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New Mexico Solar Observatory Reopens : Here the official version of what happened

New Mexico Solar Observatory Reopens : Here the official version of what happened 1

Admittedly, the mystery generated by the closure of a Solar Observatory has all the ingredients to be an episode of the X-Files . And those who have seen the aforementioned TV series will know how the thing ends: We will never know what really happened.

New Mexico Solar Observatory Reopens

Well, it looks like it will be! A few Days ago, the ‘AURA’ (Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy), the entity in charge of the observatory, announced that today the doors of Sunspot would reopen, returning everything to normality. The explanation given in the published statement is, at least, vague and pretentious:

“AURA has been cooperating with an ongoing investigation of the police forces that took place at Sacramento Peak. During the same we realized that a suspect in the investigation represented a potential threat to the safety of our team and the residents. “

“For this reason, AURA temporarily evacuated the facilities and ceased all scientific activity on the site. The decision to evacuate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel in such a remote location, and the need for a diligent response to the threat. “

“AURA determined that moving a small number of people to the mountain was the most prudent and effective action to guarantee their safety. In light of recent advances in research, we have determined that there is no longer any risk to the equipment, and the Sunspot solar observatory will return to operations this September 17. “

After reading the official statement, surely this whole story will fall into oblivion, and as we mentioned before, we will always have the doubt to know if this is what really happened. When this incident took place, the only thing that was officially known (from 9 September to the present day) came from a social media publication by Sunspot that stated that it was a “preventive security measure” and that they will reopen the place “as soon as possible”. This lack of official information, together with the suspicious closure of a post office located nearby, led to the dissemination of various conspiracy theories through social networks.

The director of Sunspot did not help much with his statement before the local media, denying categorically and without anyone asking him, that the observatory has seen extraterrestrials (just what someone would say who saw something but does not want to or can not admit it ..). Along with this extraterrestrial theory, images surfaced allegedly taken on September 11 by amateur astronomer Maria G. Hill of Salem, Indiana, who would show strange objects close to the sun, “a huge fleet of UFOs” according to several ufologists.

A more terrifying theory affirmed that a spill of mercury, whose toxicity was elevated, took to that all the people of the site were evacuated as a precaution while the government makes a cleaning. Some Internet users also maintained that the observatory detected evidence of a future apocalyptic solar storm and that in order not to panic the FBI closed the observatory and closed the post office.

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It is not correct to indicate that the observatories had closed their doors, but we were right in stating that cuts and technical difficulties were reported in at least six more solar observatories, at the same time that Sunspot was intervened by the FBI. And they were the following:

The AXIS 232D network dome camera located in Sydney (Australia); webcams located at the SOAR Observatory – South Astrophysics Research Telescope (Chile); BRT Tenerife Telescope Webcam (Spain); webcam located at the Mauna Kea observatory (Hawaii); webcam of the observatory of the Canada-France-Hawaii telescope (Hawaii); webcam at JAT Observatory in Fairless Hills (Pennsylvania).

To date, this is the official information we have. What’s your opinion about it? Will this strange “incident” fall into oblivion? Leave your comment below!


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