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New trend in Mulder’s footsteps: everyone is looking for UFOs with a new free app

Enigma Labs has unveiled Enigma, a free iOS app that allows users to collect data on UFO’s. There are thousands of UFO hunters around the world, many claiming to have seen extraterrestrial craft. Now all these cases can be recorded and eyewitnesses will be able to structure their notes and publish them.

The algorithm works like this:

If the user sees a UFO, they can quickly take a picture of it.

Then, in the Enigma application, you need to create a new note and add data to it.

In the note, you can specify the place and time of observation, the shape of the object, the time of observation, etc.

You can also specify the type of device used to capture the UFO: smartphone, camera, telescope, or other.

This is how the application itself looks like and the choice of the type of objects.

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After creating a note, the application will capture the data and check for traces of processing on the images, and, in addition, will be able to inform the user how far he was from airfields, spaceports or other places where terrestrial aircraft are located.

After an AI analysis, your report will be assigned a confidence scale. If an observation has a high score, it will be added to the general UFO encyclopedia.

Why is it needed

The developers plan to create the most complete library of UFO sightings. More than 300,000 reports have already been collected in the Enigma database. To expand it, the developers introduced an application in which everyone acts as a detective.

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The application is already available in the App Store at the link, while user registration is still in progress.

In mid-January, US National Intelligence officials reported 510 reports of UFO sightings as of August 2022. More than half of them, according to the report, showed “unremarkable characteristics.” Experts recognized 26 of them as drones. Another 163 objects, according to the intelligence services, turned out to be balloons. At the same time, 171 of these phenomena could not be explained by the authorities.

In 2021, a US national intelligence report was released stating that UFOs could pose problems for US national security. The report noted 144 alleged UFO sightings that could not be adequately explained. At the same time, the report stated that there were no unambiguous conclusions about the nature of these phenomena and that more time, a more systematic approach and significant funds would be required to study them.


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