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Apocalypse & Armageddon

New videos showing the present situation with Coronavirus in Iran.

New videos showing the present situation with Coronavirus in Iran. 5

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of March 3, 2020, the total number of people infected with coronavirus exceeded 91,000. 80,151 people are in mainland China, 5,186 in South Korea, 2,036 in Italy and 105 cases of the virus in the United States.

In confirmation of this information, artists at Johns Hopkins University drew a beautiful outline map:

New videos showing the present situation with Coronavirus in Iran. 6

The official data on South Korea most likely relatively objectively reflects the real situation.

And so, apparently, despite the small number of 100 cases in the USA, people rushed to the shops and bought everything in large quantities:

Nevertheless, very soon, despite the open and blatant lies of the officers, the situation with the Covid-19 will become obvious. China tightly blocked the information but in Iran the future is clearly demonstrated:

Several videos from the morgues of one of the Iranian settlements. The exact location and time of the filming is difficult to trace, but at least 40 bodies gathered in the institution in a few hours:

Cemetery of one of the districts of the city of Kum, where men in uniforms brought 5 people at once:

And this is the central cemetery of the city of Kum, where 250 graves were made in one day:

And here are buried or prisoners (the virus has long been in prisons), or people without active relatives – just dumped them in a hole:

In general, the revolution in Iran won and the local builders of a brighter future are showing themselves now in all their glory:

Nevertheless, the great Iranian leaders also do not forget about the secular and vital. So, as the man tells in the video, he went to the pharmacy and bought a cool antibacterial spray for a lot of money but, it turned out to be a simple air freshener, on which the label was glued:

It’s bad when some scum try to do business on a national tragedy, but it turns out that all the Iranian nits have just gathered in the IRGC.

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About a month ago, when the story with Covid-19 was just beginning, some people believed that coronavirus is just a conspiracy theory. And now, after a month, we see black bags in Iranian morgues and mass graves in wastelands. 


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