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New footage emerges of suspected UFO sighting over California military base as the battle for Earth continues

New footage emerges of suspected UFO sighting over California military base as the battle for Earth continues 1

Something strange is happening in the sky as new footage shows a massive UFO sighting in the California desert and is eerily reminiscent of another famous UFO event.

Experts Jeremy Corbell and  George Knapp revealed the shocking footage Tuesday morning on their “Weaponized” podcast, saying the video and photos were taken in April 2021 over Twentynine Palms, CA.

Although the event seems to have taken place two years ago, the video report went online just now and one can only imagine how many eyes are watching other military bases and what the general public will most likely never know. 

Jeremy says the UFO was seen over the Marine Corps Air Combat Center at Camp Wilson and says the sighting lasted for 10 minutes, with more than 50 eyewitnesses, including dozens of Marines in training at the base who were eyewitnesses to verify the fact that happened.

You have to watch the video, the triangular formation of the lights looks like California’s version of the famous “Phoenix Lights” that appeared in March 1997 in the Arizona sky.

New footage emerges of suspected UFO sighting over California military base as the battle for Earth continues 2

Jeremy says the UFO appeared at 8:20 p.m. and after being over the base for 9 minutes, the Marines launched a major air and ground response.

He says the Marines fired flares at the UFO and the mysterious craft disappeared just before the flares got close enough to reveal the UFO.

Based on the footage, Jeremy estimates that the UFO – which was silent – could be as large as a 3-bedroom, 2-story house.

Jeremy and George are calling the sighting a “dream UFO case” and it sounds like they’ll be uncovering a bunch more evidence of the case soon.

TR3B – a prototype of future vimanas?

Twentynine Palms is an air defense base, therefore, having seen such a craft, anti-aircraft gunners would not have stood still, but fired at the “Chinese balloon” with everything in hand. But if they didn’t fire, then everything was under control – a “friendship visit” or something similar. For example, as it was in early May at the US airbase in Germany:

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And just perhaps, the following video connects missing links with all the above cases:

US geologists-archaeologists are interested, of course, in meteorites, they even pay a reward for them, but in such a way that the meteorite is caught right in the air and dragged somewhere – this is the first time we see this.

Therefore, in light of the recent UFOs that fell right into the mouth of the Popocatepetl volcano, we think that some kind of permanent hostilities are going on in near-Earth space. 

Another video where one UFO flies almost vertically into the volcano, like a ballistic missile and two other UFOs begin to rush about, as if trying to intercept. This was taken the day before the eruption:

Video with a “flying cigar” on the eve of the eruption:

Thus, this unexpected activity of volcanoes is somehow and most likely connected with activity in near space. It is possible that soon they will become quite obvious to everyone.


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