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Apocalypse & Armageddon

New disease Apocalyptic warning: The pandemic will have a second wave that will wash away everyone

New disease Apocalyptic warning: The pandemic will have a second wave that will wash away everyone 1

On the eve of 2019 and the start of the global fight against the pandemic, many people warned of such events. Naturally, few believed them, since the sensitives themselves doubted what was shown to them and could not accurately name the time when it all would begin. But, as you can see, it all started, and in the meantime, the sensitives continue to warn.

On June 25, 2021, a video appeared on one of the Christian channels, which, when it reached the conspiracy forums, it made something like an explosion there, since the things that a woman voices are very scary and look very real:  

… The Lord gave me this dream, where I saw a new disease come and it was much, much worse than a pandemic. People died en masse in their sleep, many fell right on the streets. Dead bodies lay everywhere, which the military had been sent to collect. Other military men caught people like me and took them to women’s camps. Lord, I saw all these corpses, there were a lot of them. And there were raids on people. The comfortable life ended and we left for the desert …

Dreams and visions of sensitive people are one of the most important sources of information, however, it is not very reliable and requires confirmation. But in the case of this second wave, profile sites are simply inundated with similar evidence.

It is difficult to say what kind of waves we are talking about. At first glance, this looks like some kind of geological catastrophe in the Mediterranean Sea, however, quite a lot of people living in different parts of the world saw such dreams as “three waves” on the eve of the pandemic. Therefore, most likely it is about the waves of a pandemic. 

Just as Noah was not taken seriously when for many years he warned everyone about the flood, we think that, probably, everything will somehow be like this, as the sensitive say.


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