to prop-up their fiat and use the precious metal in lieu of the US dollar to buy petrol from Iran. In fact, India is the second largest purchaser of Iranian oil. The country spends near $12 billion US dollars per year. That amounts to over 200 tons of gold.

Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State travelled to India in May to warn the Indian government against continuing to purchase Iranian oil in gold. Clinton claimed that there is enough petrol in the global marketplace (thanks to the Saudi Arabian government) where the US dollar is used as the global reserve currency and that India should purchase their oil there.

Just to make sure India got the message, Clinton threatened that al-Qaeda operatives could instigate terroristic attacks if India did not compromise. The creation of the BRICs nations was to coalesce countries into a New World Order (NWO) to subvert the Old World Order (OWO). Their purpose is to “end poverty, halt environmental destruction and release previously suppressed technology in a highly responsible manner.” Included in the NWO are Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. They are creating alternate currencies and backing them with gold to subvert the OWO who are the central banking-controlled countries such as the US, the Euro-Zone, Australia, Canada.

New World Order v. Old World Order: The Battle for World Power 7

The OWO are controlled by the Zionist regime and central bankers. The NWO is teaming up with many Middle Eastern nations such as Iran and Syria to gain footing and natural resources. In South Africa, this area contains enormous deposits of diamonds, cobalt, copper, uranium, magnesium and tin. Over $1 billion dollars of gold are mined each year.

This fact sparked the Kony2012 debacle which leads to AFRICOM and Obama infiltrating the area to gain control over their continent’s natural resources.

Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller openly declared AFRICOM’s guiding principle as protecting “the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market.” Moeller also mentioned China’s presence in the region as a “challenge” to American interests. He was referring to the deals China was making with the African nations in exchange and boarder for their resources. Where the US chose to invade a sovereign nation with the intention of stealing their resources, the Chinese used diplomacy; and as Moeller explained, this was a disruption to their scheme.

As is evidenced in the recent comments made by the Zionist-controlled puppet Patrick Clawson, director of research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, “I do not believe that Obama can get us into war.”

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Clawson is referring to the use of sanction placed on Iran. Sanctions hurt the citizens of a nation, not the elite or members of the government being sanctioned. The purpose of the sanctions against Iran was to facilitate an uprising just as was manufactured in Egypt with the Arab Spring which toppled the government and allowed the US to install their Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohammed Morsi.

Concerning Iran, AIPAC coerced the US Congress to impose stricter sanctions on Iran with HR 1905 and the desire to inspire the revolution of Iranian citizens against their government. However, this plan did not work. Obama’s decision to use “diplomacy” against Iran is frustrating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is calling for a military strike on the sovereign nation as soon as possible – preferably before November elections in the US.

In the battle over which faction will rule the world, the OWO are using proxy war in Syria, sanctions on Iran and all the technocratic power at their disposal to defeat the NWO (i.e. the BRICs nations). To combat this effort, the NWO is backing their fiat currency in gold and preparing to go to war to secure their place in the hierarchy. Russia and China have clearly stated in the press that they demand that the Zionist regime, through efforts by the US and Israeli governments, cease their terrorism of Syria and Iran.

The central-banking cartels have aided in the systematic implosion of the Euro-Zone and the US economies by manufacturing fake debt through manipulation of the global markets and injecting untold trillions of dollars of securitized toxic assets to coerce sovereign debt from those nations that have “bought” into the system.

Globalists like the Institute of International Finance (IIF), a group of technocrats that represent 420 banking cartels and financing houses have joined the cry for a one world currency. This ideal is the next step for the technocrats in their march toward global dominance.

Charles Dallara, managing director of the IIF, said: “A core group of the world’s leading economies needs to come together and hammer out an understanding. The narrowly focused unilateral and bilateral policy actions seen in recent months – including many proposed and actual measures on trade, currency intervention and monetary policy – have contributed to worsening underlying macroeconomic imbalances. They have also led to growing protectionist pressures as countries scramble for export markets as a source of growth.”

At the same time, China was stockpiling gold to back-up their fiat currency. The purpose is to secure their country’s future by converting fiat to exchangeable currency, as well as use it as a leveraging tool to assist failing nations as insurance for a favor at a later date.

The central bankers are intentionally destroying the US dollar because out of the ashes, they have planned a global fiat that will eventually replace all fiat across the globe.

The NWO is fighting against this by directing the precious metals market through acquisition, setting up trade within the BRICs nations for equal distribution of worth of sovereign nation’s fiat and backing Iran and Syria against the Zionist regime.

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